wake up… Wake Up… WAKE UP !!!

The curtains were opened
From slumber old Souls stirred
Awakening their inner wisdom
To discern what they heard

Then dawn entered the darkness
Lightworkers became Awake
And Star, Indigo, Crystal
Awoke to the Light they’d make

The loud alarm went off
9/11 an inside job
No longer would so many
Be so easy to fob

The still sleeping worldwide
Were given a mighty shake
A worldwide ‘plandemic’
Brought millions to Awake

And now the remaining sleepers
Will get a sharp slap in the face
It’s needed and imperative now
To wake the whole human race


Wake Up to the truth
We’ve all been lied to
Throughout all history
The people had no clue

Wake Up to your inner Power

You truly hold the key
Break free from the chains
That shackled humanity

Wake Up, shine your Light
It’s power steadfast, so strong
Radiant, eliminating darkness
To the tribe of Light you belong

Wake Up to your Soul
It’s the greatest part of you
Eternally a part of Source
Let it guide you in all you do

Wake Up, feel the Love
It’s who you truly are
Affirm Love in all you do
And you will purely go far

Wake Up, embrace All
Each and every fellow man
We Are One, in this together
Give Love to all you can

Wake Up, open your eyes
Take a good look around
Do you see the perfect beauty
That’s everywhere to be found?

Wake Up and consciously create
The New Earth, here and NOW
Awakened Souls of planet Earth
Your intuition will show you how

Wake Up, know and affirm
“I Am Sovereign, Powerful, Divine”
God is within every Soul
I Am Awake, God’s Love is mine.”

Trina Graves – 17th January 2021

About This Poem

In a recent post – The Blinkered Race – I told of how I couldn’t sleep one night and so wrote two poems. This one was the first as it was one I’d known for a long time that I needed to write.

I believe that what we have been going through for the past year is very much about waking people up to the lies and corruption that have been prevalent in our world for a very, very long time. So much has been hidden and is now becoming evident because the Light now dominates the dark, so all the atrocities will eventually become known to mankind. It will be extremely shocking and a ‘sharp slap in the face’ for the remaining sleepers to wake up to, but we need to be aware of what has been going on to heal it and never let it happen again.


Inspirational poem by Trina Graves: wake up... Wake Up... WAKE UP !!! - Spiritual Quotes To Live By
images from Pixabay

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