Affirming The Classics

This is a link page to my poems that are based on well-known inspirational poems and hymns. 

The idea of this series is to bring the wonderful poems, written many years ago, up-to-date and turn them into ‘Affirmations’ for those of us who acknowledge we create our own reality, and therefore want to focus just on the positivity, and proclaim our own power of Divinity.

The words ‘I Am’ are often used in the poems because saying ‘I Am’ announces the presence of God within, and therefore are powerful words of creation for whatever follows them. 

Poems are listed alphabetically on the title or first line of the original poem or hymn. On the pages you can also read the originals.

Amazing Grace (first verse) – Amazing Grace: Awakened Senses

Breathe On Me Breath Of God – I Breathe The Breath Of God

Desiderata – Desiderata Fulfilled

God Be In My Head – God Is In Me

Footprints In The Sand – Footprints Of Light

Footprints In The Sand – My Footprints In The Sand

Holy Spirit, Hear Us – Holy Spirit, In Me

Holy Spirit, Truth Divine – Holy Spirit, All Divine

Immortal And Invisible, God Only Wise – Immortal And Visible

Make Me A Channel Of Your Peace – I Am A Channel Of Your Love, Light, & Peace

Make Me A Channel Of Your Peace – I Am A Channel Of Your Peace

Open My Eyes That I May See – My Eyes Are Open

Prayer For Protection – Wherever I AM… God Is

Take My Life And Let It Be – With Thee I Let It Be

The Lord’s My Shepherd – The Lord’s My True Guide

The Lord’s Prayer – The Lord’s Prayer: In Oneness

The Lord’s Prayer – The I Am Prayer

Walk In The Light – I Walk In The Light

Affirming The Classics: Desiderata Fulfilled - by Trina Graves - Spiritual Quotes To Live By