This is a link page to all of my sympathy poems.

I have always been drawn to poems that speak of the continuation of life after death and the fact that loved ones are never far away. In fact it was two sympathy poems (‘Death Is Nothing At All’ by Henry Scott Holland and ‘I Am Standing On The Sea Shore’ by Luther F. Beecher) that began my collection of poems and quotes back in the early 90’s, they were handed around at the funeral of my uncle and sparked in me a quest for upliftment through the written word. 

While We Are Sleeping… was not written as a sympathy poem, but does have several verses that are relevant. The poems with  *  beside them use a quote from someone else as the title and theme.

The poems are listed in alphabetical order. 

Backpacking In Paradise

Death Has No Sting *

Death Is Not A Bad Thing, But A Joyous Thing *

Don’t Bother With A Funeral

Everything That Has A Beginning Has An End *

I Shall Not Altogether Die *

Love Is Eternal

Now You Know

Parent’s Love… Always With You


The Timing Of Your Death Is Always Chosen By You *

The Tree That Spoke

The Veil To All Knowledge

We Are Just Walking Each Other Home * 

We Only Part To Meet Again (1) *

We Only Part To Meet Again (2) * 

We Shall Not Die Alone * 

While We Are Sleeping Angels Have Conversations With Our Souls * 

Interestingly, my uncle Ken (who was not a religious or spiritual man) gave me a message a few years later at a Spiritualist church, he said to write everything down because I would one day need it. As there was absolutely no doubt it was him – his surname was given and a very specific description of him that was undeniable – I followed his advice, and from this my poems developed and I have been able to look back and see things in my past that did not mean much to me at the time, but in later years I have discovered wisdom and understanding.

September 2020
I now have a poem about this message.. My Catalyst

part of sympathy poem 'Love Is Eternal' by Trina Graves of Spiritual Quotes To Live By
Two of my granddaughters

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