New Earth: No Tags

In the old way of life
Everyone had tags
Attached, they’d carry
Heavy-weighted bags

Everywhere they went
In a mirrored reality
Influencing their life
And what they would see

A few tags at birth
More through the years
Adding weight to Being
And so many fears

Age, sex, race
Religion, colour, ability
Politics, crime, status
All labeled so clearly

Then a change happened
Light dominated Earth
People began to see
More of their true worth

Shaking off their labels
Dropping all the weight
Clarity of vision to perceive
Ending judgement and hate

Unity and Oneness
All people wonderfully unique
As varied as the flowers
All beauty here to seek

Now rays of Light
Are in place of the tags
And pure Higher Energy
Replaces all those bags

Magnificence and Love
Compassion and Light
No judgemental labels
To block Divine sight

Trina Graves – 21st August 2020

About This Poem

This poem was inspired from a Kryon-Lee Carroll channelling talking of the sticky labels we all have attached to us. In the channelling it instructs to shake off the labels – like a wet shaking dog – and then writing new ones such as ‘born magnificent’ and other highly postitive and divine attributes.

In my New Earth series of poems I write from the perspective of already being in higher vibrational New Earth. I believe we are in the process of changing and moving into this new reality – sometimes called 5D – where all of the labels that have been used to keep humanity divided will drop away.



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