The Most Important Things In Life

Title Quote: The Most Important Things In Life… Are Not Things. (unknown)

The most important things in life
Are not ‘things,’ most know
It’s the people in our lives
Who make our Hearts grow

Our family of Loved ones
Are the most important of all
They fill our lives with memories
Especially those who are small

The little simple moments
A smile, a hug, or glance
Whether in a photo, or our minds
Makes our Hearts sing and dance

Some friends are like family
They bloom perfectly in our Heart
Whether grown over the years
Or there right from the very start

Love, our greatest possession
It’s who we truly are
Giving and receiving Unconditionally
In life, we will go far

Good health is often taken for granted
Until something in the body goes wrong
Focusing on anything positive
Can bring relief along

Feeling appreciation
Speaking of our gratitude
Being thankful for all things
Is a Blessed attitude

Keeping an open mind
To learning all our days
Growth continues and expands
In hundreds of delightful ways

Shining our Inner-Light
Helping others along their way
Respecting the differences
Letting all have their own say

Tranquillity and Peace
A rested and calm mind
Practising meditation
Our own way, we can find

Faith, an individual thing
Not just for those religious
Simple hope, or a belief
That life is truly glorious

Inspiration lifts our Spirit
Helps us reach our goal
Whether given or received
It delights our eternal Soul

People are important
And the memories we build
Good health for a vital life
Inspiration, to be fulfilled

Appreciating and respecting
All of life, everywhere
Having faith in the Peace
And happiness to share

These are life’s treasures
And money has no part
But the greatest of them all
Is the Love in everyone’s Heart!

Trina Graves – 5th August 2019

About This Poem

When I sat to write this quote poem I thought it would only be about the love of the people in our lives, so when it branched out into other areas I wasn’t sure if it was too higgledy-piggledy, which is why I had not previously posted it.

However, with the past year or so that we have gone through, all of the ‘extra’ important things in life have certainly been brought to our attention! So, although I did wonder if this was a poem I would not share because of my doubts, I now do.

Ben, Tyler, Joey

Update 29th May 2023 – The Great Awakening

As I mention above, I was very unsure about this poem, but added it when it rang true with the PLANdemic and everything going on. Now, it seems to stand out even more as important things to remember as we are going through The Great Awakening.

* Acknowledging we are beings of Love at our core is the one of the most important parts of The Great Awakening.
*Appreciating all the simple moments with our Beloved family and friends is vitally important.
* Good health is something brought into the highlight over these past few years, and many are now Awakened to the fact that Big Pharma are not working for the health of humanity but for profit, they want life-long customers not cures.
* Keeping an open mind, continually questioning and doing your own research has been crucial over these past few years.
* Shining our Inner-Light and respecting others differences of opinions, even when we can easily see they have been manipulated can be difficult, but we have to remember that we are all at different vibrational levels and some are unable to see/hear what to us in undeniable. But by shining our Light and planting our seeds of Truth, they may someday be ready.
* Finding our own way to be at Peace with a calm mind, no matter what is going on around us, is the best way to get through this chaos.
* Have Faith that everything will work out for the Highest Good of humanity, we will get through this and be triumphant.
* Finding and giving inspiration as much as possible, lifts us all to get through this time of great change quicker.



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