For Children

This is a link page to my spiritual poems written for children.

One of my first poems (Where Is God) was written for children, I did not intentionally write it, and you can read how this poem was given to me on that post. It was three years later that I intentionally sat to write some more spiritual poems for children and one of them ‘Why Did You Come Here’ is still one of my favourites of my poems. More recently I have began to write Spiritual Nursery Rhymes, it was after writing a poem which I knew was intentionally for babies and toddlers that I thought of this new category. I then realized that my first children’s poem fits this too!

Spiritual Nursery Rhymes (for younger children) 

I Am Love

My Hands, Your Hands, God’s Hands

Where Is God?

1, 2…  Learn Something New


Spiritual Poems For Children

Before We Were Born

Changing Hands

Create Something!


Why Did You Come Here?

You Are Unique


Spiritual Poems For Older Children

Born To Stand Out

Changing Hands


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