Break The Cycle

We have all been programmed
In so many different ways
From the moment of our birth
All through our living days

Taking on our parents views
In thought, belief and attitude
They were only doing their best
Whether right or misconstrued

Throughout the education system
We pick up the current teaching
The results shape our lives
Teachers attitude far out-reaching

Society’s perceived rules
Fitting-in, not standing out
Do as everyone else does
If you don’t want to go without

Religion and politics
Have a great deal of control
Lacking in openness
Can never make you whole

All of the many media’s
Radio, TV, Social, Movie
Shape our growing minds
Repetition embeds our psyche

It takes a questioning mind
To see the constructed path
Our programming has brought
And the resulting aftermath

Thinking for yourself
And seeking deep within
Using critical thought
Revelations will begin

Break The Cycle of patterned beliefs
Buried deep in your unconscious mind
As a child you absorbed many ‘truths’
With inner-work these you can find

Break The Cycle of your education
Seek always to continually learn
Question everything you read
Truth constantly to discern

Break The Cycle of society’s grip
On what is perceived right or wrong
Guided by your integrity
To the New Earth you belong

Break The Cycle of religion
If you’ve been led this way
Does it teach Unconditional Love
To all every single day

Break The Cycle of politics
Do they seek for the greater good
Compassion for all living things
No room to be misunderstood

Break The Cycle of mainstream news
Don’t watch or listen if negativity is sought
For there is always good news to view
Balance and truth should be taught

Break The Cycle of violence and horror
Portrayed on many films and TV
It all instills and creates a response
In the negative do you want to be?

Break The Cycle of the high drama
And lack of morals depicted too
Especially for the impressionable young
Critical thought they cannot do

Break The Cycle of social media
Training minds in many ways
Seeking ‘likes’ to be accepted
Following trends, the latest craze

Break The Cycle of following rules
Not just for the sake of compliance
Whoever they’re from, first give thought
Does your heart give you alliance?

Break The Cycle of generations
Manipulated to endure
Control by the elites
Dominant now, as never before

Break The Cycle to live a life
Of Compassion, Love, Sovereignty
The New Earth awaits our alignment
Breaking old cycles, we will be free

Trina Graves – 30th December 2021

About This Poem

The Great Awakening, that has been going on over the past few years, has been about breaking all of these cycles, I know there are more aspects I could have mentioned too, such as Break The Cycle of big pharma, where there is a pill for every ill.

If this poem was written this year it would certainly contain a verse on ‘Break The Cycle of royalty. With the coronation this weekend so many people will be caught up in the hype without questioning what this man stands for and where his loyalty lies, it certainly isn’t with the ‘common man’ who he has now decided should swear their allegiance to him! I believe many of us will be swearing: NOT MY KING!!!

Quote from inspirational poem 'Break The Cycle' by Trina Graves - Spiritual Quotes To Live By

No Posts For A While
You many have noticed I have not posted since September 2022, I do have many poems in drafts to add, and I have many times gone to post one, but none stood out as ‘the one,’ so I didn’t post. I always use my intuition on posting, even if it means not doing so.

Poem Videos
I have been making videos of me reading my poems and setting them to photographs/pictures with the words of the poems. Completed videos have been added to the bottom of the page on relevant poem posts. As of today, there are 61 videos which are also on a playlist, if anyone is interested.

The Great Awakening
I am in the process of changing two of my old categories on old posts, ‘2020 Apex Of Duality’ and ‘Wake Up’ will become ‘The Great Awakening.’ It will take some time to go through changing posts, as I am writing an update for each one and there are over 100 to do. I am compiling a book of my ‘The Great Awakening’ poems, to include pictures and notes about the poems, so reading through all of my poems to see which ones to include, I realised that many older poems, not in these two old categories, should also be included.



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