Armour Of God

A Spiritual war is going on
Though most people don’t know
Blinkered by the plandemic
And the fake media don’t show

Good vs evil is the basis
Love and compassion for all
Or, totally controlling the masses
Causing humanity to fall

Those who don’t accept
Or not open-minded to perceive
We are all Spiritual Beings
Will find it the hardest to believe

Also, man-made religions manipulate
Their followers worldwide
Rarely teaching the truth
In humans, God is inside

The war is already won
Out of linear time
Light eliminates dark
Showing all of their crime

We are living our part
In the war playing out
Warriors of Truth
We will win, no doubt!

Put on your Armour Of God
To protect and claim
Your stance in this war
Peace on Earth your aim

With the Sword Of Truth
Cutting through all lies
And The Shield Of Knowledge
No compromise

The Mantle: Spirit Of God
Claiming your Divinity brings
With The Body Armour:
The Wisdom Of God In All Things

Trina Graves – 18th December 2020

About This Poem

For anyone with a questioning mind it is becoming more and more evident that the narrative pursued by the governments and media worldwide is about manipulating and controlling people. Those who have questioned the contradicting and highly censored mainstream information and have taken the time to research will have discovered that the story being told to the masses is a complete lie!

Slowly the truth is being drip-fed into the mainstream and at some point (hopefully very soon) we will reach the tipping point and will be witness to either the mainstream speaking more truth than lies or their total collapse if they continue to block what is really going on worldwide.


picture from Pixabay

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