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Going back to the beginning…

On 10th September 1993 I sat alone for my first attempt at meditation. After about 15 minutes of trying not to think I felt the urge to write…

Aims For Life.
Time is precious… Do not waste it.
Love is the most important possession… Possess it, Feel it, Give it to all.
Look after your mind… Use it often by studying and continual learning.
Look after your body… Work it regularly and feed it healthily.
Look after your Soul… Meditate, Pray, Develop.
Help others whenever you can.
Cherish this world.. And all living things on it.
Be happy… Enjoy your life.

I read it through and thought, ‘well that’s seems very simple, not sure why I needed to write that!’  And put it away.. for many years.

What I saw back then as too simplistic, I now look at from a different perspective – older, yes! but those years have taught me the wisdom of simplicity.

I wrote a few poems on and off over the following years, usually for a certain occasion – my first was ‘Letter From Your Newborn’ on the day my first grandchild was born in 1997.

In 2010 I began my website Spiritual Quotes To Live By and added just a few of my poems on relevant pages. In 2011 I began a blog (here on WordPress) writing about the quote-photos that I used on my site and Facebook page of the same name. But, about a year later I decided to move it onto the site (which is why there has been no activity on this blog for years).

At the end of 2016 I started to write poems using a quote as the title and theme for my blog. I also continued to write other poems, placing a few of them on my site.

In May 2018 I had a contact message from Amira of bodyandsoulnourishmentblog saying she loved my poems and asking permission to use them on her blog. I was so pleased that she liked them and of course told her to share away!

Through Amira I have discovered that my poems are being appreciated and enjoyed, she has received many beautiful comments on her posts. Not only that but, we realize we have so much in common and are developing a friendship which I am sure will continue to grow.

Which brings me back to this blog.. 
My site has over 300 pages, mostly quotes, and for several reasons I had to discontinue the commenting. So I very rarely hear anything about my poems. They are also spread over so many pages that I had been thinking for quite a while now of how to bring them all together. Through Amira I was brought back to WordPress and blogging here and have started to enjoy seeing what others are posting on their blogs too. (Also, more evidence of the Law Of Attraction working in my life.)

So, I thought I’d come back and put together a blog of my poems.

My Writing Process
Nowadays, usually before writing I will pray and ask for guidance from any beings of Love and Light around me that wish to share their love and wisdom. I will then visualize the poem already being ‘out there’ in the world, being read and inspiring people. I then look at the blank page and begin to write whatever thoughts come into my head.

I do believe that I am being guided to write the words I do, but I have no idea who by. Often the words will just flow, sometimes I first write a few notes on what the poem will cover with each verse. Othertimes, I am amazed how without ‘thinking’ about it the poem all blends together at the end. 

Although the words do ‘flow’ to a certain extent, my process is not straightforward channelling because I do not just write everything word-for-word.  As I am inspired by a few channellers, at one time I began to think how much easier it would be if it was that way for me, but then I realized that I really enjoy trying to find new positive and inspiring words to use. Also, a word might come into my head that I am not too sure of the true meaning, so I have to check it, and either it is exactly what’s needed, or the page that I open up on contains the perfect word! So, I realized that I am learning and having more fun with my process than just ‘dictation’ and I have my own way!

Love, Light & Blessings


8 thoughts on “About This Blog

  1. This is beautiful dear Trina, to see the story behind the poet, and how everything has been unfolding the way it did. It’s looking back when we see the pieces of the puzzle combining to give us the whole picture! I am so happy that we “met” through this media, and started a friendship that just blossomed, it’s such a blessing! I look forward to many more pleasant surprises and unfolding creativity. I know that for me it has also been a great source of encouragement and inspiration to open and share more, and even make some attempts at poetry as well. In gratitude and joy, sending light and love your way,
    Amira ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you Amira. It has all unfolded perfectly and most certainly continues to do so with the inspiration we reflect back to each other! Now it’s not so much an unfolding as a ‘shake it all out’ 🙂

      I had an ‘inner-knowing’ from our first email that something more would develop, But I had no idea how strong our connection would be, the synchronicities have been awesome!
      Thank you for all your encouragement and support, my Blessed Co-Creator! 🙂
      Love, Light & Blessings ❤


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