About This Blog

This blog is combining my main website www.spiritual-quotes-to-live-by.com  with my Facebook page of the same name.  I started the website in June 2010 as I have collected positive, spiritual sayings and verse for many years and upon deciding to do a website, through Site Build It, I thought that this was something that I would enjoy doing.  I believe in the Law of Attraction as taught by Abraham-Hicks, so it is important for me to spend my time doing something that I  love to do and to acknowledge all of the positivity, love and blessings in my life.

I now spend many hours every week, researching quotes, taking photographs, making up photos with quotes on them and of course updating my sites, but as I enjoy doing this, it means that I am spending a great deal of my time focusing on fun, and of course positive, uplifting quotes!  So I am drawing more of the same into my life.  

It is a wonderful feeling to know that what I am doing is helping to raise other people’s spirit/vibration all over the world.  Today (29th Aug 2011) around 1,300 people a day visit my site from 162 countries…I love the power of the internet to reach out to the world in positive ways! (Update 27th March 2012, the current average daily traffic for the website is 2,553 to 186 countries.)

I started the Facebook page on 25th August 2010. Each day (if possible) I put on a photograph with a quote on it taken from my website.  The majority of the photographs I have taken myself, others are taken by members of my family or friends. 

In March 2012 a great friend of mine (Sandra Reeves) began to work with me to add illustrations to the website.  On 24th March 2012 we began to add a weekly illustrated quote to the Facebook page. 

For this blog, I am taking the photos from Facebook (starting at the beginning) and putting them on here with more information about the photos and my relevant thoughts on the quote.  This is also a very good way of listing my ‘positive aspects’ (Abraham-Hicks). 

Sometimes there noticeable gaps in how often I am adding posts to this blog, this is usually because I am stuck with what to write and so I will leave it until I get the inspiration, as it is important to me to only do this as a pleasure and not a chore.

Love, Light & Blessings

Trina x


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