Made In The Image Of God

Quote Title: Kryon-Lee Carroll
“Made in the image of God, and that image is Love.”
“Love is not a word, or just a feeling, it is a power source! It is energy”

Made In The Image Of God
Perfectly magnificent in every way
Pure and innocent at birth
On Earth to experience each day

Made In The Image Of God
To be Divine expressions
Through the ups and downs of life
Aiming for Higher dimensions

Made In The Image Of God
The image a powerful Source
Not just a word or feeling
It is the ultimate force

Made In The Image Of God
Of unconditional Love, so pure
An encompassing energy of life
Fundamentally it is our core

Trina Graves – 31st July 2021

About This Poem

A constant theme of Kryon (channelled through Lee Carroll) is of how we are not aware of how magnificent we all are, so much more powerful than we can imagine.

With what has occurred over the past two years it is becoming more and more known of how humanity has been manipulated and dumbed down throughout our lives (and the lives of those before us).

The ones who had gained control of all the systems never wanted any of us to be aware of our true power. We are the Creators of our world, so by keeping our attention focused on fear/lack/survival they aimed to gain total control over our lives.

Each day the Light becomes stronger as more people come to realise that we are the ones we’ve been waiting for. In unity, we will create our New Earth of Love & Light, the darkness cannot exist with the strength of our combined Light, for we are “Made in the image of God, perfectly magnificent in every way!



Armour Of God

A Spiritual war is going on
Though most people don’t know
Blinkered by the plandemic
And the fake media don’t show

Good vs evil is the basis
Love and compassion for all
Or, totally controlling the masses
Causing humanity to fall

Those who don’t accept
Or not open-minded to perceive
We are all Spiritual Beings
Will find it the hardest to believe

Also, man-made religions manipulate
Their followers worldwide
Rarely teaching the truth
In humans, God is inside

The war is already won
Out of linear time
Light eliminates dark
Showing all of their crime

We are living our part
In the war playing out
Warriors of Truth
We will win, no doubt!

Put on your Armour Of God
To protect and claim
Your stance in this war
Peace on Earth your aim

With the Sword Of Truth
Cutting through all lies
And The Shield Of Knowledge
No compromise

The Mantle: Spirit Of God
Claiming your Divinity brings
With The Body Armour:
The Wisdom Of God In All Things

Trina Graves – 18th December 2020

About This Poem

For anyone with a questioning mind it is becoming more and more evident that the narrative pursued by the governments and media worldwide is about manipulating and controlling people. Those who have questioned the contradicting and highly censored mainstream information and have taken the time to research will have discovered that the story being told to the masses is a complete lie!

Slowly the truth is being drip-fed into the mainstream and at some point (hopefully very soon) we will reach the tipping point and will be witness to either the mainstream speaking more truth than lies or their total collapse if they continue to block what is really going on worldwide.


picture from Pixabay

A Light In The Storm

Vision: 7th January 2020

I’d listened to lots of Kryon
Through Lee Carroll channelling
Talking of the new energies
And the joy they would bring

With these questions on my mind
I knew what I needed to do
Go within and visit with Jesus
And ask about Kryon too!

It was one year since I’d discovered
The identity of my vision guide
For twenty years to me it was James
Feeling unworthy made me hide

In my quiet mind I would wait
And see where I would go
To meet and gain answers
Knowing it all would flow

I affirmed He was in my Heart
Then ‘saw’ us strolling along a beach
I asked if Kryon’s words were truth
In all Kryon came here to teach

We were stood at the sea’s edge
Looking over towards the land
A very dark storm was forming
Looming on the right it panned

I thought, that’s not a good sign
Could this mean Kryon is untrue?
Then Jesus said “Stand strong
Rooted in Gaia, you know what to do”

“Shine your own Divine Light”
Words of Jesus and also Kryon
I did what I came here to do
On Earth, to connect my Light ‘on’

People came from all directions
To shelter under our Love and Light
Jesus moved behind me to show
My own Light shone so bright

As more and more people came
Jesus faded, (although always there)
My Light grew stronger still
As I felt the people begin to share

Some Awakened to their own Light
As the beach filled with hundreds more
Coming to shelter in the Light
Uniting on Earth like never before

I remembered the storm coming our way
I’d forgotten, focusing on the Light
With just a quick glance I saw
It was still there, on the right

I then ‘knew’ it couldn’t touch us
While focused, our Light shining
Then the storm began to clear
Blue skies rapidly returning

The people were happy now to go
Back from where they all came
Many now able to hold the Light
Awakening people to Light, my aim

Trina Graves – 4th June 2021

About This Poem

Having this vision in January 2020, at that time I thought it was all just about Lightworkers shining our Light through whatever was going to be happening through the years ahead. From my previous visions and guided poems I knew we were in a time of Awakening and change, but I was totally unaware of the very dark storm that was looming just ahead for us all!

I, along with an ever increasing amount of others, believe that what we have experienced since early last year has not been about a virus, but about Awakening the people of our world to their own power. We are eternal Spiritual Beings and those of us here on Earth chose our path (before birth) for this auspicious time of either moving into a Higher Vibrational New Earth or leaving this present reality, gifting others with our experience to open their hearts and minds.

I have a page listing all of my ‘Vision’ poems if you would like to read more.


part of poem A Light In The Storm by Trina Graves, Spiritual Quotes To Live By
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Difficult Roads Lead To Beautiful Destinations

Quote Title: Unknown

In life we all walk roads
That are difficult to us
Individual in our perceptions
To others, may cause no fuss

Thought’s, beliefs, attitudes
All create our reality
We are all on a journey
Here on Earth to ‘BE’

Death, illness, lack
Are dreaded paths out there
All walked a little easier
With companions who care

In time we can look back
And see a different view
Especially from Higher ground
Wisdom can come through

Through difficulty we grow
Adding more to our Soul
Experiences to enrich
Enlightenment our goal

Walking difficult paths
Gives us true insight
To help others along
Who face the same plight

Being there for others
Is a wonderful place to be
Giving, sharing, caring
From the Heart, pure beauty


And now we’re in a time
With extreme roads to face
Not just for some here and there
But for the whole human race

The pandemic and the control
With all its confusing twists and turns
Censorship and created divisions
The great forest ahead of us burns!

We know we have to walk
Through the forest of fire
Will we make it through
As the flames grow ever higher?

Thought’s, beliefs, attitudes
All create our reality
We are all on a journey
Here on Earth to ‘BE’

We came Knowing of this road
It was our destiny of free-choice
To be here at this momentous time
Would we cower or loudly rejoice?

The flames can do no harm
They’re a mirage, not our fate
If we Know of God within us
BEing Love always, never hate

We can walk this road together
Unity Consciousness is our shield
Not much further to travel
Humanity will truly be healed

Many on the road ahead
Have faced the darkest parts
Their Light now guiding lamps
Lit with their compassionate hearts

At last we’ll see the true map
Of all roads, hidden and known
The darkness will be no more
The Light has exponentially grown

Thought’s, beliefs, attitudes
All create our reality
We are all on a journey
Here on Earth to ‘BE’

Be the Light you are
Boldly striding along
Believe unconditional Love
Will overpower all the wrong

Have a positive attitude
As you pass the mires and bogs
With compassion in your Heart
You’ll leap over all the fallen logs

Loving thoughts, beliefs, attitudes
Will create our new reality
United we’ll reach our destination
Our New Earth of Divine Beauty

Trina Graves – 31st January 2021

About This Poem

This past year has been difficult and challenging for so many people worldwide, but I truly believe our destination will be more beautiful than we have ever dreamed possible!

We all chose to be here on Earth at this time, knowing there would be very difficult roads, full of dangers. The only way to safely travel is to have a Heart full of Love, Light and Compassion and keep positive as much as possible, while focusing on the beautiful world that awaits us… just around the bend!


image from Pixabay

New Earth

Based on teachings of Kryon-Lee Carroll

In the 60’s to the 80’s
Compassion began to grow
More and more human beings
We’re letting it show

We’d evolved to a point
Where everything could change
All the doomsday prophecy
Became possible to re-arrange

‘The Harmonic Convergence’
An esoteric event in ‘87
Began the great shift
Also known as the 11:11

The vibration on Earth
Had raised enough to bring
An end to the old energy
A new one could begin

Our Higher-Selves were asked
Out of physical and linear time
Do you want to stay this way
Or, do you want to climb?

We could stay in the old energy
And live through its prophecy
Armegedden, an end to Earth
Foretold often, so clearly

Or, move to a new energy
Creative, yet unknown
A chance for Peace on Earth
Because we’d Spiritually grown

Old Souls would wake up first
Becoming Lighthouses on Earth
Their Light waking up others
To know their true inner worth

The answer of course was ‘YES!’
We wanted the new road
Knowing it would not be easy
With much negativity to unload

Terrible events had to play out
For the people to fully see
9/11, wars, pandemic
For the questioning of reality

The Galactic Alignment reached
Halfway, 2012 in December
A much hyped event
Winter Solstice, do you remember?

A turning point, to go Higher
In this 36 year alignment
1994 to 2030
Bringing to all astonishment

And now 8 years later
Winter Solstice 2020
A planetary alignment
Excitement, there is plenty!

As a year of revelations
Draws to an end
A signal from above
A message to send

Seen as the great star
Over 2,000 years ago
Remembrance in our Heart
Blossoms to Divinely glow

We are moving to New Earth
Everything changing everywhere
The lower energies can’t survive
With all the Divine Love we share

The Light is too bright
For them to hide away
Nothing can be hidden
They’ve no power to sway

The manipulation of us all
Throughout so many years
Kept us under control
Instilling malicious fears

Now we step into New Earth
And claim our Sovereign Power
We are Divine Creative Beings
Worldwide we reign our Light shower

Trina Graves – 18th December 2020

About This Poem

At the 2020 winter solstice we moved into the Age Of Aquarius, the age of Peace on Earth.

What has been playing out during 2020 and moving into 2021 has been about bringing the masses (as many as possible) to an awareness of the control and manipulation that has been dominating our world for many, many years. Now there is so much Light on planet Earth that the dark ones can no longer hide. We are here to create and witness the New Earth that will bring about a totally different world where love, light, beauty, peace and compassion will dominate.

I have several poems to add about ‘New Earth’ so this will be a new series, this poem was not the first one written, but is being posted first due to it being ‘about’ New Earth.


part of inspirational poem 'New Earth' by Trina Graves - Spiritual Quotes To Live By
Be Love, Seek Joy - Trina Graves, Spiritual Quotes To Live By

The Clarion Call

I Am The Love
It dwells in me
Flowing consistently
For all to see
I Am The Love

I Am The Light
A spark of Source
My Divineness shines
With pure, powerful force
I Am The Light

I Am The Truth
Guided from above
Aligned to my Heart
Truth surfaces with Love
I Am The Truth

I Am The Joy
Happiness is my choice
My state of constant Being
In Spirit, action and voice
I Am The Joy

I Am…
Two words of power
For whatever follows
I Am the allower
I Am

This is The Clarion Call
Echoing through 2020
Now is the Divine Time
For Truth and Unity

The Clarion Call
For all the Lightworkers here
To Light up and shine brightly
Eliminating all of the dark fear

The Clarion Call
For all others, to guide the way
Go within to find and claim
Your Divine Power, today!

I Am The Love
I Am The Light
I Am The Truth
I Am The Joy
I Am

I Am The Love
I Am The Light
I Am The Truth
I Am The Joy
I Am

I Am The Love
I Am The Light
I Am The Truth
I Am The Joy
I Am

Trina Graves – 6th April 2020

About This Poem

I woke on 5th April knowing it was time to write a poem I thought I would be writing back in July 2019. Back then, on my children’s poem post: I Am Love, I commented…

 – It is only now, as I write this today, that I have realized the significance of this poem in respect to another I know I am going to write in the next few days. If you have read my previous two poems: ‘We Are Ready,‘ and ‘Unite! Those Of The Light,‘ you’ll know I’ve mentioned there was another to go with those. Yesterday I discovered why I had not been drawn to writing it yet.  I watched a new channelling video from Blossom Goodchild and although it was not with the Federation Of Light it continued the theme of the poem I will write. I know that everything happens in Divine Timing so the words will flow when the alignment is perfect!

I have often wondered, over all this time, why I have not been drawn to writing this poem, but I just knew it wasn’t the right time… until this week! Immediately after confirming this decision to myself, I picked up my tablet and discovered there was a new channelling from Blossom Goodchild. Her last one from the Federation Of Light had been very postive about what we are facing now in our world, so I couldn’t wait to read this new one and was amazed at it’s wonderful message. 

Over all these months I have used the original words from the Federation Of Light often, when meditating or just as a reminder to keep focused and balanced.

“I Am The Love, I Am The Light, I Am”

However, this year I found myself adding to it…

I Am The Love, I Am The Light, I Am The Joy, I Am.

In this new message they had added a new part..

“I Am The Love, I Am The Light, I Am The Truth, I Am.”

So, for my poem I chose to use both additions.
I knew back in July last year that the title of the poem would be ‘The Clarion Call,’ and another sign for me that it is Divine Timing was because the day after I wrote it another channeller that I follow (Amanda Ellis) added a video titled ‘Clarion Call.’

I have written quite a few poems over the past few weeks and intended to add them straight away, however I got side-tracked as I began to research more about what actually is going on. Anyone who has read my poems of the past will know that I often mention about not following the media and to always use discernment. When this all began in the UK I had to start checking the news – something I haven’t done in many, many years – as I have parents in their 80’s and I needed to know how it was going to affect them. However, I immediately didn’t trust what we were being told because it just didn’t make sense to be shutting everything down for worldwide figures that were so low compared to seasonal flu and other causes of infectious deaths worldwide. But I soon found that I began to be ‘sucked in’ to the hype. I didn’t become fearful, but I did feel very unfocused.

I was able to shake this off, but it was a good learning experience for me. I then began to look at different things being said about it all. That too was a learning experience as I discovered that the alternative views were full of fear too! 

Then came the videos of empty hospitals with no patients, along with comments from around the world backing them up!   


Yesterday I came across a link, and as I began to watch the video I felt a coldness shudder through my body and tears welled up as what was being suggested seemed to be the only logical ‘truth’ I have come across.

Today, adding this poem I have re-read what I’d written with the earlier poems mentioned above. I had forgotten how with We Are Ready I had added some of Blossom’s messages, and I remembered how at that time I wondered why I was feeling the need to do it! As I re-read them today it confirmed my realization of yesterday… 

(I have added the underline to relevant ‘news’ points)

15th July 2019   Federation Of Light – Blossom Goodchild 

The arrest of this gentleman has/will open the biggest can of rancid worms… and uncover movements that one could not possibly conjure up in their darkest nightmares. This is why we implore you to…
TO SHINE IN YOUR TRUE COLOURS… because when such ‘News’ is presented and brought out to the public… it will certainly be necessary for you to do so.

For a while… there will be much ‘culling’ of what can be and what cannot be divulged. For indeed, many will be so appalled that there is a possibility of much uprising amongst the people. People, as we have said, will not know what to believe is True… for much will seem literally impossible for a human being to stoop to such levels.

There are many celebrities fearing for their lives and not knowing where to hide for safety. Yet, it is law that you reap what you sow and may we say, some of the seeds that have been sown by so called people of status, are far from what one would or could possibly expect.

So much is to be exposed and when it is… each shall then open up to yet something else. For it is not just within the said child abuse/trafficking that is to come out. All of this shall lead to uncoverings of manipulation of your people. We would go as far as to say… ‘Slavery of your people.’ Those with a great power and money have taken advantage of their position and now they shall have to deal with repercussions of such.

We can say without question.. it shall not be a pretty sight.

And this is why, Dearest Blossom and all… we have continued to shower you with our Love and expressed the essential need for you to discover THE LIGHT THAT YOU ARE.
For without that Knowing with inside yourselves, it will be very difficult to cope with these coming days… for they shall hit you like a ton of bricks.

Please KNOW we are not trying to be negative… we are simply preparing you.. for this is not a small matter that will just roll on by.

THIS is the beginning of THE CHANGE… in a way that can be tangibly experienced. There shall be no more ‘Well I’ll believe it when I see it’… for as trials that have already taken place shall reveal… there is no going back now and your world is about to turn on its head.

Again… it is our purpose to continue to express the ABSOLUTE NECESSITY for your strength to shine through.

When things come out… when souls cannot deal with these things…



22nd July 2019  Federation Of Light – Blossom Goodchild

What is to come will seem like a tornado of Events and if one does not ground themselves, they will indeed feel as if they have been lifted off/through/within a whirlwind and not know how to bring themselves back down to Earth.

Again we stipulate, we do not speak of this to put fear amongst you. We speak of this in order for you to prepare. In order for you to know that what is to come is part of the plan and no matter how it ‘appears’ … in the deepest place of your Being,

KNOW that the outcome will be of the Greatest Changes for the Highest Good.

Consider the fact that there are no longer just a few souls upon your Planet who are aware and awake. Now there are more than enough of you to be able to anchor the LIGHT FORCE that is required when the lid is blown. (Off.)


Dearest friends, THE TIME HAS COME.

Be of your Truth. For many will be bandying about their opinions as to what they KNOW to be right and wrong.


When soul’s become angered and confused … do not feed the anger and confusion. Do not feed the fear.

Feed only the gentle suggestions of going within and feeling Love for oneself and all.

For many, that which is ‘commonplace’ in this field for Light Players, will not be a ‘normal point of view’.

Many are completely unaware of all that has been under- ‘lying’ upon your Planet.

Many have chosen to remain asleep and now … when the upheaval on the largest scale imaginable is brought to the surface, they will not know what has hit them.

And as you KNOW … this is where you come in.
Each One of you that have been waiting for so long to move into position.
Each One of you that have wondered why you are here and felt so helpless.
You shall be aided greatly by THE LIGHT FORCES that do not reside upon your Planet.
For they too, have been waiting patiently in position.
This Light Force shall come in many forms. Personally and generally.

When I went to bed last night I was thinking of how I wished my findings would prove to be untrue, for if proven right the reality of what’s been going on for so very long is devestatingly heartbreaking. But sadly, I now believe it is the only possible explanation that is unfolding right now and maybe we will get some real evidence of it all over the Easter weekend.

No matter what happens, I truly believe that all we are going through at this moment in time, and all that we are going to face will eventually bring wonderful changes to humanity and our planet. We are heading for a world of Love, Light & Peace.

I Am The Love
I Am The Light
I Am The Truth
I Am

I Am The Love
I Am The Light
I Am The Truth
I Am

I Am The Love
I Am The Light
I Am The Truth
I Am


The Clarion Call - inspirational poem for Lightworkers in 2020 by Trina Graves - Spiritual Quotes To Live By

Update: 15th April 2020

Right now keeping positive, as much as possible, is a priority for everyone. Being stressed suppresses the immune system, and with the revelations that are now coming forth it will be very easy to caught up in the high drama of it all. With this in mind, I have compiled a page of links to my poems that are relevant at this time:

About the pandemic
Affirmations to keep focused on God within
LightWorker poems
Wisdom for 2020
Sympathy poems for comfort 

There is also a slideshow of some of the poems with quotes from others too. The page is called ‘2020: Apex Of Duality’