A Light In The Storm

Vision: 7th January 2020

I’d listened to lots of Kryon
Through Lee Carroll channelling
Talking of the new energies
And the joy they would bring

With these questions on my mind
I knew what I needed to do
Go within and visit with Jesus
And ask about Kryon too!

It was one year since I’d discovered
The identity of my vision guide
For twenty years to me it was James
Feeling unworthy made me hide

In my quiet mind I would wait
And see where I would go
To meet and gain answers
Knowing it all would flow

I affirmed He was in my Heart
Then ‘saw’ us strolling along a beach
I asked if Kryon’s words were truth
In all Kryon came here to teach

We were stood at the sea’s edge
Looking over towards the land
A very dark storm was forming
Looming on the right it panned

I thought, that’s not a good sign
Could this mean Kryon is untrue?
Then Jesus said “Stand strong
Rooted in Gaia, you know what to do”

“Shine your own Divine Light”
Words of Jesus and also Kryon
I did what I came here to do
On Earth, to connect my Light ‘on’

People came from all directions
To shelter under our Love and Light
Jesus moved behind me to show
My own Light shone so bright

As more and more people came
Jesus faded, (although always there)
My Light grew stronger still
As I felt the people begin to share

Some Awakened to their own Light
As the beach filled with hundreds more
Coming to shelter in the Light
Uniting on Earth like never before

I remembered the storm coming our way
I’d forgotten, focusing on the Light
With just a quick glance I saw
It was still there, on the right

I then ‘knew’ it couldn’t touch us
While focused, our Light shining
Then the storm began to clear
Blue skies rapidly returning

The people were happy now to go
Back from where they all came
Many now able to hold the Light
Awakening people to Light, my aim

Trina Graves – 4th June 2021

About This Poem

Having this vision in January 2020, at that time I thought it was all just about Lightworkers shining our Light through whatever was going to be happening through the years ahead. From my previous visions and guided poems I knew we were in a time of Awakening and change, but I was totally unaware of the very dark storm that was looming just ahead for us all!

I, along with an ever increasing amount of others, believe that what we have experienced since early last year has not been about a virus, but about Awakening the people of our world to their own power. We are eternal Spiritual Beings and those of us here on Earth chose our path (before birth) for this auspicious time of either moving into a Higher Vibrational New Earth or leaving this present reality, gifting others with our experience to open their hearts and minds.

I have a page listing all of my ‘Vision’ poems if you would like to read more.


part of poem A Light In The Storm by Trina Graves, Spiritual Quotes To Live By
image from Pixabay

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