Born To Stand Out

Quote Title: Dr Seuss
Why Fit In When You Were Born To Stand Out?

You are the New Energy Generation
Born to Now truly stand out
Not limited to the old ways
You’re here to bring change about

Gone are the dark days of the past
We’re in the New days of Light
You’re here to enhance the world
With your radiance, ever-so bright

The old ways take time to let go
Older generations don’t like change
But you are here on a mission
Which to oldies may seem strange

You sense more than they do
You may have dimensional sight
Fitting into Earth’s old systems
To you, will never feel right

For you have so much to teach
To all here, especially the old
Your Presence is so very different
Not fitting their old energy mould

They may even give you labels
Uncontrollable, Autism, ADHD
Star, Indigo, Crystal, Rainbow
So many New Rays of humanity

You might find linear life challenging
If you’re aware of so much more
Alternative dimensions to play in
Spiritual truths known at your core

Some of you may have chosen
To live a problematic, difficult start
Knowing experience will expand
Your future Awareness of Heart

Going through a baffling childhood
Your focus later, may bring change
To where it is desperately needed
Many basics need to re-arrange

Be strong in your Inner-Knowing
Early on, most will want you to fit-in
You chose to born at this important time
Starting in their energy, you can begin

To be a Trail-Blazer of the New
Always questioning their old ways
Many old energy minds will be opened
As you go through all of your days

You will help to bring changes
To all the old systems of Earth
It’s why you came here, Now
To shine your truly, Divine Worth

Education, politics, science
So much needs an overhaul
Bide your time, ‘raising’ your family
While they still see you as small

It may take many years to know
Where you are going to be
Of service to the world, use your
Intuition to guide you clearly

Always do your best to avoid
The negative vibes all around
Surrounding yourself in The Light
Inner-Positivity is naturally found

Your parents and other family, all
Love you, but some can’t express
The depth of their true feelings
Old energies made a bit of a mess!

Know you are always Loved
No matter, or what you ever do
God, the Angels, your Guides
Eternally, Unconditionally Love you

You know you are of The Love
You know you are of The Light
You know your very Presence
Will eventually bring things right

You were not born to fit in
You were born to stand out
Be proud of who you are
Let your Divine Presence SHOUT!

Trina Graves – November 2019

About This Poem

This Dr Seuss quote has been one of my favourties for a number of years, especially as it was chosen by some of my grandchildren who were being home-schooled as their motto. So, it has been on my list to use for a poem quote for a long time. 

My ten grandchildren range in age from 21 to 4. In just about every one of them I see how they are of the New Energy of Earth. Several struggle with fitting in. and have issues that I now understand come from being born with a Higher Vibrational energy system that finds it difficult to live in an older energy world. So many of them are very sensitive to the energies around them, and one in particular, who showed an amazingly advanced mind at a very young age, is now in the process of getting his ‘label’ after being expelled from school at the grand old age of 4! 

I started this poem in early November, but did the final tweak yesterday and as is happening so much lately Divine Timing is so evident. Sitting at my computer today, thinking about which poem to add, I noticed a new video from Amanda Ellis and watched that first. –  If you are a frequent reader of my posts then you’ll maybe know that since ‘finding’ Amanda (at the end of last year) I have been amazed at all of the synchronicity going on with her teachings and videos. 

In todays video almost straight away she speaks of people feeling they do not fit in with the world, then she goes on to talk of Crystal children and how she is being called to do something for them. So much of what she said resonated with this poem, so I had no doubt which one to add today!

I have many more Spiritual Poems For Children & a few Spiritual Nursery Rhymes, there are also many Quote Poems from various authors and sources.

Born To Stand Out - part of poem by Trina Graves - Spiritual Quotes To Live By
My grandchildren in 2016

Update 4th June 2023 – The Great Awakening

This poem is obviously one written about The Great Awakening, speaking of the old compared to the new energies in which our children are being born into, and how, many children are not fitting in to how things have previously been.

However, it is not just the most recent generation who came to change the old ways. Speaking of my own experience, (which is the only one I can really know of) I have always felt it difficult to fit in with society’s ways. As a young child I was extremely shy and couldn’t be taken out without me erupting into screaming tantrums, this stopped the day I started school (the tantrums, not the shyness) my mother believes it was because my mind was not occupied enough at home and I needed to be learning. I think this could be part of it, but I also feel that part of my problem was not feeling safe ‘out there,’ especially as she says I would continually cry when put outside in my pram for naptime.

I really enjoyed my first primary school, it was in small village and only had 3 classes with about 16 to 20 children in each one. However, on moving house and going to a different primary with a much larger class and total pupil size it definitely affected my confidence. Aged 11 and going to secondary school (even bigger) my questioning of the school system began as it wasn’t long before I realised that it was the teacher that really made a difference to how well you learned.

Jumping ahead to my children’s schooling, before they started school (which was the term after their 5th birthday at that time) I would spend lots of time doing things with them, such as puzzles, games, art, reading etc.. however, once they started school I soon noticed that their attention span was greatly reduced. Over the following few years I grew increasingly unhappy with the school system so I started to investigate home-schooling, in those days (early 90’s) this was not an easy task with no internet access. Eventually (on moving house) I just didn’t register my two youngest in a new school, the oldest had left school and the next had one year left, hated school and was not at all academic. He already worked daily after school, at weekends and holidays, so he simply carried on working. The youngest was 12 and so we home-schooled, but she also got herself a part-time job working at a local stables which she loved. The change in her character and confidence was wonderful. Interestingly, she chose to home-school her four children right from the start. If I could go back, I would definitely home-school and not send my children to be programmed into the system. I could go on about all of the harms done in schooling, but that would be a very long list!

Another area that I eventually realised I did not fit in with was working the 9-5, especially when it came to working for large corporations. I have worked at various things over the years and apart from enjoying working for my family’s business, I am much happier being self-employed. One job I only stuck with for one week was in the NHS, I thought I would love working in a hospital but I couldn’t believe the negativity and attitude from other staff, it was too much for me so I left.

Talking of the NHS, this is another area where I eventually realised I don’t fit in! My first realisation that doctors don’t always know/do the ‘right’ thing was when I went to my doctors because of pain in my stomach. Upon examination he told me I was about four or five months pregnant and there-and-then removed the coil I had fitted a few months before (after the birth of my third child). It wasn’t till later that I thought surely he should not have done that before I had a scan (which he booked for a few weeks later). It turned out that I wasn’t pregnant, but had a huge ovarian cyst & abscess! This began my questioning of the medical system leading to my now not seeing a doctor for 14 years.

Once I began walking my Spiritual Path I had a ‘feeling’ that I am here to do ‘something’ different than fitting in with ‘normal.’ Over my life there have been three pieces of writing that have had a definite impact in shaping my life. The first I received as a child from a penfriend, it was titled ‘Diary Of An Unborn Child’ and was basically about abortion. Reading this gave me a strong conviction to never have an abortion, which I know I would have been very heavily pushed towards by my parents when I became pregnant at seventeen, however, because they knew of my opinion on the matter, it was only mentioned once as an option. Being a mother at an early age was definitely my true path. The second ‘piece’ was two sympathy poems given to me at the funeral of my uncle, these set me on my Spiritual Path (My Catalyst tells the story). The third was something I came across in the late 90’s on the internet, I don’t know who wrote it but it really struck me and stayed with me. It was many years later that I came across the term ‘LightWorker’ and also realised that I am one.

Here is that piece that I now see so clearly is talking about The Great Awakening!

Dear Ones,

You are the light, the light is in you. When you enter a dark room, you don’t grope around trying, in the dark, to discover the dimensions of the room and what it contains. Of course, you turn on the light. Life is a little like the dark room. You can spend a tremendous amount of time groping around in the dark, trying to find your way around it, stumbling over objects, getting knocks and bruises. Why not switch on the light, so you can see what the room is like, and what there is to do in it?

The light shines on you. The light is in you. At first, you may need to use the light switch, but you can learn to switch on the light in yourself. Then you shine. When you shine, other people who are fumbling around in the dark can find comfort in you. They can see their way more clearly. Some may realise that they, too, have their own inner light that they can switch on. So helping yourself in life by lighting up your light is a help to others as well.

To keep you light burning bright, you need to connect with the current. The current is also in you, but it connects you with the power station. In life, the power station is truly the whole of creation itself, buzzing with energy, humming with vibration. As you make the connection, so you light lights up. All the different lights are powered by the same current which flows in you, around you, above you and below you. The current has and gives meaning to all the lights. What would be the point of a light without energy to make it glow?

A life without light is really a chancy affair. One moment your hand may feel something nice. The next, you knock yourself against a sharp object and get hurt. There may be lots of maps and ideas for getting around in the dark, but basically none of them are much use, because it is impossible to orient. Actually it is much easier to put the light on, but lots of you never bother to think about that. Some of you are even afraid of what you might see. In fact, the room of life is a very wonderful one, a treasure house of beauty and variety. With the aid of the light in you, you can have a wonderful time in it. It is also a very big room. There a long walks to take, steep places to climb. But with the aid of the light you will see that it is worth taking the walks, worth making the efforts to climb, because the results are beautiful indeed.

You are the Light of the world. The time has come when everyone is going to discover that they have a light in them, and to learn how to switch it on. When a light is to shine, of course the connections need to be made. Some workmen will come along who know how to connect things up, so that all the lights can work at once. You are a little like the workmen, preparing the place for lightning up time.

Now it is the Earth that is going to be the place where the lighting up takes place; so you are the workmen preparing the people of Earth for the switch on. Humanity has spent enough time experiencing what it is like to go blundering around in the dark; now the wiring up for the big switch on is taking place. In order to see, to be able to do the work, you first need to connect yourself to the source of energy.

When the lights go on, a lot of people are going to be dazzled. They will try to find dark corners to hide in. But when the big switch on occurs, everybody will have to get used to the light, and a lot of people will need help. This is also your role. You are not only fixing up the light, but you are going to help people get used to it, too. That is the after-sales service.

Do not be afraid, but do light up the light in yourselves and make it burn more strongly. I am with you, supporting you, blessing you. I am the power station, but I am also the light in you. In fact I am the whole show. It pays to get closer to Me. People call Me many names, and I am happy with all of them, if they want to find the light.

Have Trust, Confidence. Learn To See. Be Blessed.



I Love Nature

Spiritual Nursery Rhyme

I love nature
I love trees
I love the little birds
And the tiny bees

I love the moon
I love the sun
I love every morning
When the day has begun

I love cats
I love dogs
I love going for walks
Climbing on fallen logs

I love clouds
I love sky
I love the glistening stars
Shining from so very high

I love mountains
I love seas
I love standing still
And feeling the breeze

I love nature
I love it all
I love seeing
And hearing nature’s call

Trina Graves – 30th June 2019

About This Poem

Babies, toddlers and the very young children are so full of enthusiasm for life. Coming so fresh from Source they are still able to see through the eyes of love, so to continue reminding them of their love of nature, – through the repetition of a nursery rhyme –  will strengthen their innate ability to enjoy and appreciate the simple things in life, as they are bombarded by the negativity in our world of duality.

As I have mentioned before, until a child is around six years old they absorb everything going on around them and take it into their sub-conscious as true, or the way life is. So the more positivity we can feed them, the better their life will be.

I have a link page for more Spiritual Nursery Rhymes & poems for older children too.

I Love Nature - Spiritual Nursery Rhyme by Trina Graves - Spiritual Quotes To Live By

1, 2… Learn Something New

Spiritual Nursery Rhyme

1, 2…  Learn something new
3, 4…  Ideas grow more
5, 6…  The clock always ticks
7, 8…  Change is a date
9, 10…  Enjoy it when
11, 12…  Inspired to delve
13, 14…  Then you glean
15, 16…  From the unseen
17, 18…  What does life mean?..
19, 20…  Joys are plenty

Trina Graves – 30th June 2019

About This Poem

This nursery rhyme is obviously based on the traditional ‘1, 2, Buckle My Shoe’.

Rather than random actions or objects that rhyme with the numbers, I aimed for things that would encourage thinking and personal growth for children, and the adults teaching it to them! 

I have a link page for more Spiritual Nursery Rhymes and other poems for children.

1, 2, Learn Something New - Spiritual Nursery Rhyme by Trina Graves - Spiritual Quotes To Live By
Out on a family walk in 2016

Original Nursery Rhyme

1, 2..  Buckle my shoe
3, 4…  Knock at the door
5, 6…  Pick up sticks
7, 8…  Lay them straight
13, 14..  Maids a courting
9, 10…  A big fat hen
11, 12…  Dig and delve
15, 16..  Maids in the kitchen
17, 18..  Maids in waiting
19, 20..  My plate’s empty

I Am Love

Spiritual Nursery Rhyme

I Am Love
I Am Light
My future is always bright

I Am Peace
I Am Joy
Just like every girl and boy

I Am Unique
I Am Me
It’s who I came to be

I am One
I am Free
To express our Unity

I Am Eternal
I Am Soul
Love always my goal

I Am Loved
I Am Divine
God’s Heart is a part of mine

Trina Graves – 30th June 2019

About This Poem

After writing ‘My Hands, Your Hands, God’s Hands,’ I knew that I would be writing more Spiritual Nursery Rhymes and this was an obvious one to do.

I believe every newborn already knows these affirmations, but being in our dense world of vibration and picking up the energies of others, their inner-knowing and Light can diminish – but never completely!

Hearing these words repeated to them often – as in nursery rhymes – would enable them to remember the affirmations and keep their Light shining brightly, no matter what happens in their life. This is so much more beneficial to young children than the greatest majority of nonsense, and often negative, nursery rhymes that are instilled into their impressionable minds.

It is only now, as I write this today, that I have realized the significance of this poem in respect to another I know I am going to write in the next few days. If you have read my previous two poems: ‘We Are Ready,‘ and ‘Unite! Those Of The Light,‘ you’ll know I’ve mentioned there was another to go with those. Yesterday I discovered why I had not been drawn to writing it yet.  I watched a new channelling video from Blossom Goodchild and although it was not with the Federation Of Light it continued the theme of the poem I will write. I know that everything happens in Divine Timing so the words will flow when the alignment is perfect! The reason I bring this up here is because this rhyme is basically the essence of that poem, but for children!

I have quite a few poems with their pictures completed (usually the last thing I do) and I had not decided which one to add today, but when looking at the list I instantly knew it was this one. And now, with the above realization, that makes perfect sense!

If you are interested, I have a link page of my poems for children and other Spiritual Nursery Rhymes.

I Am Love - Spiritual Nursery Rhyme by Trina Graves - Spiritual Quotes To Live By
Joey, Tyler and Ben (some of my grandsons) summer 2016

Changing Hands

For older children

In Mother’s Hands
Learning to walk
You held my hand
Balance I gave
So you could stand
A step forward
On your own
No longer my baby
You had grown

Out on walks
I’d be concerned
Of your safety
Until you learned
Of the dangers
You were unaware
Until I taught you
Because I care

You looked to me
For my decisions
As you got older
You don’t always listen
But in your heart
You know my mind
My answers are there
For you to always find

My dearest child
I love you always
So I do my best
All through our days
I truly only want
What is best for you
And so I aim for
All that I can do

In God’s Hands
Walking through life
In God’s Hands
Balance is given
To help understand
Moving forward
With God’s Presence
No longer limited
Acknowledging God’s Essence

Out in the world
No need for concern
Always safe
Because you learn
From the dangers
You are aware
God’s perfect teachings
Are visible everywhere

Look to God
For all decisions
All through life
God always listens
With your heart
And not your mind
God’s answers are there
His truth you will find

Spark of God
Loved unconditionally
Through the years
Growth will be
Adapted through
A parents voice
Or alignment with God
Make your choice

Trina Graves – May 2019

About This Poem

This poem links with two others I’ve previously posted: ‘In God’s Hands‘ and one for young children ‘My Hands, Your Hands, God’s Hands.’ On that post I tell of how I was inspired to write these two children’s poems regarding God’s Hands.

I wrote this poem as in the picture below, with the each verse of the two aspects (Mother & God) side by side, but I was not able to align it properly on here, so I have had to change it to one after the other. 

I believe that however we are brought up shapes our thoughts and beliefs. Obviously, most of this will come from our parents and/or whoever we spend the majority of our time with. The idea of this poem is to help older children understand that their parents do the best they can and will influence their life thoughts and choices, but they have a choice to let go of whatever doesn’t fit with them and take the Hands Of God as the ultimate guide. 

Changing Hands - Spiritual poem for older children by Trina Graves - Spiritual Quotes To Live By
My daughter with one of her four children (2012)



My Hands, Your Hands, God’s Hands

Spiritual Nursery Rhyme

My hands touch you with love
Your hands do this too
God’s Hands always love you

My hands feed you food
Your hands try this too
God’s Hands always feed you

My hands take care of you
Your hands are learning this too
God’s Hands always care for you

My hands keep you safe
Your hands will learn this too
God’s Hands are always safe for you

My hands hold yours to guide you
Your hands will not always need me
But in God’s Hands we will always be

Trina Graves – May 2019

About This Poem

I had already written a poem called In God’s Hands, but it wasn’t until I was commenting to Amira about her poem We Are In Good Hands that the idea came to me to write one for children on the same theme.

Anyone who reads my blog regularly will know that I have had a synchronistic alignment with Amira since last summer when she first contacted me about using my poems on her blog. It was through her that I came back to WordPress to share my poems in one place. (I have a quote site Spiritual Quotes To Live By that has many of my poems, but spread over many sections and pages.) I am sure Amira won’t mind me saying that ever since our initial contact there have been an abundance of things happening that have led us both to be more of who we came here to be!

So, as I was writing my comment to Amira, I knew I was going to write a poem for children about being in God’s Hands. I have written several Spiritual Poems For Children, but this one I knew was going to be for very young children and then perhaps I’d write another version for older ones. – (update: 21st July new poem Changing Hands).

It took me awhile to be drawn to writing it, but when I did I felt and pictured a mother saying the rhyme as she fed her baby, repeating it over and over again, as she carried out various nurturing tasks and when just cuddling and stroking her baby. I also saw her still saying the rhyme as the baby grew and became a toddler and older, adapting the words slightly as the child began to feed itself etc.. 

Nursery rhymes have been repeated countless times to babies and toddlers for generations. I certainly did this with my children and grandchildren. Also, I was a very moody and difficult toddler, but my mum has told me that one thing I enjoyed was her saying nursery rhymes. 

With my children (in the 80’s) I would tell them all the nursery rhymes I could remember and also bought them books to learn more. But, by the time my grandchildren started to arrive I was becoming more aware of the power of words and began to notice how totally negative most of them are, so I would think about which ones to use, for example: Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star being a wonderful one to say and Three Blind Mice one to ditch. 

After writing this poem I thought of how one of my very first poems – Where Is God? – could also be classed as a nursery rhyme and so I am now thinking of writing more, as I see this as a wonderful way to nurture the Light that resides in every baby, toddler and young child… so fresh from Source.


My Hands, Your Hands, God's Hands - Spiritual Nursery Rhyme by Trina Graves


Create Something

Inspirational Poem For Children

Write about something that you’ve done
Or all the ways you like to have fun
Make a list of the things you like…
Playing card games, or riding your bike

Write your thoughts and feelings down
It makes you feel better, clearing a frown
Write down something you’re thankful for
Makes you realise.. there’s always more

Getting creative, imagination takes flight
Writing a story or poem is such a delight
Even if you don’t finish, it matters not
You will still learn from the words you’ve got

Draw some pictures of things around
Lots of ideas are easily found
Copy some drawings from a book
There’s always something, if you look

Don’t worry at all if things go wrong
Remember to the human race you belong
We all learn the most from our mistakes
Practise, practise, practise… Better makes!

Trina Graves – 17th March 2019

About This Poem

For Christmas last year I wrote a couple of poems about creating handmade gifts, (A Handmade Christmas, A Handmade Gift) so this year I have been making sure to follow my own advice! 

This poem was written for my granddaughter Amy’s 9th birthday. Amy loves to read Harry Potter so I made her a notebook that contained many blank and lined pages for her to write and draw in. The cover had emblems from Harry Potter (along with her name) and inside she had a letter to her inviting her to Hogwarts, spells, and positive quotes from Harry Potter were added throughout the pages. I included this poem near the beginning of the book to hopefully encourage her to use the book to ‘Create Something!’  

Recently I have also began a new hobby of glass engraving, so Amy also received a glass with her name on it and pictures from Harry Potter!

By the way, I often use the American spelling for words such as ‘realize’ and ‘practice’ but, I made sure to use the English versions for this poem as I didn’t want to alter how Amy would be taught to use them.

Create Something - Children's inspirational poem by Trina Graves of Spiritual Quotes To Live By
Amy (who the poem was written for) when she was four years old

You Are Unique

In all the worlds seven billion or more
There’s not another you, and that’s for sure
Wherever you go, you’ll never find two
Because there is only one of you

No one has the same teeth, eyes or hair
Your smile, your frown, or the way you stare
You are so special and beautiful too
The world just isn’t complete without you

The way you sing and the way you talk
The way you run and the way you walk
All these things make you unique
No one in the world has your physic

Your own unique body, you will find
Contains your Spirit and your Mind
Looking after your body is important to do
But remember, it’s not the only part of you

Your mind is an unlimited, powerful tool
Not only to be used for learning in school
You have the ability and power to create anything
With the energy of Joy, that makes your heart sing

It’s important to know, what you believe you create
But don’t worry about the past, it’s never too late
To change your life, start from today
Be happy in all you think, do, and say 

There is the most amazing Energy of Light
A part of you, though hidden from sight
You really are a Being of Light and Love
With a body that fits, covering like a glove

You can talk to this Light inside of you
It can guide your way in what to do
Sit still and be quiet, and you will find
The answers will appear into your mind

Some call it your Spirit and some your Soul
It is the real you and makes you whole

Trina Graves – June 2013

About This Poem

In 2013 I wanted to create a page on my website (Spiritual Quotes To Live By) of inspirational poems for children focusing on spiritual themes and the law of attraction. Others already on this blog are: Before We We Born, Why Did You Come Here? and another written many years before: Where Is God?  

You Are Unique - inspirational poem for children by Trina Graves
My granddaughter Amy


(Poem for children)

What are you thinking, right now this minute,
Is it a good thought with you in it?
Or is it a thought that you are not good enough
You can’t do something because it’s too tough?

Are you thinking about having some fun
Playing with friends out in the sun?
Or are you thinking your friends won’t play
Because they were unkind to you yesterday

You might be thinking of your birthday treat
All the presents you’ll get and good things to eat
Or are you thinking your birthday is so far away
There is no point in getting excited today?

There are good thoughts and there are bad
Some make you happy and others make you sad
If you are not sure if one is good
Does it make you feel better, as it should?

Try always to do your best
To think good thoughts above the rest
Whatever you are thinking, you can change that thought
Into your mind, a better one is easily brought

Although there are two ways to think
What is most important is their special link
For the more often you think in one way
Will affect what you do, and what you say

Over time what you think is what you become
So think happy thoughts and you won’t be glum
Whatever you are thinking is important you know
For it will determine which way you will go
No matter what happens you have the choice
So listen to your friendly inner voice

Trina Graves – 15th May 2013

About This Poem

One of the first poems I wrote ‘Where Is God? was for children. I had not intentionally sat to write that poem many years ago, but it just came to me when my mind was drifting sat on a bus journey through the countryside. In 2013 I decided to have a go at writing some more poems for children that covered spiritual and law of attraction principles. My favourite one was ‘Why Did You Come Here?‘ and there was also one about reincarnation ‘Before We Were Born.’ This one was to teach children about the importance of their thoughts.

part of inspirational children's poem: Thinking by Trina Graves of Spiritual Quotes To Live By
granddaughter Lucy

Where Is God?

God is in the flowers
God is in the trees
God is in the butterflies
And the birds and bees

God is in the sunshine
God is in the storm
God is in the snow and frost
That makes you wrap up warm

God is in the good
God is in the bad
God is in what makes you happy
And what makes you sad

God is everywhere you look
And everywhere you go
God is your best friend always
Because God loves you so

Trina Graves – 19th May 2000

About This Poem

On a sunny May morning in 2000, I was staring out of the window on a bus travelling through the countryside of Oxfordshire, just appreciating the beautiful views, and these words just came into my head. I knew the simple words were for children and I would one day share them. Previous to this I had only ever written two things and they were not poems, so this was unusual for me. When I arrived at work, I was thinking about the poem and the first customer to walk into the photography shop was a man wearing a very large cross around his neck. I took this as a sign telling me the words were truly inspired from spirit. When I returned home later that day, I had no problem remembering the words to write out.

The concept that God was in the ‘bad’ was relatively new to me, only coming across it not long before in the book ‘Conversations With God’ by Neale Donald Walsch. I had found his books very enlightening and thought provoking, this concept was one I was learning to digest. Previous to this I always believed (as taught) there were two sides: good and bad, or, God and devil. But, at that time I didn’t really think about it and just put the poem away. 

Over the years I gained greater understanding through the Law Of Attraction, mainly as taught by Abraham-Hicks, and found out that God truly is in ALL things. There is no source of evil or bad, it’s just that we are in the habit of blocking the ever-present flow of goodness. How much we allow or block affects our degree of perceived love or fear. Even in the darkest of times and in the people who may be seen as evil, there is always a spark of light buried within.

Where Is God - A6 - SHARE - Spiritual Quotes To Live By

Before We Were Born

Spiritual Poem For Children

Before we were both born
We lived in a beautiful place
So different from this world we know
With no limits of time and space

We didn’t need a body
To contain our energy
We were free to explore ourselves
In any way we’d like to be

We were just the same back then
Not a child and their parent
We were Beings of Love and Light
Both powerful and magnificent

We had shared many lives before this one
It’s so much fun to change things around
You’ve been my brother, sister, parent, friend
The different ways to be, that we had found

For this life that we are in now
We talked about what we would like to do
We were ready to remember who we really are
And live our lives bringing Spiritual Love through

We knew that this would be quite difficult
In a world of limits, near and far
Our goal would be to become Awake
To the truth of who we really are

This time you chose me to be your parent
To Love, guide you and help you see
The wonderful, powerful person you are
Creating your world with Love Energy

From you my child I would learn so much
About Unconditional Love
You came into my life to teach me
As an Angel sent from up above

I only want what is best for you
But sometimes I can make a mistake
Like you, I am learning to do my best
Together we will Awake

Trina Graves 14th May 2013

About This Poem

I think I was 11 years old when I began to question the religion I knew. (Christianity) I had been told (I can’t remember who by) that babies who were not Christened couldn’t be buried in a churchyard and this just didn’t make any sense to me. How could a pure innocent baby, newly entering this world, not be accepted by God? And then I remember pondering over the question of where are we before we are born? So, when I started to write some Spiritual Poems for children this was the first one I wanted to cover.

I am a firm believer in reincarnation, it just makes perfect sense and I have heard and read so many different stories of it over the years. I especially like the stories of young children who talk about past lives. I have been known to ask my grandchildren, once they were old enough to talk well, ‘Where were you before you were born?’ And, ‘Who were you before?’ but so far have not had any interesting answers! But, thinking about this now, I haven’t asked the more recent additions to the family, so I must do that!

The hearts on the picture below represent my three children (in this life!) and their offspring.  

Before We Were Born - Inspirational Poem by Trina Graves - Spiritual Quotes To Live By
With my first two children (1980)

Update 30th April 2023 – The Great Awakening

When I first started sorting my poems to add to ‘The Great Awakening’ category I missed this one. And yet, it is totally about being here at this time to Awaken to the truth of who we really are! I think because I’d written it for children I didn’t check out the words.

My three children (in their 40’s, all parents themselves) are in various stages of ‘Awakening.’ I was so sad to learn that one family took the experimental medication, I continually pray for their good health (especially as one has been affected by complete exhaustion for over a year now). I know we all have our own paths to follow, however, it is very hard to see your Loved ones being taken-in by the manipulation. The greater majority of my other family members also took the shots, many of them thinking I am a danger to them all.

One thing I have found very difficult is, should I share with family (who were jabbed) the harms that have been caused? I want to show them all of the reports etc.. so they are informed, BUT, knowing of the Law of Attraction, if they truly believed it was a good thing for them, then they are aiding their health to some degree, but if I share and they acknowledge that they have done something harmful to their body, then with the power of their minds they could create any of these harms for themselves. So, if I say anything at all (I’m considered a ‘conspiracy theorist’) I focus on other parts of The Great Awakening as the vacccine is just one of the many aspects.

The last verse of this poem is very fitting, we all ‘can make a mistake,’ even when we are doing our very best for our Loved ones.


Why Did You Come Here?

Spiritual Poem For Children

“Why did you come here?” I asked the daisy
As I lay on the grass, feeling dreamy and lazy
The answer just appeared in my mind
“I came to add to the beauty you’d find.”

“Why did you come here?” I asked the bee
Flying so fast I could hardly see
The bee turned and started to fly more slow
“I came to help the flowers grow.”

“Why did you come here?” I asked the ant
As it ran across the beautiful plant
“I was alone, but now life’s a dream,
I came to work as part of a team.”

“Why did you come here?” I asked the cat
As she clawed away on the fireside mat
She looked right into my eyes with a stare
“I came to help you become Aware.”

“Why did you come here?” I asked little Lucky
Our precious, playful Labrador puppy
“I told you before, when we were in Heaven above,
I came to give you Unconditional Love.”

“Why did you come here?” I asked my teacher
When showing my carefully painted picture
She thought for a moment and began to say
“I came to guide you along the way.”

Why did you come here?” I asked the old man
Who was sat in the park and getting a tan.
The man smiled at me and said, “Ever since my birth
I came to enjoy my life here on this Earth.”

Why did I come here? I wanted to know
Then all these things I attracted to show
I came to…
Find beauty, enjoy life, help, guide and share
Unconditional Love and become Aware.

Trina Graves – 14th May 2013

About This Poem

I wanted to write some spiritual poems for children to use on my website (Spiritual Quotes To Live By) so I wrote down a few ideas of subjects I wanted to cover: Where do we come from? Why are we here? Law Of Attraction etc..

I prayed and asked for guidance and then wrote a poem called Before We Were Born. I usually only write one poem at a time, but after finishing this one I knew I needed to write more and wanted to do a poem from a child’s point of view. Why Did You Come Here? was the result – it just flowed so easily without much thought or hesitation and I was amazed how in the last verse it all came together from the endings of the others. This was not planned or thought about by me at all.  It is when I write a poem such as this one that I really believe my words are guided. 

This is one of my favourites of my poems, I just love the simple way it brings together the Law Of Attraction with why we are here. By the way, the girl in the photo is my granddaughter Lucy.

Why Did You Come Here - Spiritual Poem for children - Spiritual Quotes To Live By

Update 30th April 2023 – The Great Awakening

I have now written 271 poems, and this is still among my favourites.

Why are we here? is something we all contemplate at some time in our lives, and especially now it is an important part of our Awakening. These simple words for children teach ‘the Law of Attraction.’ while also speaking of the real values of Unconditional Love, enjoying life, guiding and sharing with others, and of course, becoming Aware/Awake.