This is a link page to my poems that are all about the visualizations I have been doing for many years. I have began to call these ‘visions’ as I now understand that the images given to me are not simply of my own ‘thinking.’ The wisdom received and the unfolding of synchronicities have shown me there is more to it than I had at first perceived.  

On reading the first poem – Insight – you can find out how these experiences began in 1999 and what prompted me to write this first one down, even though I didn’t think anything much about it at that time.

Most of the visions have been with someone I knew of (in the visions) as James, however in January 2019 his true identity was revealed to me, you can read all about this in the poem ‘A Birthday Revelation.

Poems are listed in the date order of the vision, however, there will be more added (as I write them) of older dates, as well as present time. I have split them into before 2019 and after.

Insight  (1999)

Past Lives (1999)

The Bare Necessities  (2000)

Watch Out For The Seekers   (2003)

The Containing Circle   (2003)

Ascending The Fun-Fair Of Life  (2012)

Be Love, Seek Joy   (2014)



A Birthday Revelation

Stained Glass Poems

Footprints Of Light

My Footprints In The Sand

Gaia’s Release

quote from poem 'Watch Out For The Seekers' by Trina Graves - Spiritual Quotes To Live By
Grandson Joey, sat by someone he didn’t know. 2014