New Earth: No Tags

In the old way of life
Everyone had tags
Attached, they’d carry
Heavy-weighted bags

Everywhere they went
In a mirrored reality
Influencing their life
And what they would see

A few tags at birth
More through the years
Adding weight to Being
And so many fears

Age, sex, race
Religion, colour, ability
Politics, crime, status
All labeled so clearly

Then a change happened
Light dominated Earth
People began to see
More of their true worth

Shaking off their labels
Dropping all the weight
Clarity of vision to perceive
Ending judgement and hate

Unity and Oneness
All people wonderfully unique
As varied as the flowers
All beauty here to seek

Now rays of Light
Are in place of the tags
And pure Higher Energy
Replaces all those bags

Magnificence and Love
Compassion and Light
No judgemental labels
To block Divine sight

Trina Graves – 21st August 2020

About This Poem

This poem was inspired from a Kryon-Lee Carroll channelling talking of the sticky labels we all have attached to us. In the channelling it instructs to shake off the labels – like a wet shaking dog – and then writing new ones such as ‘born magnificent’ and other highly postitive and divine attributes.

In my New Earth series of poems I write from the perspective of already being in higher vibrational New Earth. I believe we are in the process of changing and moving into this new reality – sometimes called 5D – where all of the labels that have been used to keep humanity divided will drop away.


Wherever I Am… God Is

Affirming The Classics: Prayer For Protection – James Dillet Freeman

I Am surrounded by the Light of God.
I Am enfolded by the Love of God.
I Am protected by the Power of God.
I Am melded with the Presence of God.
Wherever I Am… God Is.

Trina Graves – 21st May 2021

About This Prayer

In my collection Affirming The Classics I update well-known poems, prayers and hymns to make them more positive and turn them into affirmations.

The ‘Prayer For Protection’ by James Dillet Freeman obviously didn’t need to be made more positive, so it was just a case of using the powerful ‘I AM’ for each statement.

Of course, if you do not like to use the term ‘God’ it can easily be changed, for example:

I Am surrounded by the Light of Source.
I Am enfolded by the Love of Source.
I Am protected by the Power of Source.
I Am melded with the Presence of Source.
Wherever I Am… Source Is.

This is the original prayer by James Dillet Freeman:

Prayer For Protection
The light of God surrounds me.
The love of God enfolds me.
The power of God protects me.
The presence of God watches over me.
Wherever I am… God is.


image from Pixabay

The Most Important Things In Life

Title Quote: The Most Important Things In Life… Are Not Things. (unknown)

The most important things in life
Are not ‘things,’ most know
It’s the people in our lives
Who make our Hearts grow

Our family of Loved ones
Are the most important of all
They fill our lives with memories
Especially those who are small

The little simple moments
A smile, a hug, or glance
Whether in a photo, or our minds
Makes our Hearts sing and dance

Some friends are like family
They bloom perfectly in our Heart
Whether grown over the years
Or there right from the very start

Love, our greatest possession
It’s who we truly are
Giving and receiving Unconditionally
In life, we will go far

Good health is often taken for granted
Until something in the body goes wrong
Focusing on anything positive
Can bring relief along

Feeling appreciation
Speaking of our gratitude
Being thankful for all things
Is a Blessed attitude

Keeping an open mind
To learning all our days
Growth continues and expands
In hundreds of delightful ways

Shining our Inner-Light
Helping others along their way
Respecting the differences
Letting all have their own say

Tranquillity and peace
A rested and calm mind
Practising meditation
Our own way, we can find

Faith, an individual thing
Not just for those religious
Simple hope, or a belief
That life is truly glorious

Inspiration lifts our Spirit
Helps us reach our goal
Whether given or received
It delights our eternal Soul

People are important
And the memories we build
Good health for a vital life
Inspiration, to be fulfilled

Appreciating and respecting
All of life, everywhere
Having faith in the peace
And happiness to share

These are life’s treasures
And money has no part
But the greatest of them all
Is the Love in everyone’s Heart!

Trina Graves – 5th August 2019

About This Poem

When I sat to write this quote poem I thought it would only be about the love of the people in our lives, so when it branched out into other areas I wasn’t sure if it was too higgledy-piggledy, which is why I had not previously posted it.

However, with the past year or so that we have gone through, all of the ‘extra’ important things in life have certainly been brought to our attention! So, although I did wonder if this was a poem I would not share because of my doubts, I now do.

Ben, Tyler, Joey

New Earth: The News

In the old Earth density
The news was often fake
High drama and manipulation
Churning stories they’d make

Mainstream media was controlled
By the elite, a dark power
Worldwide it’s tentacles spread
Suppressing the truth every hour

Keeping people fearful
Draining their ability
To claim their true birthright
Of freedom and Sovereignity

A little story here and there
Of something good in the news
To fool the following audience
The bad they didn’t choose

By keeping the focus negative
So greatly in proportion
The world is a dangerous place
Was their perpetual caution

Then came the Great Awakening
As we raised our consciousness
Moving into the New Earth
To clean up all the mess

Controlled fake news exposed
The manipulation understood
Many shining their Love & Light
To help all those they could

In the New Earth clarity
The news is truth always
Spreading all the joy
As humanity shines its rays

A choice in the mainstream
Different perspectives to view
As individuals walk their path
To where they’re going to

Keeping people uplifted
Raising their ability
To be all they can be
Freely expressing Unity

There are some negative stories
As humanity works its way
Compassionate wisdom invoked
Together we heal each day

Love, Light and Positivity
Truly the strongest force
The world is a beautiful place
Peace on Earth, we’re on course!

Trina Graves – 17th December 2020

About This Poem

With all of the craziness that has been going on since last year, there are now millions of more people Awakened to the reality of our fake mainstream news.

Some truths are now beginning to trickle into the mainstream: the virus being man-made, Fauci being involved, Bill Gates’s link to Epstein etc.. although anyone who made the effort to research, instead of just believing the mainstream, knew of this over a year ago! Now the floodgates have been slightly opened this trickle will hopefully turn into a deluge of what has really been going on, although I know it will shock many people to learn of the real truth. However, all of this had to happen to bring about the changing of our world to a New Earth of peace.

In my ‘New Earth’ collection of poems I am placing the focus on being in our future when things have changed and looking back on how things were.

With all of the revelations that are now evident – if you choose to see them – it is so very important for as many of us as possible to place our focus on what we wish to create for our New Earth.


image from Pixabay

New Earth: Know & Affirm

Based on teaching of Sacha Stone

In old Earth’s duality
Our anchors were faith and hope
To survive the storms of life
In trusting these we could cope

Doing our best to be positive
No matter what comes our way
Being calm our hopeful stance
As negativity hit each day

In New Earth’s Higher rays
We claim our Divine Power
Magnificent creative Beings
We are the only allower

Seeing from a Higher perspective
Hope and faith allow a lack
Giving away our control
To another power having our back

Using our aligned intuition
And standing strong in our knowing
We truly empower ourselves
Our Divine spark is glowing

Affirming from that stance
‘I AM’ words Blessed, creative
Expressing our true essence
God within us each day we live

I know I AM the Love
I know I Am the Light
I know I AM Sovereign
I know I AM shining bright

I know I AM a part of God
I know I AM a powerful Being
I know I AM creating it all
I know I AM reflecting what I’m seeing

I know I AM part of it ALL
I know I AM ONE in Unity
I know I AM a Spiritual Being
I know I AM eternally free

17th December 2020

About This Poem

Hope and faith were a very important part of anyone’s attitude of the past, these were what would help us get through our lives especially when faced with difficulties and hardship. However, as humanity is now raising our vibration and consciousness higher we need to move on from these old ways of thinking.

When I listened to Sacha Stone talking about this last year it really ‘sang true’ to me and I knew it was an important aspect to write a poem about. In my series of poems ‘Affirming The Classics’ I have been re-writing old poems and hymns to make them affirmations, so this poem fits well with those too.

I am now compiling a new collection called New Earth these poems are written from the perspective of us already living in New Earth (or 5D) and looking back on how things were (or still are for many in our current 3D world of duality.) The Law of Attraction teaches us that we create our own reality and the only way it works is to put your focus and attention on what you want to create, regardless of what you may see all around us!

Difficult Roads Lead To Beautiful Destinations

Quote Title: Unknown

In life we all walk roads
That are difficult to us
Individual in our perceptions
To others, may cause no fuss

Thought’s, beliefs, attitudes
All create our reality
We are all on a journey
Here on Earth to ‘BE’

Death, illness, lack
Are dreaded paths out there
All walked a little easier
With companions who care

In time we can look back
And see a different view
Especially from Higher ground
Wisdom can come through

Through difficulty we grow
Adding more to our Soul
Experiences to enrich
Enlightenment our goal

Walking difficult paths
Gives us true insight
To help others along
Who face the same plight

Being there for others
Is a wonderful place to be
Giving, sharing, caring
From the Heart, pure beauty


And now we’re in a time
With extreme roads to face
Not just for some here and there
But for the whole human race

The pandemic and the control
With all its confusing twists and turns
Censorship and created divisions
The great forest ahead of us burns!

We know we have to walk
Through the forest of fire
Will we make it through
As the flames grow ever higher?

Thought’s, beliefs, attitudes
All create our reality
We are all on a journey
Here on Earth to ‘BE’

We came Knowing of this road
It was our destiny of free-choice
To be here at this momentous time
Would we cower or loudly rejoice?

The flames can do no harm
They’re a mirage, not our fate
If we Know of God within us
BEing Love always, never hate

We can walk this road together
Unity Consciousness is our shield
Not much further to travel
Humanity will truly be healed

Many on the road ahead
Have faced the darkest parts
Their Light now guiding lamps
Lit with their compassionate hearts

At last we’ll see the true map
Of all roads, hidden and known
The darkness will be no more
The Light has exponentially grown

Thought’s, beliefs, attitudes
All create our reality
We are all on a journey
Here on Earth to ‘BE’

Be the Light you are
Boldly striding along
Believe unconditional Love
Will overpower all the wrong

Have a positive attitude
As you pass the mires and bogs
With compassion in your Heart
You’ll leap over all the fallen logs

Loving thoughts, beliefs, attitudes
Will create our new reality
United we’ll reach our destination
Our New Earth of Divine Beauty

Trina Graves – 31st January 2021

About This Poem

This past year has been difficult and challenging for so many people worldwide, but I truly believe our destination will be more beautiful than we have ever dreamed possible!

We all chose to be here on Earth at this time, knowing there would be very difficult roads, full of dangers. The only way to safely travel is to have a Heart full of Love, Light and Compassion and keep positive as much as possible, while focusing on the beautiful world that awaits us… just around the bend!


image from Pixabay

wake up… Wake Up… WAKE UP !!!

The curtains were opened
From slumber old Souls stirred
Awakening their inner wisdom
To discern what they heard

Then dawn entered the darkness
Lightworkers became Awake
And Star, Indigo, Crystal
Awoke to the Light they’d make

The loud alarm went off
9/11 an inside job
No longer would so many
Be so easy to fob

The still sleeping worldwide
Were given a mighty shake
A worldwide ‘plandemic’
Brought millions to Awake

And now the remaining sleepers
Will get a sharp slap in the face
It’s needed and imperative now
To wake the whole human race


Wake Up to the truth
We’ve all been lied to
Throughout all history
The people had no clue

Wake Up to your inner Power

You truly hold the key
Break free from the chains
That shackled humanity

Wake Up, shine your Light
It’s power steadfast, so strong
Radiant, eliminating darkness
To the tribe of Light you belong

Wake Up to your Soul
It’s the greatest part of you
Eternally a part of Source
Let it guide you in all you do

Wake Up, feel the Love
It’s who you truly are
Affirm Love in all you do
And you will purely go far

Wake Up, embrace All
Each and every fellow man
We Are One, in this together
Give Love to all you can

Wake Up, open your eyes
Take a good look around
Do you see the perfect beauty
That’s everywhere to be found?

Wake Up and consciously create
The New Earth, here and NOW
Awakened Souls of planet Earth
Your intuition will show you how

Wake Up, know and affirm
“I Am Sovereign, Powerful, Divine”
God is within every Soul
I Am Awake, God’s Love is mine.”

Trina Graves – 17th January 2021

About This Poem

In a recent post – The Blinkered Race – I told of how I couldn’t sleep one night and so wrote two poems. This one was the first as it was one I’d known for a long time that I needed to write.

I believe that what we have been going through for the past year is very much about waking people up to the lies and corruption that have been prevalent in our world for a very, very long time. So much has been hidden and is now becoming evident because the Light now dominates the dark, so all the atrocities will eventually become known to mankind. It will be extremely shocking and a ‘sharp slap in the face’ for the remaining sleepers to wake up to, but we need to be aware of what has been going on to heal it and never let it happen again.


Inspirational poem by Trina Graves: wake up... Wake Up... WAKE UP !!! - Spiritual Quotes To Live By
images from Pixabay

Drawn To The Sea

Vision: 3rd February 2019

Visiting Jesus, a vision in my mind
Only recently back then, did I find
His true identity revealed at last
Connecting many dots of my past

I’d visited just once since that day
‘Stained Glass Poems’ explains the way
Now I wanted more confirmation
And a hopefully some inspiration

Giving no thought to where we’d meet
We were walking by the sea, barefeet
I felt at ease and wondered why
I didn’t feel in awe or at all shy

With no words He then told me how
The time was right, I’m ready now
My vibration raised, now we’d talk
With more significance, as we walk

I asked why so many people, like me
Are drawn so often to be at the sea
Looking out at the beautiful scene
He told of hidden depths, unseen

The vast expanse, a precious part
Of Mother Earth, right from the start
Water, so essential to all living health
Magnificent oceans.. abundant wealth

Teeming with life of every size
Largest mammal or too small for eyes
Unfathomable, mysterious, tides that turn
From whales and dolphins we can learn

Pulsating waves forever flow
Balance, give and take, they show
Wisdom evident and pure beauty
Fresh and alive, our vibrant sea

Land and sea, two domains
Duality on our Earth remains
Senses enlivened when we are near
The air is different, is so clear

Winds of the sea blow away
Doubts and fears, as we stay
Near the shore, there to be
With the elements, in harmony

A powerful magnet with the sun
People flock to relax, be at One
With these mighty attributes of Earth
A sense of wonder and true worth

A chance for people to get away
Clear their minds and be at play
No matter what age, most will be
Happy and content when by the sea

Trina Graves – 9th May 2020

About This Poem

As a child and into adulthood I never went to the seaside very often. Living quite a distance from the sea it would only be something to do for a holiday, which were few and far between! However, over the past ten years or so I have felt ‘drawn to the sea,’ which grows ever stronger as the years pass!

The photo below (taken several years ago) is of West Wittering, UK. This is one of my favourite beaches (so far) it has a wonderful shallow sea and soft sandy walk. The four closest people are my son and three of my grandchildren.

Just incase you are new to my ‘Vision’ poems I have a page where they are all listed in date order. The first one, Insight tells of how it all began – and is still so profound to me! – and A Birthday Revelation tells of me discovering it was Jesus I had been ‘meeting’ since 1999.

The ‘visit’ in this poem was different than previously because I was given three different visions that would become four poems: My Footprints In Sand, Footprints Of Light and On Or Off The Train (to be added) – along with this one.


Draw To The Sea - inspirational poem by Trina Graves - Spiritual Quotes To Live By
West Wittering, UK

The Blinkered Race

I run along the track
With a rider on my back
I am used to the weight
But being whipped I hate

The old track is laid out
It’s course, I have no doubt
Always, forever the same ahead
With many obstacles I dread

One day it will come to an end
But will death be my friend?
Life has always been this way
So I plod ever onwards today

To ease the monotony
I drift in my memory
To when I was young
Before my race begun

As a foal I had no concern
Not knowing I’d have to learn
Just in a field with my mother
Blissfulness like no other

And then my training started
I became so heavy-hearted
No longer was I spirited and free
They had total control of me

Bit, saddle, reins, crop
Would it all ever stop?
Steering me this way and that
The riders who wear a hat

They put me in this race
Now it’s all I have to face
Blinkers, I was trained to wear
Blocking, so I’d be unaware

Well, I guess I’ll just carry on
I’m told this is where I belong
With all the others in this race
Our predecessors track we trace


What’s he doing over there!?
Is he mad? Does he care?
Rearing up, breaking free
Is this that conspiracy theory?

That the riders have full control
Because we let them guide our goal
Using tools to manipulate, confuse
For their games it’s us they use

Look!.. Another has broken free
I wonder what will come to be
I’d better stick with the others
In this race we are all brothers

Another lap, more of the same
Why am I here? Is this a game?
Why am I pushed up this hill?
Will I ever be at peace and still?

What awaits me at the end?
Could a miracle be around the next bend?
Why do I feel something is not right?
How can I truly see with blinkered sight?

Only the track, only the race
Is stopping really a disgrace?
Questions growing ever strong
In this perpetual race do I belong?

What if I took no part
Refused to even make a start
Not let the rider have control
Would I feel better, more whole?

I have to try, I have to see
What it would be like to be free
No bit in my mouth stopping my voice
I know it now, I have free choice

No weighted saddle on my back
No use to me, I feel no lack
No reins, or rider steering my way
I’m free, their game I no longer play

The blinkers are gone, I look around
Amazed at all the beauty to be found
So many directions I can choose to go
My own pace, joyously fast or mindful slow

No longer treading the old worn track
Without a rider, I choose where to hack
Fields, hills, woods, streams galore
Free to roam this New Earth I adore

Trina Graves – 17th January 2021

About This Poem

I often wake in the early hours and take awhile to sleep again. This day (17th Jan) I woke with the idea for this poem, so spent some time thinking about what I wanted to say with it. Not being able to sleep after that, I picked up my tablet and noticed there was a new message from Blossom Goodchild (who I have ‘followed’ since 2008 as the messages she brings through from The Federation Of Light are so full of love and inspiration.) The new message was so powerfully uplifting that I knew there was no way I could get back to sleep as I was buzzing! So I decided to do something I’ve never done before and write a poem (or two!) in bed.

This was the second (wake up, Wake Up, WAKE UP !!! – to be added soon – was the first). I wasn’t too sure if they read right, but knew I could always adjust them later. I left the poems for about a week before I typed them up (I usually do this the same day) and was pleasantly surprised that both were okay without alterations.

To me, we have been in a ‘Blinkered Race:’ We follow the footsteps of our history (global and family) as our course/track. We have been ridden and controlled by the powerful elite who have continually ‘whipped’ us to keep us in the perpetual ‘race.’ However, over time more and more people have been taking their blinkers off and are able to see outside of the race. Over the past year many of those who were once thought of as ‘conspiracy theorists’ are becoming known as ‘truth seekers,’ as their words become more evidently not a theory, but the truth.


The Blinkered Race - inspirational poem by Trina Graves - Spiritual Quotes To Live By
images from Pixabay

With Thee – I Let It Be

Affirming The Classics: Take My Life And Let It Be
Frances Ridley Havergal

With my life, I let it be
Consecrated, Lord, with Thee
With my moments and my days
They now flow in Divine ways

With my hands, I let them move
At the impulse of Thy Love
With my feet, I let them be
Aligned on my path with Thee

With my voice, I clearly sing
Always, only truth I bring
With my words, I let them be
Filled with Love, Light and Beauty

With my treasures I declare
To ever give, always to share
With my intellect, I choose
Pure Divine power to use

With my freewill, God given
I live on Earth as Heaven
With my Heart, at core my Soul
Bringing Peace, and Love my goal

With my Love, and radiant Light
I only see with Source sight
I Am Sovereign, always free
God eternally in me

Trina Graves – 11th November 2020

About This Poem

With myAffirming The Classicscollection I update older poems and hymns to make them read more positive and as affirmations.

In this re-write the main difference is in claiming our own Divine Power rather than the old vibrational perspective of giving our power away, and asking for help. Although the asking is requesting to the Highest Source, it creates our reality that this Source is outside of ourselves.

Original hymn:

Take my life, and let it be
Consecrated, Lord, to Thee
Take my moments and my days
Let them flow in ceaseless praise

Take my hands, and let them move
At the impulse of Thy love
Take my feet, and let them be
Swift and beautiful for Thee

Take my voice, and let me sing
Always, only, for my King
Take my lips, and let them be
Filled with messages from Thee

Take my silver and my gold
Not a mite would I withhold
Take my intellect, and use
Every power as Thou shalt choose

Take my will, and make it Thine
It shall be no longer mine
Take my heart, it is Thine own
It shall be Thy royal throne

Take my love, my Lord, I pour
At Thy feet its treasure store
Take myself, and I will be
Ever, only, all, for Thee

Frances Ridley Havergal 1836 – 1879


Switch Off!

Switch off those repeats
We’ve seen them all before
The story doesn’t change
We just embed them more

Repeating doesn’t develop
Our minds to seek and grow
Stagnant or little flowing
Evolution remains slow

Change is a part of life
Constantly unfolding, if we let
Higher Wisdom be our goal
Not building a dam to set

Switch off those old programmes
They are all in the past
Old stories, old ideas
Not meant to ever-last

Switch off mainstream news
So well-known to be fake
High drama, pushing, selling
Little truth in stories they make

Controlled by dark forces
Pushing an agenda worldwide
The presenters often caught
In a web of deceit they abide

Switch off social media
Unless we strongly discern
Filtering out the lies and hate
Peace and love our only concern

Sharing, supporting humanity
In joyful, compassionate ways
Ever mindful of our presence
Giving Love throughout our days

Trina Graves – 30th August 2020

About This Poem

In 2018 I wrote ‘Pull The Plug’ which covered several aspects I believed needed erasing or limiting in our everyday lives (news, adverts, gossip etc..). Another poem developed out of this (as I had too much on one subject,) ‘The Vision Box.’ This new poem extends this theme and brings a focus to what is so evident now in this new decade.

Because of the plandemic many millions of people have come to realise that the mainstream media is fake news. Those who have delved more deeply into the subject have found that our televisions have been programming us all along! I believe that very soon the rest of the population of Earth will be shown this truth. It will be a hard pill to swallow for the many who have never questioned what is shown on the news and so called ‘documentaries.’ And a great shock to discover how depraved many ‘celebraties’ have stooped for fame.

Also social media is now showing how manipulative and controlling it is. At the moment anyone who goes against the media’s narrative is silenced. They will soon be taken down and will not remain in New Earth unless they greatly change.

As we step into our New Earth we need to consciously create Higher Vibrational movies, series, documentaries, social media platforms etc.. bringing positivity and joy to all those who choose to indulge their time in them. However, with a Higher Vibrational energy of the people, I believe many will choose to limit such things from their life.


Switch Off - inspirational poem by Trina Graves - Spiritual Quotes To Live By
Be Love, Seek Joy - Trina Graves, Spiritual Quotes To Live By

Opening The Door

We are born with freewill
Always connected to Source
Spirit within and without
But we choose our own course

Before birth we plan
If this life will ever be
One of Spiritual connection
Flowing so beautifully

Children often sense Spirit
But most will let it go
As they grow into adults
Adapting to society’s flow

Our destiny though planned
Is affected by Earth’s duality
It can block and negate
From its overwhelming density

Even if this happens
Spirit will never leave
We are never alone
No matter what we believe

Angelic Beings and Guides
Ascended Masters and more
Await the joyous moment
That we might open our door

Our own Higher Self
Also plays a part
To bring our awareness
To focus on Heart

Opening our mind to more
Than physical senses perceive
Begins an epic journey
Changing all we conceive


My journey had started
When I opened my mind
Questioning and searching
Awareness I did find

Bringing me to my moment
Of opening my door
Sat alone, at home
13th January in ‘94

Reading my full notebook
Of positive quotes, so uplifting
With pictures of my children
Always made my Heart sing

I had tried meditation
Just a few times before
I’d recently read a tip
To encourage you more

– Think of the happiest
You have ever been –
For me, that was easy
My blissful memory scene

Holding my newborn baby
Looking deep into their eyes
Unconditional Love overwhelming
Divine Awareness multiplies

Re-living this moment
Brought tears to flow
Exquisite joy surfacing
From a memory long ago

Then following my intuition
Without giving it a thought
I asked in my mind a question
An immediate answer was brought

“Is there any Being present
Of Love and the Light?”
With no pause at all
I lit up so bright!

A rush waved through my body
Of Love and Peace so Divine
Growing stronger each moment
Pure ecstasy, sublime

Then my humanness crept in
“What does this meam?”
The intensity melted away
Though I still felt serene

For several more days
I floated on a High
Full of Love and Peace
Easing off as days went by

For many years I wondered
What truly happened that day
I knew it was Spirit connection
But with who? I couldn’t say

It was only last year
That clarity came to me
With the teachings of Kryon
Truth in pure simplicity

I’d raised my vibration
And asked from my Heart
I opened my door to Source
My connection could start

So obvious once I ‘knew’
I’d requested from freewill
Giving my permission to allow
God to instil

We are all powerful Beings
Of God, one-and-all
But God gave us freewill
To sense or block His call

Trina Graves – 14th December 2020

About This Poem

I have many of my earlier experiences explained since I began reading and listening to Kryon through Lee Carroll. (eg. The Eclipse)

Four months after what happened in this poem I was given a message at a Spiritualist Church to write everything down (My Catalyst) which over the years led me to write poems of my experiences.

Whether we ‘open our door’ or not in this lifetime, Source and all Beings of Love are with us and will never judge us, their Love is eternally unconditional.


part of inspirational poem 'Opening The Door' by Trina Graves - Spiritual Quotes To Live By
picture from Pixabay
Be Love, Seek Joy - Trina Graves, Spiritual Quotes To Live By

Masking The Truth

Psychological warfare like never before
Manipulating the people to endure
Compliance to their rules, is the aim
As they play the plandemic game

Smiles no longer can be seen
Under the pretense of being clean
Everywhere blank people, emotionless
Even though they feel the stress

Many scientists and doctors speak out
‘Masking is nonsense,’ without a doubt
Silenced and censored by mainstream
Confusion reigns, as in a bad dream

Lack of oxygen, never good
Walking, running or just stood
Waste expelling from each breath
Can’t escape the mask of death

The immune system is compromised
Another truth the mainstream hides
Adding to the division and fear
They don’t care, evidently clear

If you’ve delved into more
Of what is going on, for sure
It’s not about a virus at all
But a plan for humanity to fall

Hundreds of years in the making
The elite rulers were all taking
Steps to bring a New World Order
Total control worldwide, no border

A conspiracy theory, most will say
Balderdash! There is no way
This could be real, it’s just fantasy
But open your mind, and you’ll see

Evidence now is so easy to find
Not everyone is good and kind
So much is being uncovered this year
By the hurricane of a virus fear

Why did mask rules come in so late?
How can they possibly so highly rate?
With no evidence or risk assessment
People acquiesce to their government

A symbol of silence and oppression
Enforcing a Satanic ritual lesson
Masking signals your consent
To be subservient, however meant

Silenced, no matter if you know
What the meaning is, they grow
Stronger as people hide in fear
Ritual behaviour they easily steer

Another ritual they have used
‘Taking the knee,’ people confused
Thinking they are doing good
The real meaning not understood

Giving away your Sovereign Power
Following their rules, you will cower
But it’s not too late to take a stand
And tear away your mask by hand

Logic and thinking for yourself
In full control of your own health
Common sense shows the way
Their nonsense rules: DO NOT OBEY!

Trina Graves – 11th November 2020

About This Poem

I write these not so ‘inspirational’ poems about our current events to share my truths (and many others) about what is going on under the pretense of a pandemic. If they make just one person question what is really going on and/or to think for themselves, then that is a successful poem to me. I also truly believe that this complete nonesense we are living in is about waking up as many people as possible to the control and manipulation, as we collectively move into a Higher Vibrational New Earth.

Mask Wearing In UK
The craziness continues with us now in our 3rd national lockdown. Our mainstream media report that those not wearing masks will now be given immediate fines of £200 by the police and they will also challenge anyone leaving their home to ensure it is for one of the few valid reasons.

I will continue to ignore their ‘rules’ and use my own common sense. By standing in my Sovereign Power and focusing on positivity, joy, love and light I know that I will always be in the right place at the right time, so will not encounter any confrontation.

However, I must admit that I now rarely go to the shops as I find it so disheartening to see so many people being manipulated, especially seeing the elderly struggling for breath. My mother (in her 80’s) finds it extremely difficult to shop wearing a mask, but wishes to be able to do things for herself for as long as possible. I have tried (many times) to inform her that even the government states you are excempt if it causes you distress, but she wears one because she doesn’t want to face any confrontation from other customers etc..

One People – One World
Everything is tied into what is going on in the US, and since the obvious false flag of the 6th January things are now ramping up. Censorship has dramatically stepped up with the President and all significant others who support him being deleted from all social media platforms. Regardless of anyone’s view of Trump, the fact that he (with his position in our world) can be so easily silenced by Big Tech should be a warning sign to everyone.

Conspiracy Theories
So very much has been going on that is not mentioned one little bit in the mainstream as they keep people focused on fear and rules to obey. However the time has now come that so called ‘Conspiracy theories’ are about to be revealed as truths to the world. It will be a very bumpy ride for many, so all who are able to remain calm and centred need to shine their Light brighter than ever before, as the darkness is revealed to the masses.


Masking The Truth - poem about mask wearing by Trina Graves - Spiritual Quotes To Live By
Pictures from Pixabay

Be Love, Seek Joy - Trina Graves, Spiritual Quotes To Live By

New Earth

Based on teachings of Kryon-Lee Carroll

In the 60’s to the 80’s
Compassion began to grow
More and more human beings
We’re letting it show

We’d evolved to a point
Where everything could change
All the doomsday prophecy
Became possible to re-arrange

‘The Harmonic Convergence’
An esoteric event in ‘87
Began the great shift
Also known as the 11:11

The vibration on Earth
Had raised enough to bring
An end to the old energy
A new one could begin

Our Higher-Selves were asked
Out of physical and linear time
Do you want to stay this way
Or, do you want to climb?

We could stay in the old energy
And live through its prophecy
Armegedden, an end to Earth
Foretold often, so clearly

Or, move to a new energy
Creative, yet unknown
A chance for Peace on Earth
Because we’d Spiritually grown

Old Souls would wake up first
Becoming Lighthouses on Earth
Their Light waking up others
To know their true inner worth

The answer of course was ‘YES!’
We wanted the new road
Knowing it would not be easy
With much negativity to unload

Terrible events had to play out
For the people to fully see
9/11, wars, pandemic
For the questioning of reality

The Galactic Alignment reached
Halfway, 2012 in December
A much hyped event
Winter Solstice, do you remember?

A turning point, to go Higher
In this 36 year alignment
1994 to 2030
Bringing to all astonishment

And now 8 years later
Winter Solstice 2020
A planetary alignment
Excitement, there is plenty!

As a year of revelations
Draws to an end
A signal from above
A message to send

Seen as the great star
Over 2,000 years ago
Remembrance in our Heart
Blossoms to Divinely glow

We are moving to New Earth
Everything changing everywhere
The lower energies can’t survive
With all the Divine Love we share

The Light is too bright
For them to hide away
Nothing can be hidden
They’ve no power to sway

The manipulation of us all
Throughout so many years
Kept us under control
Instilling malicious fears

Now we step into New Earth
And claim our Sovereign Power
We are Divine Creative Beings
Worldwide we reign our Light shower

Trina Graves – 18th December 2020

About This Poem

At the 2020 winter solstice we moved into the Age Of Aquarius, the age of Peace on Earth.

What has been playing out during 2020 and moving into 2021 has been about bringing the masses (as many as possible) to an awareness of the control and manipulation that has been dominating our world for many, many years. Now there is so much Light on planet Earth that the dark ones can no longer hide. We are here to create and witness the New Earth that will bring about a totally different world where love, light, beauty, peace and compassion will dominate.

I have several poems to add about ‘New Earth’ so this will be a new series, this poem was not the first one written, but is being posted first due to it being ‘about’ New Earth.


part of inspirational poem 'New Earth' by Trina Graves - Spiritual Quotes To Live By
Be Love, Seek Joy - Trina Graves, Spiritual Quotes To Live By

The Path

My Vision: 18th February 2019

It had been exactly a month
Since Jesus revealed to me
It was actually His presence
I’d visit, often by the sea

Not in the physical world
But in my own mind’s eye
For many years we’d met
Certainly time does fly!

Now I’d woken early
For no reason at all
So I thought I’d visit
Which place would I recall?

Beach, woods, church
Various places we’d met
Then I was on a path
The meaning clearly set

The path of my lifetime
With Jesus by my side
We turned to look back
Melding thoughts, my guide

I knew I could go back
And walk the same old ground
Freewill always to choose
No judgment to be found

But my intent to tread
Ever forward, learning more
Was the path I had chosen
So many years before

I then knew I could stay
Around the area we now were
Surrounded by such beauty
Not many changes would occur

Of course, this I rejected
Even though it gave comfort
Everything the same meant
I wasn’t likely to get hurt

Now looking straight ahead
I could see a different way
The path twisted and turned
So many directions to play

We walked onwards, further
To view a little more
Delightful sights to see
Many experiences to explore

At that moment I knew
I needed to elevate
This path wouldn’t allow
A Higher Vibrational rate

Instantly to my left
Was a staircase of stone
It looked beautifully ancient
Would I have to go alone?

Jesus went up a few steps
And stretched His hand out
Asking me to choose my path
With this I had no doubt!

Climbing, I counted the steps
Stopping at number ten
A wider platform to view
But I wanted to climb again

Onwards, another ten steps
Easier now to climb
We reached a Higher Plateau
With a different sense of time

Seemingly in the clouds
They parted so I could see
Many Spiritual Beings
I could now meet with freely

I then looked down below
To view my path of old
From this Higher Perspective
Much wisdom to behold

Different paths onwards
I could also now view
Where they would lead
If I chose to follow through

I now had the choice
On which level to be
Needing access to the lower
To be a Light for humanity

I could be in two places
The High and the low
Mind and Spirit elevated
While physically down below

Shining my Light and Love
To all those on our Earth
Dimensions combining
Showing truth of self-worth

On the Earth’s 3D level
Duality is very dense
Drama and negative aspects
Their grip is so intense

Positivity and the Light
Is always present somewhere
But it takes intentional choice
To be Awake and Aware

On the 5D level
Claiming pure Sovereignity
God within, ever showing
The future for all humanity

Trina Graves – 13th July 2020

About This Poem

So much has happened to change our world since this vision in February 2019, and even since writing the poem five months ago. If I were writing it now the ending would speak of how we are all now well on the path to our 5d world or New Earth.

I, and many others, believe there will be strong Light energies brought to Earth through the alignment of planets happening tomorrow, the 21st December Solstice.

Of course there will be many who are not ready to accept the Light to assist in raising their vibration, we always have freewill and we are all walking our own path at our own pace. But, there is a very great number, as never before, now ready, and even more will be awakening from and after this solstice.

I would like to point out that these ‘vision’ poems are written as personal to me because that is the way the vision is presented. However, I am well aware that they are also intended for everyone to view as a vision for themselves, if it resonates with them. Until 2019 I never intended to share these visions (apart from my first one Insight) but after it was shown to me who I was with, I was also guided to write most of these visions as poems to share.

The Path - inspirational poem by Trina Graves - Spiritual Quotes To Live By
Be Love, Seek Joy - Trina Graves quote - Spiritual Quotes To Live By

The Joy Of Christmas

Here are links to my Christmas poems and there will be some new ones posted soon.
Peace On Earth & The Everlasting Light, to me seem very relevant for this Christmas.

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The Original Christmas Gifts

Meeting A Friend

My Visions: 17th October 2014

This was one of my visits
That really made me smile
As in my mind I go to
See my Guide, once in a while

As I walked over to James
Who was stood by the sea
I realised my Mother
Was walking next to me

When my Mum saw James
She was elated, and ran
To embrace him, overjoyed
Not at all in my plan!

They obviously knew each other
Friends re-Uniting, so precious
I knew I was not needed
I walked on, no need for fuss

Seeing Rachael up ahead
I met with her to have a talk
Though nothing I remember
Just that we had a walk

Mum and James hugged goodbye
We’d go home together, I thought
But then my Dad appeared
More amusement to me brought

Linking arms, happily chatting
Oblivious to me being there
Home they went joyously
An odd vision, to share?

At the time, I just thought
This is strange and amusing
I didn’t even talk to James
No meaning, did it bring

But still, I wrote it down
I’d been told to keep track
It would be just over four years
Until I needed it brought back

In a revelation early this year
Jesus showed Himself as James
Feeling unworthy, I had doubts
Not just about the names

This odd vision came to me
As a confirmation I needed
Along with others, all in the past
Divine Timing evidence seeded

It’s well known to view Jesus
As a Loving, Faithful friend
But the significance to me
Aided my acceptance to mend

Jesus was indeed a Loving part
Of my Mothers life-long past
She’d felt and seen His Presence
An impact to truly last

The overjoyment, ecstasy
Was for no ordinary friend
Now I truly understand
Everything’s a Divine Blend

Trina Graves – 19th November 2019

About This Poem

Not much to say about this one really.
However, If you would like to know more about this story, then my poems that link to it are: Insight – about my first ‘visit.’ Why I wrote this strange vision down even though I thought it didn’t mean anything is covered in My Catalyst. And, James revealing himself as Jesus is what my poem A Birthday Revelation is all about.

Meeting A Friend - by Trina Graves - Spiritual Quotes To Live By

Getting Into The Joy Of Christmas

This year it is more important than ever before for those of us who celebrate Christmas to lift our hearts. I believe we are heading for a wonderful change to our Earth, but how easy it will be for everyone depends on their vibration. So being loving and joyous is key!

I haven’t written any new poems for Christmas (yet!), but there are many previously written.

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The Original Christmas Gifts

2020: A to Z

Awakening the masses is the goal
By opening the people’s eyes to the lies and control
Covid-19 the cabals plot to seize totalitarian world power
Devastation and death worldwide to make humanity cower
Evolution of consciousness enabled a change for all Earth
Flipping the coin to bring Higher Awareness of self-worth
God is within every single Soul
Heaven on Earth now an attainable goal
Illuminate, cabal, the 1%, elite or deepstate
Jeopardized humanity with division and hate
Knowledge is now being uncovered everywhere
Learning the truth as many whistleblowers share
Mainstream media has always been controlled, it’s fake news
Now the people can discern and choose
Opening their minds to what’s now playing out
Politics, pedophilia worldwide the focus, without a doubt
Q a guidance to seek truth, questioning always
Reality is changing so fast through these days
Spiritual warfare is what’s really going on
Trump the front man, the evil couldn’t con
Underground tunnels, the deepest of shock
Vaccines, Hollywood, corrupted systems, all a hard knock
Waking the world to overwhelming debauchery
X-rated, be careful, discern what you see
Yet out of this we will clean up and heal centuries of hurt
Zealous for change, we must rise up United to clear all the dirt

Trina Graves – 21st August 2020

About This Poem

I have had this poem ‘ready to go’ for many weeks, but the timing never seemed right!

Since the ‘virus’ began there has been an increase in people Awakening by having their lives changed with all the restrictions to everyday life. Some evidence trickles into mainstream of the corruption that has been going on for such a very long time, but the majority is highly censored. So far it is mainly those who have questioned the confusing and often nonsense narrative that have Awakened, but now as things progress the numbers will rise greatly!

Centre stage is America, but it involves the whole world. The elite (illuminati, cabal, deep state) are being taken down. It has nothing to do with politics and government (although they are one of the tools used by them) it is about good vs evil.

We are certainly going through a very crazy time! And I know that some reading this poem will not like the line about Donald Trump. Before this year, I never had any interest whatsoever in politcs, especially once I learned of the Illuminati, it confirmed my intuition that the idea of different parties was false. Before this whole virus thing started, I had heard of the great negativity towards Trump and thought there must be some truth to it as it was so overwhelming. However, what got my attention was his continual stating that the mainstream media was ‘fake news.’ This I knew was a ‘truth,’ so it made me question the perception of him and to learn more.

Knowing nothing in the mainstream could be trusted, I watched his speeches, read some of his executive orders and listened to other sources. One of the first things I was surprised to learn was that he does not take a salary from being President, but donates it to charity. Certainly an indication that he is not in his position to make money. He is also the first President in a very long time to not go to war ANYWHERE in the world.

From my own research, listening to Spiritual channellers I trust, and looking within, I do believe that Trump was brought in to be the front man in bringing about the ‘Great Awakening’ and to ‘Drain The Swamp.’ He is not perfect, he is human and we all make mistakes, but I believe he is on the side of the Light, especially with all he has done towards stopping human (and especially child) trafficking. The Dark and all their satanic evil deeds are being uncovered for us all to be aware of what has been going on for hundreds of years.

This is NOT about politics, there are good and bad on BOTH sides. It is about good vs evil, light vs dark, freedom vs control. A Spiritual war.

The US Election
As you can see, this poem was written in August, if it was more recent I am sure the American election would have been included!

I believe this whole fiasco is about bringing out the truth of how elections have ALWAYS been manipulated, it is not just about this one, and not only about America. However, the level of fraud and corruption for the 2020 election is the worst it has ever been. The evidence has been available to everyone who has taken the time to watch the live hearings, but is totally denied by mainstream news as they push their false narrative. Time will tell.

This manipulation of the election and how mainstream media worldwide have colluded. will not only bring the downfall of the corrupt, but will Awaken many more ordinary people who are still unaware of what has really been going on. Then, more and more will be made public of the terrible crimes carried out by those who have been following the evil agenda.

Underground Tunnels/DUMBS
Throughout these past months I have hoped and prayed that what I heard of the deep underground tunnels is disinformation, because if it does prove to be truth it will cause the deepest of shock and overwhelming sadness to humanity. I was unsure of whether to mention it in this A to Z, but the words flowed so it was included. Although at the moment there is no hard physical evidence about the tunnels, there is certainly enough evidence showing that child trafficking and pedophillia are not only big business, but have been VASTLY covered up worldwide by police, courts, charities, social services, mainstream media, film & music industries etc..

The Light Has Won!
I had thought the plan of bringing down the Cabal would be in the mainstream months ago, but as time progresses it’s easier to see how everything is happening s-l-o-w-l-y to allow the Awakening of more people worldwide. However, it will very soon come to a point where the remaining masses will be red pilled.

The good news is that the Light has already won, we are just living through the story of what the dark had intended for us being made available to those who believed everything fed to them through the ‘news,’ and all of the systems of the world, were the truth.

New Earth
We are Blessed by being here on planet Earth at this auspicious time, to witness and be a part of the raising of vibration to enable a New Earth to be manifested.


I AM the Love
I Am the Light
I Am the Truth
I Am the Joy
I Am

2020 A to Z - poem by Trina Graves - Spiritual Quotes To Live By
Be Love, Seek Joy - Trina Graves quote - Spiritual Quotes To Live By

2020: Apex Of Duality

Right now keeping positive, as much as possible, is a priority for everyone. Being stressed suppresses the immune system, and with the revelations that are now coming forth it will be very easy to caught up in the high drama of it all. With this in mind, I have compiled a page of links to my poems that are relevant at this time:

About the pandemic
Affirmations to keep focused on God within
LightWorker poems
Wisdom for 2020
Sympathy poems for comfort 

No Limits

My Visions: 9th October 2015

Only two days had gone by
When I felt the urge to try
Another visit in my mind
To my guide, Lovingly kind

We were high up, overlooking the sea
I thanked James for guiding me
Gratitude for his compassionate care
Knowing his presence is always there

We then transported to a wood
Surrounded by nature, we stood
Taking in the beauty and sound
Trees, birds and flowers all around

James then made me aware
That I was not really there
Still at the beach, in my head
And in my body, laying in bed

Hearing the ticking of my clock
Simultaneous with waves on a rock
Birds tweeted around the wood’s stream
Blended together, what did this mean?

The next moment I was a child
A girl playing outside, running wild
Then an adult man, I became
Was I one-and-the-same?

Immediately I was an old lady dying
I felt the release, no more trying
I flowed to the Love, All-Encompassing
Remembering the Joy it did bring

These experiences passed in a blink
Giving me no time to stop and think
I just knew James was showing me
There are No Limits to ‘Be’

I made some notes in my journal
Knowing this guidance was eternal
On Time and dimensional sight
Divine perspective shows the Light

This visit, very strange and odd
Different from all others, I’d trod
And now four years have passed
I understand it better, at last

For time is not linear at all
It’s just how us humans can recall
And live in Earth’s dense duality
Limiting our pure Divinity

But in the New Energies now pour
And if you have unlocked your door
To allow your Awakening to begin
Your Divinity will start to sing

Trina Graves – 14th January 2020

About This Poem

This was certainly the most extra-ordinary of all my vision/visualizations.. (so far!) It happened very quickly and I didn’t really think much of it at that time, five years ago, but thank goodness I did write it down.

As you can see, I wrote the poem at the beginning of this year, a little before the craziness began. I believe the last two verse are very relevant to this, never before, time we are in. The ‘New Energies’ that have enabled us to reach enough of a Higher Vibration to change our world for the better, have this year amped up, and as each day passes more and more people are Awakening.

Many channellers speak of their complete certainity that we have already ‘won’ the battle of dark vs Light in non-linear time, we just have to keep on keeping on to reach this momentous point when the New Day will dawn where Peace, Love, Compassion, Truth, Light and Joy will be the focus of the greatest majority of humanity.


No Limits - inspirational poem by Trina Graves - Spiritual Quotes To Live By
Be Love, Seek Joy - Trina Graves quote - Spiritual Quotes To Live By

2020: Apex Of Duality

Right now keeping positive, as much as possible, is a priority for everyone. Being stressed suppresses the immune system, and with the revelations that are now coming forth it will be very easy to caught up in the high drama of it all. With this in mind, I have compiled a page of links to my poems that are relevant at this time:

About the pandemic
Affirmations to keep focused on God within
LightWorker poems
Wisdom for 2020
Sympathy poems for comfort 

There is also a slideshow of some of the poems with quotes from others too.

That’s Not For Me… I Choose

That’s not for me! I choose…

To follow my own intuition
My Divine inner-knowing
Switching off mainstream media
Fearful propaganda’s all they’re showing

That’s not for me! I choose…

To see the funny side
Of their rules of confusion
An open mind can see
It’s all an illusion

That’s not for me! I choose…

To use basic hygiene
Living a life of health and joy
Knowing I need some microbes
For my immune system to employ

That’s not for me! I choose…

Fresh clean air
Intoxicating, giving life
Deeply I inhale
And let go of all this strife

That’s not for me! I choose…

No separation from family
Or friends new and old
Hugging, kissing, togetherness
Ever warmth, never cold

That’s not for me! I choose…

Freedom from tyranny
I will not acquiesce
I Am a Sovereign Being
From this chaos I digress

That’s not for me! I choose…

Not to take part
In any manipulation
Truth reigns supreme
And is my Salvation

That’s not for me! I choose…

To use my integrity
And conscious intellect
My Divine intuition
Is the guidance I select

That’s not for me! I choose…

My innate power
My immunity, strong and intense
With thanks I acknowledge
I need no other defense

That’s not for me! I choose…

Control over all of my life
Mind, body and Soul
I choose to be free
No matter others goal

That’s not for me! I choose…
The old roots embedded in Earth
Are being pulled, clearing the way
Many races, all brothers and sisters
We are all ONE echoes today

That’s not for me! I choose…

To use my discernment
Is this truth or more conjured duality
I see through the Eyes of Source
And envision a Higher reality

That’s not for me! I choose…

A Higher Vibrational Earth
Peace, Love, Compassion, Light
In Unity Consciousness
Together we’ll do what is right

Trina Graves – 18th August 2020

About This Poem

I keep a notebook to jot down any titles and/or themes for poems to write. Sometimes it’s a quote I come across, but more often it’s a thought that comes at different times, often upon waking. This title I noted last year and I thought – when I got the urge to write it – it would be about some common negative aspects of everyday life and affirming to choose a Higher Perspective.

Wanting to write another 2020 relevant poem on 18th August, I read through my many ideas and this one truly stood out to be the one. There was no shortage of ‘aspects’ to use, and even now (a month and a half later) I could add more, as in the UK we have been given ridiculous rules such as no more than 6 people being together, indoors or out! I’m also aware that there will no doubt be more to come worldwide as we are now in the last quarter of this crazy year!

Apart from the fact that the very greatest majority of what we are told does not make any sense, there is such an abundance of evidence available (for anyone who takes the time to look) to show that this condition that has caused worldwide lockdowns and the stripping away of our freedoms is a complete lie.

However, I do believe it is a smokescreen to cover a global cleanup that will eventually become known to all people and take us to a New Earth of Love, Light, Peace, Compassion and tremendous Joy.


That's Not For Me! I Choose - inspirational poem about control during 2020 plandemic, by Trina Graves - Spiritual Quotes To Live By
Be Love, Seek Joy - Trina Graves quote - Spiritual Quotes To Live By

2020: Apex Of Duality

Right now keeping positive, as much as possible, is a priority for everyone. Being stressed suppresses the immune system, and with the revelations that are now coming forth it will be very easy to caught up in the high drama of it all. With this in mind, I have compiled a page of links to my poems that are relevant at this time:

About the pandemic
Affirmations to keep focused on God within
LightWorker poems
Wisdom for 2020
Sympathy poems for comfort 

There is also a slideshow of some of the poems with quotes from others too.

The Garden

The garden is created
Beautiful in simplicity
With the purest of flowers
And a baby, sapling tree

The temporary gardeners
Nurture with great care
Developing the garden
With the love they share

But busy with life
Tasks to do, no end
Some weeds will grow
They can’t always tend

The tree is always growing
Rooting deep in the Earth
It’s core strength develops
To branch out in self-worth

Seasons come and go
Years pass quickly by
The gardeners relinquish
For the owner to try

With supervision at first
The owner will learn
Where to place attention
And what is of concern

Much advice is given
And many seeds added too
By visitors to the garden
As they walk through

Tended often, or not at all
The garden will always grow
Flowers planted or self-seeded
Some develop fast, others slow

Most owners don’t weed at all
For many, many years
Until they come to realize
It’s developed all their fears

Venturing into their garden
Overgrown, some parts dense
Thistles, vines, thorns, weeds
The scale of the task.. immense!

Pulling on one single vine
Can reach far and wide
It was strangling many plants
They would have all died

An abundance of thistles
Prickly bushes causing injury
Overpowering all simple flowers
No light of day could they see

Starting in a corner
Pulling weeds, just a few
Brings a sense of relief
Clarity begins to seep through

Working in the garden
Clearing, no longer a chore
The owner now perceives
Simple beauty known before

Maybe clearing a path
Adding a seat in the sun
Enjoying the peace
Meditation begun

Opening the garden
To the Spiritual Reality
Communion with God
Ever there to simply be

Trina Graves – 18th August 2020

About This Poem

Although this poem was never intended to be about this year, I do feel that it is relevant as we have all had – and are still having – time to ‘tend our gardens’ in the physical, mental and spiritual aspects, with the shutting down of our old way of life.

Many of my poems have been about, or mention, how a baby and child are shaped by the experiences and vibrations that surround them in the vitally important first seven years. ( Assimilation )

How our lives are shaped from our childhood was one of my first interests as I began my Spiritual path, and it has continued to be an important aspect for me to write on. As I am sure many older people would agree, – if I knew then (when I had young children to nurture) what I know now, I would certainly have done many things differently.

So, now I share my words in the hope that they will fall into the hands of any parents to ponder, and maybe make some changes that will enrich their children’s lives, and their own in the process.

I believe it is also important to know that it is never too late to tend to our own gardens, clearing away the weeds that have developed over the years. And, remember that the sweetest fragrance comes for the flowers of forgiveness, gratitude and love. Our parents (or caregivers) were tending our early gardens with the seeds sown in their own gardens.


The Garden - inspirational poem by Trina Graves - Spiritual Quotes To Live By
Joey (2013)
Be Love, Seek Joy - Trina Graves quote - Spiritual Quotes To Live By

2020: Apex Of Duality

Right now keeping positive, as much as possible, is a priority for everyone. Being stressed suppresses the immune system, and with the revelations that are now coming forth it will be very easy to caught up in the high drama of it all. With this in mind, I have compiled a page of links to my poems that are relevant at this time:

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There is also a slideshow of some of the poems with quotes from others too.

2020: The PLANdemic

Global history in the making
2020 the pinnacle year
As the plan to enslave man
Flooded our world with excessive fear

Future generations will be amazed
At how we could ever really believe
So many lies and controlling manipulation
The Cabal were easily able to achieve

The truth was always evident
For those who chose to take a look
‘Event 201,’ only weeks before
Showed the action that they took

The narrative was fully controlled
Nations following China’s guidelines
Locking-down the majority of people
Non-compliers arrest and issue fines

Manipulating all the figures
Perpetuating hysterical fear
Photos, films and the stories
The media’s part so vitally clear

Crippling all small business
To enable a future where
The majority rely on the state
To live, self-employment rare

The end of 2019 and onwards
Hundreds of CEO’s resigned
From worldwide corporations
The plan began to unwind

But those with an open mind
Questioned what they were told
And so began the search
For the truth to unfold

Finding media footage
Faked, staged, untrue
Then ‘Film Your Hospital’
Worldwide whistles blew!

Hospitals depicted as ‘war zones’
Were deserted, quiet, empty
Filmed and put on YouTube
Confirming comments were plenty

Even nurses and doctors said
They had no work to do
Especially with operations cancelled
More and more were furloughed too

Officially not able to talk
But the evidence clear to see
An abundance of videos
Brought shocking clarity

Nurses and doctors dancing
In routines, synchronized
Through their empty wards
Their reality materialized

Many doctors and scientists
Disagree with the narrative
Lockdown makes no sense
Different evidence they give

Death certificates being changed
And some without there being tests
Instructed to make Covid-19 the cause
No matter where the actual truth rests

Because of ‘war zone’ hospitals
DNR’s were pushed on the elderly
Left alone to die in homes
Not even a doctor did they see

David Icke, one man
No longer being ridiculed
For thirty years a harbringer
In truth he is fully fuelled

And so instructions came
There must be censorship
Only one side to be heard
They were loosing their grip

Censorship brought more Light
To what he has to say
Over a million watched to learn
From a livestream on 3rd May

With so many Awakening
To see we have been ruled
Our entire lives manipulated
We will no longer be fooled

By following the money
Seeking who calls the shots
In this global plandemic
Of nonsense there is lots!

Not a doctor or scientist
Gates holding the sway
His solution long since planned
For the sheeple to obey

Vaccinate and microchip
Under the pretense of the virus
Sleeping minds will comply
To get through the fear and fuss

So much is being uncovered
Many in position now to bring
A great clearing of the swamp
We’ve all been living in

Now is the time
Now is the hour
For the people of Earth
To claim their Power

The 1% who control
Will so easily fall
As the 99% Unite
To heed their Hearts call

Trina Graves – May 2020

About This Poem

Some of this poem began as part of another one – 2020 Vision: First Quarter – but I thought it needed to be separate. More was added over the following weeks, which is why it just has a date of May 2020. 

Due to it not really being ‘inspirational,’ I was hesitant to share it. However, lately I have written more poems about the ‘Plandemic,’ so I thought I should put this one out first as it was written near the beginning of this crazyiness we are all living through.


Now is the time, now is the hour, for the people of Earth, to claim their power - quote from poem '2020 Plandemic by Trina Graves - Spiritual Quotes To Live By
Be Love, Seek Joy - Trina Graves quote - Spiritual Quotes To Live By

2020: Apex Of Duality

Right now keeping positive, as much as possible, is a priority for everyone. Being stressed suppresses the immune system, and with the revelations that are now coming forth it will be very easy to caught up in the high drama of it all. With this in mind, I have compiled a page of links to my poems that are relevant at this time:

About the pandemic
Affirmations to keep focused on God within
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There is also a slideshow of some of the poems with quotes from others too. 

The I Am Prayer

Affirming The Classics: The Lord’s Prayer

All-That-Is, God, The I AM Energy,
Known by many names: All One Source…
Omniscient, Omnipotent, Omnipresent.
Physical and non-physical dimensions are United in Oneness.

I Am thankful for the abundance You eternally provide.
I Am thankful for Your gift of freewill to choose my own way.
I Am choosing to be open-Hearted to Your Presence and guidance.
I Am living the way of: Love, Light, Peace, Compassion, Forgiveness and Joy.

I Am a particle of You, as we all are.
I Am in Your Kingdom, respectfully alongside many other forms of life.
I Am Your Love and Light.
I Am consistently radiating this to wherever it is needed.

I Am United in Your Power and Glory, in this life, and throughout Eternity.
I Am Blessed and Divine.
I Bless and acknowledge the Divinity in all things.

I Am Joyous as each moment unfolds to bring the Highest Good for the All,
In Eternal Oneness.

Trina Graves – 28th March 2019

About This Prayer

For my ‘Affirming The Classics’ series of poems I wanted to bring old well-known poems and hymns up-to-date by using more positive wording and turning them into affirmations.

One of these was The Lord’s Prayer: In Oneness, but after writing it I knew I needed to do another version not so literally based on the original. Knowing that the words ‘I AM’ powerfully pronounce the presence of God Within, I knew this would be the basis of my alternative version.

I posted the first one just over a year ago and have wondered many times why this one has never seemed to ‘ready’ to post. However, now I am much more aware of Diving Timing, I knew one day the ‘time’ would be right.

Since writing this prayer our entire world has changed. Many more people are now coming to the awareness that what is happening around our planet is nothing to do with a ‘virus,’ but about the uncovering of the devastating corruption and truly evil things that have been kept hidden from the masses for so very long. It is because of our raising vibration that this is happening, the darkness can no longer hide. But as more of this depravity comes into our awareness I believe it is important to continually acknowledge and proclaim our own truth of God Within and our intention to follow the path of Love and Light.


The I Am Prayer by Trina Graves - Spiritual Quotes To Live By

Omniscient = knowing everything
Omnipotent = having absolute power
Omnipresent = present everywhere at the same time

Be Love, Seek Joy - Trina Graves, Spiritual Quotes To Live By

2020: Apex Of Duality

Right now keeping positive, as much as possible, is a priority for everyone. Being stressed suppresses the immune system, and with the revelations that are now coming forth it will be very easy to caught up in the high drama of it all. With this in mind, I have compiled a page of links to my poems that are relevant at this time:

About the pandemic
Affirmations to keep focused on God within
LightWorker poems
Wisdom for 2020
Sympathy poems for comfort 

My Catalyst

Messages From Mediums
Spiritualist Church, Witney – 29th May 1994

I’d been only a few times before
With each, I’d enjoyed it more
First spoken to, at the last one
My Spirit messages had begun

Now the medium was named Caycee
My mother was there too, beside me
“The name Williams can anyone take?”
But the surname link we failed to make

No one accepted, she let it go
Then came to me, with evidence to show
“I have a man who is here for you
With terrible breathing problems too”

As she stood leaning over the table
With no doubt, I was easily able
To see the exact position he was in
Just to be able to continue breathing

Caycee described well his personality
“Direct and forcefull,” is what you see
On the outside a very hard shell
But soft inside, I’d come to know well

My oldest uncle, stern and tall
As a child I didn’t know at all
Of his gentler and softer side
From his aloofness I would hide

In a male dominated world
His own life had uncurled
Brothers, and sons of three
I felt no closeness to me

Grown and on my special day
He had something new to say
“You can now have a kiss”
My wedding, I, no longer a Miss

A very successful business man
Working hard was his plan
Knicknamed Mr Unipart
He was known by many a heart

A sign of the times was his way
Smoking many cigarettes every day
Eventually developing terrible disease
His life no longer was a breeze

Leaving work, he would often spend
Days with me and guidance lend
In a home-office with my Dad
Family business, where fun was had

I got to know of his love of family
Not often shown at all physically
The old ways, men were kept apart
Told it’s a weakness showing heart

His health deteriorated rather fast
He died at home, peaceful at last
After struggling so hard for breath
He was ready to move on to death

At his funeral two poems were shared
In my life a turning point declared
From that moment on I began to seek
My Spiritual path, individual, unique

Now just over two years gone by
It was him no doubt, I couldn’t deny
His words for me would deeply instil
To set my course, opening up a skill

“Write everything down, keep it sorted
Business-like, evidence reported
Someday in your future you will need
Your written words… you will succeed”

Then my mum was spoken to
His sense of humour shining through
More evidence for us plain to see
He had visited her home clearly

“You have home improvements going on”
(A bathroom conversion, he was not wrong)
“I’ve had a laugh, as I check and look
Perhaps another builder you should book”

That’s not funny, you might say
Unless you know of our family way
My Dad employed my brothers and me
In his Builders and Decorators: G & G

With the strong evidence so overwhelming
I heeded the advice and started to bring
Notes together, writing more when I could
Being sorted I enjoyed and understood

Three years later, writing a new baby card
Words flowed so easily, it wasn’t hard
But not intended when I sat to write
For my first grandchild, a pure delight

I never gave the poem, putting it away
Now I know I began my truth that day
Over the years many more would flow
As my Spiritual calling began to grow

Wisdom kept from living family life
Ups and downs, calmness and strife
Daughter, Wife, Mother, Grandmother too
Different perspectives I’ve gone through

Always seeking the Spiritual side
On this journey I loved to ride
In 99’ a vision came to me
So I wrote notes down, clearly

Over the years many visions I wrote
As my imagination would drift, float
In 2016 I was guided to write and share
‘Insight,’ my first experience, becoming Aware

I thought that would be the only one
My visions not relevant for everyone
Three years later a reveal for me
Of who I was meeting by the sea

Given a new meaning of ‘Footprints’
I also began to see the many hints
All culminating to show me my way
My visions I was meant to display

New and old ones I began to write
With my notes to get them right
What I thought personal to me
Blogging, others inspired to see

Divine Timing has played a part
As I share what’s in my heart
Posting my poems randomly
Others find meaning so clearly

Ken Williams, my uncle by birth
I spent not much time with on Earth
Now the grand part that he played
I now easily see, the path we laid

Hidden depths of family love
Messages from his Spirit above
“Write everything down,” he wisely told
Now worth more to me than pure gold

I Bless and thank him abundantly
His presence in my life, I now see
As a catalyst bringing me to be Aware
Of my true path I came here to share

Trina Graves – 6th June 2020

About This Poem

Reflecting back on our lives it can be so interesting to see those people who might not have been a large part of our life, but who had an immense impact.

My Uncle Ken had not been in my life very much really compared to others. And I should point out that he was not a religious man, I don’t even know what his beliefs were. So it’s quite strange that it was at his funeral that my Spiritual Path definitely began! As I mention in my poem, at his funeral two sympathy poems were handed around, these were ‘Death Is Nothing At All’ by Henry Scott Holland and ‘I Am Standing On The Seashore’ by Luther F. Beecher. I was fascinated by these, and from then onwards I began to collect inspirational quotes and poems. I was particularly drawn to sympathy poems and found many of them to be uplifing.

From this simple start I began to look for more than just novels when I went to the library (pre-internet days!) I can now clearly see how the Law Of Attraction or synchronicity began to bring me the perfect books to learn more!

I’d known of the Christian Spiritualist Churches as my mother and some of her siblings had gone to services when I was younger. As mentioned, this was my second visit. I only went to services for a few years, not regularly, but this was the strongest evidence I ever received, at church, for continuation of life after death. The physical and character description were undeniable and over time the advice proved to be a very important part of my life.


A few days ago, I worked out my uncles birth number, and was very pleasantly surprised that it is a three, which actually means ‘a catalyst!’ Amazing!!! I then worked out his number for the day he died, an eleven, which is a special number that is not reduced down to a single digit, it means illumination and enlightenment.
Born 31st August 1935 (3+1+8+1+9+3+5 = 30 3+0=3)
Died 25th January 1992 (2+5+1+1+9+9+2 = 29 2+9=11)
I’m now wondering if I was not the only one he was a catalyst for as these are such powerful numbers to have together!

31st August is also the day that Princess Diana died in 1997, also an eleven for illumination and enlightenment.(3+1+8+1+9+9+7 = 38 3+8 =11)
I truly believe Diana was murdered, her death truly shocked the world and I am sure led many people to begin to question so much of what we are told is the ‘truth.’ It certainly opened my eyes!


part of poem 'My Catalyst' by Trina Graves - Spiritual Quotes To Live By

Never Mind What Is

Title Quote: Abraham-Hicks

Never mind what is…
It’s your thoughts that create what’s true
Never mind what is…
Just focus on the new you

Never mind what is…
It’s all in the past
Never mind what is…
None of this will last

Never mind what is…
Each moment is a new beginning
Never mind what is…
So much joy, Law Of Attraction is bringing

Never mind what is…
Your thoughts create your reality
Never mind what is…
In your mind you can clearly see

Never mind what is…
Everything you desire is heading your way
Never mind what is…
Your Vortex is the place to stay

Trina Graves – 12th May 2011
Updated version below

About This Poem

I have had this older poem in my drafts to add since I first started this blog. In October last year I wrote the following in preparation to post this poem…

For many years I listened to a great deal of Abraham-Hicks, and read their books. I learnt so much, and the teachings changed my whole attitude to life. However, this year (2019) I have hardly listened to them at all! It was always my way to uplift, but I have only just realised that I haven’t needed the upliftment.  This year has certainly flown by, and I find it hard to believe that we only have just over two months until will enter the ending of this decade and step into the 2020’s. In the past, whenever I thought of the 20’s it always seemed so futuristic, and as though we would be in a different world!

The basis of the ‘Never Mind What Is’ that Abraham teaches, is because what we are seeing and experiencing around us – at any time – is what we previously vibrated, therefore the only point of time that really matters is NOW. 

If we change how we are feeling in the NOW,
then we will attract and create a different future experience.

I feel that as we move into the next decade we will also be stepping into a newer energy and the relevance of this quote could change as our manifestation power speeds up and we start to create more in the NOW. 

I have added the bold and underline to the sentence as in the light of events around the world this year, this poem takes on so much more meaning. I have also now added a little more to the poem below…

2020: Never Mind What Is

Never mind what is… going on around our world
It’s your thoughts that create what’s true
Never mind what is… or is not going to happen
Just focus on the new you

Never mind what is… spreading ‘virally’
It’s all in the past
Never mind what is… change is a part of life
None of this will last

Never mind what is…  you have all the power
Each moment is a new beginning
Never mind what is… by your focus
So much joy, Law Of Attraction is bringing

Never mind what is… shown by the media
Your thoughts create your reality
Never mind what is… truth or fiction
In your mind you can clearly see

Never mind what is… by your Divine Power
Everything you desire is heading your way
Never mind what is… to receive abundant goodness
Your Vortex is the place to stay

For those who are not familiar with Abraham-Hicks, the Vortex refers to being in a state of optimism, joy, love, light, or (in other words) alignment with your Higher-Self/God Source.

If we change how we are feeling in the NOW,
then we will attract and create
a different future experience.

Over the past months with so much of the world being in varies stages of lockdown it has been the perfect opportunity to reflect and seek our true self. Many more people have now come to the realization that so much of the way of life we have lived, without questioning, has not been for the highest good of all humanity and our beautiful planet.

Slowly, but surely, more of the masses are Awakening to understand how the few have ruled over the many. As each week passes and more confusing and nonsensical rules are given, it is becoming clearer that this whole Covid threat is nothing about a virus, but so much more about control.

However, we hold the true power as there as so few of them! So let’s all use our Divine Power to focus on bringing forth a New Earth of Love, Light, Compassion, Joy, Peace and Beauty.


This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is 2020-never-mind-what-is.jpg

2020: Apex Of Duality

Right now keeping positive, as much as possible, is a priority for everyone. Being stressed suppresses the immune system, and with the revelations that are now coming forth it will be very easy to caught up in the high drama of it all. With this in mind, I have compiled a page of links to my poems that are relevant at this time:

About the pandemic
Affirmations to keep focused on God within
LightWorker poems
Wisdom for 2020
Sympathy poems for comfort 

There is also a slideshow of some of the poems with quotes from others too. 

Divine Timing

Our physical lives are linear
Is evidently, plainly true
With many stages of our growth
Counting years all the way through

Baby, child, teen, adult
Some years fast, some are slow
Always in a set linear pattern
Is the physical life we know

But we are not just physical
It’s not even our primary part
Our bodies are just the vehicle
We have lived in from our start

Our true self is our Soul
Here to experience duality
A Magnificent Spiritual Presence
That on Earth is hard to see

Over millennia Masters have come
To live a life, showing the way
Love, Compassion, God within
Heart of Light, human feet of clay

Walking the Earth can be hard
If we know not of the Light
Our Core inside, a part of God
Brings definition, clarity of sight

Opening up to God within
Begins the journey we came for
At this momentous time on Earth
Greater numbers, as never before

Many lifetimes paving the way
Leading to this time and place
Souls of God, here to witness
The evolution of the human race

As a species we’ve grown up
Enough in numbers to herald change
The mass Awakening to the evidence
‘We are Spirit first,’ is no longer strange

Surrendering to God within
Allowing Spirit to guide our way
Synchronicity flows consistently
Love, Light and Joy fills every day

Understanding of our present life
Becomes much easier to reflect
What we’ve learned from it all
Honing our Spiritual Intellect

Diving Timing shows it’s hand
The game of life is not linear
Perception now to read the rules
The fun to have becomes so clear

Seeds are always being planted
As we grow throughout our years
Unlike nature, there’s no season
In Divine Time the flower appears

Trina Graves – 11th March 2020

About This Poem

When I sat to write this poem my aim was to write about Divine Timing, but when I’d finished it was not the poem I intended, so I saved it and never gave it a name. It was also written before the current events really ‘hit’ the UK and my awareness, as for many years I have not watched or listened to any mainstream media.

At the beginning of April I wrote several poems regarding the pandemic and as I like to keep my poems in order by mid-April I thought I’d better take a look at this one and either delete it (as I remembered it didn’t seem to make much sense) or name it. Obviously, I kept it and realised it did fit the original intention, just not in the way I thought it should then…. Divine Timing?!!! 

Over the past year or so I have mentioned Divine Timing many, many times in my ‘About This Poem’ sections and in some of my poems. My original intention with this poem was to write about how my perceptions have changed as I now understand how seeds planted many, many years ago are now flowering just as much as those planted in recent times, or even daily!

When I wrote this I knew we are in the time of the Awakening and that we had stepped up our process of uncovering the darkness that has overshadowed our Earth for countless years. I knew there were going to be revelations that would shock the world, but I certainly never knew to what extent it would shock me too! For many years I have never focused on anything negative as I know of the Law Of Attraction, so I was unsure when my poems began to have negative aspects in them. But, I believe I am guided in my writing so I had to follow through.

As we have gone through recent months I have realised how so much of what I learned years ago (and thought there was not a lot could be done about it) is now so relevant to today’s world. And recent Divine Timing/Synchroniciteies have shown me that I needed to learn more of what is going on to get over the initial shock so that I can write more in the days ahead. 

I know there are millions of people worldwide who are Awake and Aware of much of what is going on, and each day more people are questioning the mainstream media as so much does not make sense in what they portray. We are in the Divine Timing of the GREAT AWAKENING and in Divine Timing the masses will hear their own ‘Alarm Bell’ and WAKE UP!


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2020: Apex Of Duality

Right now keeping positive, as much as possible, is a priority for everyone. Being stressed suppresses the immune system, and with the revelations that are now coming forth it will be very easy to caught up in the high drama of it all. With this in mind, I have compiled a page of links to my poems that are relevant at this time:

About the pandemic
Affirmations to keep focused on God within
LightWorker poems
Wisdom for 2020
Sympathy poems for comfort 

There is also a slideshow of some of the poems with quotes from others too. 

The Answers Are Within

My Visions: 7th October 2015

For many years I’ve visualized
Meeting my guide on a beach
Or some other beautiful place
My imagination would reach

Almost always I would start
In a room made in my mind
And then I’d go outside
To see what I would find

This day the room seemed stale
So I opened the doors to fresh air
Feeling the need to clear and clean
Instantly, with imaginations flair

The room now spick-and-span
I thought I’d venture outside
To meet James on the beach
Instead, on the bed I lie..d

Thinking, this was strange
Why didn’t I want to go?
Then, in the door came James
But, he didn’t say “Hello”

He just stood there, looking sad
Despondent, staring ahead
Oblivious to my presence
Now sitting up, on the bed

‘Oh no! Has someone died’
My first thought came to me
Immediately I knew, not so
For he would react differently

With no such thing as ‘death’
He wouldn’t be showing concern
It dawned on me, the truth
Of what I’d visited to learn

His despondency was for me
Not living the life we’d planned
Years ago before my birth
In another dimensional land

I knew that I was right
Because he came over to sit
But, still no acknowledgment
Unusually odd!… just a bit!

Questions flooded my mind
I wanted all the answers for
The direction of my life
‘Please, help me… I implore’

Still not looking at me
Staring ahead into space
Then as I reached the truth
A smile embraced his face

I have the answers myself
By using my own Inner-Knowing
Following my Loves and Joys
My path is ever-glowing

Smiling, looking at each other
I felt his compassionate Heart
His guidance ever-present
Unconditional Love from the start

I knew that I’d been fearful
Not wanting to step outside
Into a world of duality
I’d rather comfortably hide

He then held out his hand
So I took it, and was led
To the outside world
“I’m ready now,” I said

We were overlooking the beach
Full of people waiting, for me
To talk of my Spiritual Truths
By the inspiring, tranquil sea

Though I had no experience
I knew my words would flow
With James always at my side
My confidence would ever-grow

I spoke of how I did not know
What the next words would be
But, with Love and centredness
The right ones would come to me

I told of how we all have a story
To share with each other, to inspire
Individuals following our Paths
In Unity Consciousness we go Higher

With compassion for humanity
And Unconditional Love for all
We re-discover our Divinity
The veil to all knowledge will fall

Trina Graves – 14th January 2020

About This Poem

When I began writing poems about my ‘visions’ I knew that this was an important one, however I kept putting it off as it seemd rather a long story to get into one poem. So, when it came to writing it I was pleasantly surprised that it flowed easily.

I was also surprised by the last line as it mentions one of my first poems written in 2001, The Veil To All Knowledge. That poem now seems to me to have a much deeper meaning as we are going through this difficult time in our world with all that is being uncovered, and will be uncovered. I noticed that this earlier poem finished with the line “The veil to all knowledge WOULD fall,” whereas this one states ‘WILL fall.” 

This most certainly is a time for looking within for our answers as there is so much confusion on what to believe is the truth playing out in our world of duality!


I Am The Love
I Am The Light
I Am The Truth
I Am The Joy
I Am

With compassion for humanity, and unconditional love for all, we re-discover our Divinity, the veil to all knowledge will fall - quote from poem 'The Answers Are Within' by Trina Graves - Spiritual Quotes To Live By

2020: Apex Of Duality

Right now keeping positive, as much as possible, is a priority for everyone. Being stressed suppresses the immune system, and with the revelations that are now coming forth it will be very easy to caught up in the high drama of it all. With this in mind, I have compiled a page of links to my poems that are relevant at this time:

About the pandemic
Affirmations to keep focused on God within
LightWorker poems
Wisdom for 2020
Sympathy poems for comfort 

There is also a slideshow of some of the poems with quotes from others too. 

40 Years Of Joy

For my daughters 40th birthday

You Blessed my life
40 years ago today
Your presence has brought
Much more than words can say

A precious daughter to Love
Unconditionally and cherish
You changed my world
So on this day, I wish…

Your life be overflowing
Abundantly with Love
And any negativity
You calmly rise above

Each day to be filled
With the beauty all around
And by always seeking joy
Your Soul Path will be found

The strength and courage
To do what you must
And peace of mind
In God’s hands to trust

Good health to live
And do all you want to
Please remember always
To look after YOU!

For an empty well
Can give no water
Everything you give
You need, my daughter

40 years of joy and Love
I give thanks for today
I Love you, then, now, forever
A part of my Heart you will stay

As a baby you filled me with awe
As a child you filled me with delight
And as an adult with pride and admiration
But most especially, throughout all the years
… with LOVE

Trina Graves – 10th April 2019

About This Poem

As stated, this was written for my daughters 40th last year. Yesterday my son also reached this milestone! With only fourteen months between them they grew up close together, I especially loved watching them explore their world together as little ones.

They are now parents themselves, my daughter has three children (daughters 12 & 10, son 5) and my son has a daughter (22). The years have gone by so very fast and now the world is changing so much too! I do believe greater things are ahead of us, once collectively we are able to see how much has been going on for so long that has held us back from being our true selves.

My youngest will turn forty at the very beginning of 2023, she has four children (daughter 17, sons 16, 8, 6)  I truly hope and envision by then we will be through the worst that needs to surface for our planetary healing, and we will be creating our New Earth of Love, Compassion, Joy and Peace for all. Then by the time my grandchildren start reaching this age (2037) our world will be totally unrecognisable from the dense duality we now live in.

My three treasures in 1984 (I have this picture by my screen to keep me uplifted)

Death Has No Sting

Quote Title: Kryon-Lee Carroll

Death has no sting
You’ve done it before
You just open up
And go through a door

Leaving your overcoat
To be recycled to Earth
Not needed anymore
It contains no worth

Leaving linear time
Re-uniting your Energy
Remembering who you are
A Being of Divinity

Viewing the life you had
With compassionate eyes
In Earth’s duality
It’s hard to be wise

You made some mistakes
Had lessons to learn
But even bad experiences
Will cause no concern

For there is no judgment
To be faced, at all!
Only Compassionate Wisdom
On you will befall

And Unconditional Love
From All-That-Is, Source
All Beings of Light
Know you, of course

For you are one too
A Light Spark of God
You probably forgot
As the Earth, you trod

With no limits to contain
Your Essence of Light
You can make a choice
For you, that is right

To stay there awhile
In the Love, to bask
Or return to Earth
To continue your task…

While living on Earth
Can you open your door
And merge with your Light
To shine ever-more?

Only those on Earth
Will feel the sting
Of your passing
But, it also can bring

A way for them
To begin to start
Remembering the Truth
And open their Heart

If they do this
They will soon see
You are with them
Here, and to Eternity

Trina Graves – 16th January 2020

About This Poem

Opening the door within is our true task for life here on our planet of duality. This is a great Awakening and once that door is fully opened it is easy to accept and understand that there really is no death. The misunderstanding has come from our forgetting this when we are born, and being in a dense world of duality there has to be an opposite to ‘life’ and so we created ‘death’ to be a non-existence.

At our present time ‘death’ is a fear that is being powerfully fuelled by governments and mainstream media worldwide. This ultimate fear grips and clutches tightly to people’s minds and makes them easier to control. Once this fear is eliminated it allows us to think and see from a Higher Perspective and be able to look for answers that are not just daily fed to us.


Death Has No Sting - Inspirational sympathy poem by Trina Graves - Spiritual Quotes To Live By

2020: Apex Of Duality

Right now keeping positive, as much as possible, is a priority for everyone. Being stressed suppresses the immune system, and with the revelations that are now coming forth it will be very easy to caught up in the high drama of it all. With this in mind, I have compiled a page of links to my poems that are relevant at this time:

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There is also a slideshow of some of the poems with quotes from others too. 

2020 Vision: First Quarter

2020 vision, clearest of sight
2020 the year, can we do it right?
Only a few months in, so much going on
Humanity facing fears, will they last long?

A turning point in time, the twos of duality
Can we step up to the task, of who we came to be
Those who have Awakened, know the truth of fear
It’s more contagious than any virus, you’ll ever be near

The fires of Australia lit up the world
Compassionate hearts opened up, unfurled
So much devastation, people, animals, Gaia
The conscious rain of Love, put out the fire

All too soon another test, spreading everywhere
Would we acknowledge it’s duality, and in it share
Love or fear the choice, which will YOU make?
Your consciousness has power, which path will you take?

Newbies of the Earth, they’ve not visited before
Will be in fear, no life teachings at their core
Impetuous in nature, they’ll rant and they’ll rave
With compassionate Love, we can enfold and save

Nothing to do with age, infact most young are old
Souls lived many lives, the New Energy they hold
Here now to bring change, much needed, at last
We’re set for Peace on Earth, the dark now downcast

For millennia the dark has ruled by force
Leading humanity through a negative course
But at 2012, a turning point we met
Since then more Divine Light has been let

Now 2020, another marker of humanity’s way
How clear is our vision? Can we hold the Light every day?
The Lightworkers and Old Souls are needed right now
To shine compassion so brightly, guiding others their vow

With many months ahead of change, uncertainity
Sharing and caring for all, is the way to be
Following intuition, radiating purest Light
Love is always the way to a future so bright

Trina Graves – 16th March 2020

About This Poem

As you can see by the date, this poem was written almost three months ago and I wondered why I didn’t feel the need to post it before now. The original title of this was just ‘2020 Vision’ and I realised the other day this could be why I’ve held off. There is so much more I would add to this poem if written now, so I might use the ‘2020 Vision’ as a series. 

With each passing week more of the darkness is coming into our sight. Now even those who were not previously Awakened are feeling the effects of 2020 Vision.

Having 2020 Vision and using our intuition to discern our truth is so important for us all now as the myriad of ‘stories’ from all angles overflow on all platforms. What appears one day to be a straight forward story having evidence of truth can within a day or two change to reveal strange coincidences, and for those who think critically they begin to question: Is this a smoke screen? If so, what else is going on now that ‘they’ are wanting to hide? Was this event staged to incite a specific reaction? etc…

However, no matter the problem… Love is always the answer.


2020 Vision: First Quarter - poem by Trina Graves - Spritual Quotes To Live By

2020: Apex Of Duality

Right now keeping positive, as much as possible, is a priority for everyone. Being stressed suppresses the immune system, and with the revelations that are now coming forth it will be very easy to caught up in the high drama of it all. With this in mind, I have compiled a page of links to my poems that are relevant at this time:

About the pandemic
Affirmations to keep focused on God within
LightWorker poems
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There is also a slideshow of some of the poems with quotes from others too. 

A Wake Up Storm

My Vision – 28th April 2014

The day was unexpectedly hot
For so early in the year
I ignored my usual hay fever
As I had long grass to clear

The task took nearly an hour
With a lawn large in size
Struggling to keep on going
Through stinging, watery eyes

Determined to complete the job
I coughed, spluttered and wheezed
The petrol fumes didn’t help
Nor the multitude times I sneezed

My breathing was getting difficult
By the time I was complete
Feeling dizzy and rather anxious
I collapsed on a comfy seat

For several years I’d experienced
Moments my heart and breath took flight
I’d learned to calm my thoughts
And breath slowly, to put things right

Usually within a few minutes
Of focused breathing I’d be okay
If not a glass of water
Would wash my anxiety away

But this time I felt no relief
Even after half an hour
So I went to lay down and rest
As fear stalked my positive power

After a while it eased a little
Then I thought to ease my mind
I’d visit my Guide for advice
And see what help I’d find

I visualised myself on the beach
James was waiting there for me
But as I walked over towards him
Darkness came across the sea

By the time I had reached him
A raging storm had a strong hold
Drenched, we ran to a cave
To seek shelter from the cold

Drying off by a campfire
Asking, “What should I do?”
“Storms of life come and go
You can shelter to see you through”

I asked, if it was serious?
And James then took my hand
We walked outside to the beach
Now sunny, and soft, dry sand

Smiling at me, James went
Floating up into the sky
Holding his hand, I went with him
He was laughing, as we flew up high

‘Wow! This is amazing!
I can see all around up here’
My thoughts raced in awe
Everything becoming so clear

But then a thought crossed my mind
‘Does this mean I’m going to die?’
It seemed the obvious depiction
For elevating up into the sky

As a million thoughts crowded in
I shouted “NO!” and let go
I wasn’t ready to die
I wanted to develop and grow

I had no fear of death
I’d lost that years before
But I didn’t want to leave
My children and grand, at all

I still had so much to do, with
My dreams and wishes to inspire
That had not yet come to fruition
I couldn’t let them sink into the mire

I realised I was shocked
And actually cross with myself
Was this my Wake Up Call
To look after my health?

And also a sign to get on
With what I came here for
Stop dilly-dallying about
And fly high to my Spiritual Core

Trina Graves – 18th September 2019

About This Poem

I have had this poem drafted ready to add since September 2019 but never felt the time was right. This morning I woke with this one on my mind and realised that it was very relevant to what is going on in our world right now. It seems so obvious to me now, but incredibly I never saw the link until today… Divine Timing!

This whole Covid-19 pandemic/plandemic (depending on how you perceive it) is a global ‘Wake Up Storm’ concerning not only our health, but raising our vibration or ‘Spiritual Core’ on a worldwide scale.

On a Higher (Soul) Level this is something we all agreed to work towards and were destined to manifest, and from that Higher Perspective the worldwide ‘lockdown’ is an ingenious way to achieve not only quiet time of reflection, but also a breaking down of the myriad of systems that have ruled over our planet and people throughout history.

We are truly stepping forth into the New Earth, to live in a 5D world of Unity with Love, Compassion and Forgiveness to all – even for those who have waged crimes against humanity.

How long it takes for us to completely Ascend to this on a planetary level depends upon those who are still ‘sleeping’ Awakening, and at what level ALL the Awakened Souls are at.


A Wake Up Storm - inspirational poem by Trina Graves - Spiritual Quotes To Live By


2020: Apex Of Duality

Right now keeping positive, as much as possible, is a priority for everyone. Being stressed suppresses the immune system, and with the revelations that are now coming forth it will be very easy to caught up in the high drama of it all. With this in mind, I have compiled a page of links to my poems that are relevant at this time:

About the pandemic
Affirmations to keep focused on God within
LightWorker poems
Wisdom for 2020
Sympathy poems for comfort 

There is also a slideshow of some of the poems with quotes from others too.