Brothers: Surrounded With Love

Surrounded with love
All through the years
In times of great joy
And moments of tears

Throughout it all
Love is always there
In the family bond
You came here to share

Brought up with love
Aged many years apart
The strength of family
Ingrained in the heart

Drifting apart in time
As families move on
Starting new generations
In the heart to belong

And era sadly ends
Parents leave the Earth
Roots ripped out of sight
Held strong since birth

Still surrounded with love
From their new dimension
It’s more easy to feel
When feeling no tension

Times together dwindle
As the years pass so fast
Children, grand and great
Bring echoes of the past

Memories of youth
Funny stories to tell
As the mind grows old
It’s uplifting to dwell

And then one-by-one
Comes the time to go
Uniting with loved ones
Leaving blessings to grow

14th October 2021 – Trina Graves

About This Poem

I wrote this poem for my father’s 85th birthday last year. He is the oldest of three boys and was eight years old when his first brother was born, the other brother came along three years later. Their mother died when they were young adults, but their father lived many more years.

The middle brother moved abroad to live many years ago, so they didn’t very often get together. In more recent years different illness affected all three, and last year this brother died, which is the reason I wrote this poem for my dad.

On looking for a photograph to use for his birthday card I came across the pictures below, and with the same pose, so many years apart, the poem grew from there.


Brothers: Surrounded With Love -

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