Alone, Or Out There?

My Visions: April 2014

I already had a question
Before I went in my mind
To visit the beach, and James
Always helpful, and kind

Should I inspirationally write
Home alone, as I loved to do?
Or venture out much more
Healing, also called me too

We were stood on a cliff top
Looking down on the beach
Many people, living their lives
But I knew my Light could reach

In this place, I’m seen alone
Although I know, I’ll never be
Because the world of Spirit
Is always present, Eternally

“Your words can carry down
Floating to the people below
Some will pick them up
But the method is rather slow

You can send out your words
By other means, spreading out
Even found on other beaches
But their reception can meet doubt

To truly make an impact
Means going down there, to be
With the people on the beaches
Your Presence they will see

You may not reach as far
But your Presence will be felt
Radiating your Love and Light
Can bring other’s blocks to melt

As for writing or healing
It matters not the way
Just Be the Light you are
Shining Divine Love every day

Living from the Heart
Being Present in the Joy
You will be Divinely guided
To the tools you can employ

Freewill, no judgement
Will ever come to be
Whatever you decide
You’re Loved Unconditionally”

Trina Graves – 19th November 2019

About This Poem

As a young child I was extremely shy, my parents could not take me anywhere without my screaming tantrums! My only memory of this is of holding my bent arm up to my face, covering it so no one could see me. I began to change upon starting school and over the years my confidence improved. However, I have always been someone who is much more relaxed, happiest and peaceful when I am at home.

I have no concern about being alone, although I do appreciate that this could be different if I was living alone for years on end. I enjoy doing so many things that there is always something to do. I guess I have always been a ‘loner,’ but it took many years for me to accept this as I tried to fit in. So, to me this vision was very meaningful as I often questioned my preference to being alone rather than ‘out there.’ I knew I was being guided to push myself to be more socialable. But, as the years passed I remained in my comfort zone.

This theme then came up again in a vision from 2019, On or Off The Train is my poem about this one. As it happened after my Birthday Revelation it is not James but Jesus mentioned in the poem.

Still, I have not ventured ‘out there,’ the craziness since 2020 made it even harder to spend time with those I love, and along with no transport for nine months, I have been even more alone than before! However, I do believe that our world is changing and at some point I will be getting ‘out there’ and these past visions were given to me for guidance and all will become clear in Diving Timing.


Living from the heart, being present in the joy, you will be Divinely guided, to the tools you can employ - quote from poem 'Alone Or Out There' by Trina Graves - Spiritual Quotes To Live By

On Or Off The Train?

Vision: 3rd February 2019

One mind visit, with three visions
It had never been like that before
Drawn To The Sea, Footprints Of Light
Then Jesus showed me one more…

We were sitting on a train
A large window at our side
The scenery so beautiful
Moving so fast on our ride

Relaxing in comfy seats
With like-minded passengers
Chatting of the sights we saw
A friendly group of travelers

Cities then countries passing by
We got to see a vast amount
Of the Earth’s changing lands
Too many to even count!

We saw it all, passing by
With only a fleeting glance
Hurrying to the next destination
Experiences?… No chance!

Jesus stood, the train stopped
We got off, to go and explore
Life is lived by walking the Earth
Not staying behind any door

It was a plain, barren land
Many people, without much
But hearts full of compassion
Love so thick you could touch

People flocked around Jesus
He Radiated pure Divineness
They had no doubts to overcome
His Sacred Energy awareness

Among the people is real life
Giving help in any way
Even just a friendly smile
Can brighten someone’s day

Quality more than quantity
Less often means so much more
Time given to another, a true gift
If Love and Light is your core

Physical connection with all life
And Mother Nature too
Allows true growth of Spirit
And God to flow through

Trina Graves – August 2020

About This Poem

Drawn To The Sea and Footprints Of Light are the other poems I have written from my ‘vision’ of 3rd February 2019. This was a couple of weeks after I had discovered that it was Jesus I had been meeting in visions on and off for almost twenty years. My poem A Birthday Revelation tells of this ‘discovery.


A Light In The Storm

Vision: 7th January 2020

I’d listened to lots of Kryon
Through Lee Carroll channelling
Talking of the new energies
And the joy they would bring

With these questions on my mind
I knew what I needed to do
Go within and visit with Jesus
And ask about Kryon too!

It was one year since I’d discovered
The identity of my vision guide
For twenty years to me it was James
Feeling unworthy made me hide

In my quiet mind I would wait
And see where I would go
To meet and gain answers
Knowing it all would flow

I affirmed He was in my Heart
Then ‘saw’ us strolling along a beach
I asked if Kryon’s words were truth
In all Kryon came here to teach

We were stood at the sea’s edge
Looking over towards the land
A very dark storm was forming
Looming on the right it panned

I thought, that’s not a good sign
Could this mean Kryon is untrue?
Then Jesus said “Stand strong
Rooted in Gaia, you know what to do”

“Shine your own Divine Light”
Words of Jesus and also Kryon
I did what I came here to do
On Earth, to connect my Light ‘on’

People came from all directions
To shelter under our Love and Light
Jesus moved behind me to show
My own Light shone so bright

As more and more people came
Jesus faded, (although always there)
My Light grew stronger still
As I felt the people begin to share

Some Awakened to their own Light
As the beach filled with hundreds more
Coming to shelter in the Light
Uniting on Earth like never before

I remembered the storm coming our way
I’d forgotten, focusing on the Light
With just a quick glance I saw
It was still there, on the right

I then ‘knew’ it couldn’t touch us
While focused, our Light shining
Then the storm began to clear
Blue skies rapidly returning

The people were happy now to go
Back from where they all came
Many now able to hold the Light
Awakening people to Light, my aim

Trina Graves – 4th June 2021

About This Poem

Having this vision in January 2020, at that time I thought it was all just about Lightworkers shining our Light through whatever was going to be happening through the years ahead. From my previous visions and guided poems I knew we were in a time of Awakening and change, but I was totally unaware of the very dark storm that was looming just ahead for us all!

I, along with an ever increasing amount of others, believe that what we have experienced since early last year has not been about a virus, but about Awakening the people of our world to their own power. We are eternal Spiritual Beings and those of us here on Earth chose our path (before birth) for this auspicious time of either moving into a Higher Vibrational New Earth or leaving this present reality, gifting others with our experience to open their hearts and minds.

I have a page listing all of my ‘Vision’ poems if you would like to read more.


part of poem A Light In The Storm by Trina Graves, Spiritual Quotes To Live By
image from Pixabay

Drawn To The Sea

Vision: 3rd February 2019

Visiting Jesus, a vision in my mind
Only recently back then, did I find
His true identity revealed at last
Connecting many dots of my past

I’d visited just once since that day
‘Stained Glass Poems’ explains the way
Now I wanted more confirmation
And a hopefully some inspiration

Giving no thought to where we’d meet
We were walking by the sea, barefeet
I felt at ease and wondered why
I didn’t feel in awe or at all shy

With no words He then told me how
The time was right, I’m ready now
My vibration raised, now we’d talk
With more significance, as we walk

I asked why so many people, like me
Are drawn so often to be at the sea
Looking out at the beautiful scene
He told of hidden depths, unseen

The vast expanse, a precious part
Of Mother Earth, right from the start
Water, so essential to all living health
Magnificent oceans.. abundant wealth

Teeming with life of every size
Largest mammal or too small for eyes
Unfathomable, mysterious, tides that turn
From whales and dolphins we can learn

Pulsating waves forever flow
Balance, give and take, they show
Wisdom evident and pure beauty
Fresh and alive, our vibrant sea

Land and sea, two domains
Duality on our Earth remains
Senses enlivened when we are near
The air is different, is so clear

Winds of the sea blow away
Doubts and fears, as we stay
Near the shore, there to be
With the elements, in harmony

A powerful magnet with the sun
People flock to relax, be at One
With these mighty attributes of Earth
A sense of wonder and true worth

A chance for people to get away
Clear their minds and be at play
No matter what age, most will be
Happy and content when by the sea

Trina Graves – 9th May 2020

About This Poem

As a child and into adulthood I never went to the seaside very often. Living quite a distance from the sea it would only be something to do for a holiday, which were few and far between! However, over the past ten years or so I have felt ‘drawn to the sea,’ which grows ever stronger as the years pass!

The photo below (taken several years ago) is of West Wittering, UK. This is one of my favourite beaches (so far) it has a wonderful shallow sea and soft sandy walk. The four closest people are my son and three of my grandchildren.

Just incase you are new to my ‘Vision’ poems I have a page where they are all listed in date order. The first one, Insight tells of how it all began – and is still so profound to me! – and A Birthday Revelation tells of me discovering it was Jesus I had been ‘meeting’ since 1999.

The ‘visit’ in this poem was different than previously because I was given three different visions that would become four poems: My Footprints In Sand, Footprints Of Light and On Or Off The Train (to be added) – along with this one.


Draw To The Sea - inspirational poem by Trina Graves - Spiritual Quotes To Live By
West Wittering, UK

The Path

My Vision: 18th February 2019

It had been exactly a month
Since Jesus revealed to me
It was actually His presence
I’d visit, often by the sea

Not in the physical world
But in my own mind’s eye
For many years we’d met
Certainly time does fly!

Now I’d woken early
For no reason at all
So I thought I’d visit
Which place would I recall?

Beach, woods, church
Various places we’d met
Then I was on a path
The meaning clearly set

The path of my lifetime
With Jesus by my side
We turned to look back
Melding thoughts, my guide

I knew I could go back
And walk the same old ground
Freewill always to choose
No judgment to be found

But my intent to tread
Ever forward, learning more
Was the path I had chosen
So many years before

I then knew I could stay
Around the area we now were
Surrounded by such beauty
Not many changes would occur

Of course, this I rejected
Even though it gave comfort
Everything the same meant
I wasn’t likely to get hurt

Now looking straight ahead
I could see a different way
The path twisted and turned
So many directions to play

We walked onwards, further
To view a little more
Delightful sights to see
Many experiences to explore

At that moment I knew
I needed to elevate
This path wouldn’t allow
A Higher Vibrational rate

Instantly to my left
Was a staircase of stone
It looked beautifully ancient
Would I have to go alone?

Jesus went up a few steps
And stretched His hand out
Asking me to choose my path
With this I had no doubt!

Climbing, I counted the steps
Stopping at number ten
A wider platform to view
But I wanted to climb again

Onwards, another ten steps
Easier now to climb
We reached a Higher Plateau
With a different sense of time

Seemingly in the clouds
They parted so I could see
Many Spiritual Beings
I could now meet with freely

I then looked down below
To view my path of old
From this Higher Perspective
Much wisdom to behold

Different paths onwards
I could also now view
Where they would lead
If I chose to follow through

I now had the choice
On which level to be
Needing access to the lower
To be a Light for humanity

I could be in two places
The High and the low
Mind and Spirit elevated
While physically down below

Shining my Light and Love
To all those on our Earth
Dimensions combining
Showing truth of self-worth

On the Earth’s 3D level
Duality is very dense
Drama and negative aspects
Their grip is so intense

Positivity and the Light
Is always present somewhere
But it takes intentional choice
To be Awake and Aware

On the 5D level
Claiming pure Sovereignity
God within, ever showing
The future for all humanity

Trina Graves – 13th July 2020

About This Poem

So much has happened to change our world since this vision in February 2019, and even since writing the poem five months ago. If I were writing it now the ending would speak of how we are all now well on the path to our 5d world or New Earth.

I, and many others, believe there will be strong Light energies brought to Earth through the alignment of planets happening tomorrow, the 21st December Solstice.

Of course there will be many who are not ready to accept the Light to assist in raising their vibration, we always have freewill and we are all walking our own path at our own pace. But, there is a very great number, as never before, now ready, and even more will be awakening from and after this solstice.

I would like to point out that these ‘vision’ poems are written as personal to me because that is the way the vision is presented. However, I am well aware that they are also intended for everyone to view as a vision for themselves, if it resonates with them. Until 2019 I never intended to share these visions (apart from my first one Insight) but after it was shown to me who I was with, I was also guided to write most of these visions as poems to share.

The Path - inspirational poem by Trina Graves - Spiritual Quotes To Live By
Be Love, Seek Joy - Trina Graves quote - Spiritual Quotes To Live By

The Joy Of Christmas

Here are links to my Christmas poems and there will be some new ones posted soon.
Peace On Earth & The Everlasting Light, to me seem very relevant for this Christmas.

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Meeting A Friend

My Visions: 17th October 2014

This was one of my visits
That really made me smile
As in my mind I go to
See my Guide, once in a while

As I walked over to James
Who was stood by the sea
I realised my Mother
Was walking next to me

When my Mum saw James
She was elated, and ran
To embrace him, overjoyed
Not at all in my plan!

They obviously knew each other
Friends re-Uniting, so precious
I knew I was not needed
I walked on, no need for fuss

Seeing Rachael up ahead
I met with her to have a talk
Though nothing I remember
Just that we had a walk

Mum and James hugged goodbye
We’d go home together, I thought
But then my Dad appeared
More amusement to me brought

Linking arms, happily chatting
Oblivious to me being there
Home they went joyously
An odd vision, to share?

At the time, I just thought
This is strange and amusing
I didn’t even talk to James
No meaning, did it bring

But still, I wrote it down
I’d been told to keep track
It would be just over four years
Until I needed it brought back

In a revelation early this year
Jesus showed Himself as James
Feeling unworthy, I had doubts
Not just about the names

This odd vision came to me
As a confirmation I needed
Along with others, all in the past
Divine Timing evidence seeded

It’s well known to view Jesus
As a Loving, Faithful friend
But the significance to me
Aided my acceptance to mend

Jesus was indeed a Loving part
Of my Mothers life-long past
She’d felt and seen His Presence
An impact to truly last

The overjoyment, ecstasy
Was for no ordinary friend
Now I truly understand
Everything’s a Divine Blend

Trina Graves – 19th November 2019

About This Poem

Not much to say about this one really.
However, If you would like to know more about this story, then my poems that link to it are: Insight – about my first ‘visit.’ Why I wrote this strange vision down even though I thought it didn’t mean anything is covered in My Catalyst. And, James revealing himself as Jesus is what my poem A Birthday Revelation is all about.

Meeting A Friend - by Trina Graves - Spiritual Quotes To Live By

Getting Into The Joy Of Christmas

This year it is more important than ever before for those of us who celebrate Christmas to lift our hearts. I believe we are heading for a wonderful change to our Earth, but how easy it will be for everyone depends on their vibration. So being loving and joyous is key!

I haven’t written any new poems for Christmas (yet!), but there are many previously written.

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No Limits

My Vision: 9th October 2015

Only two days had gone by
When I felt the urge to try
Another visit in my mind
To my guide, Lovingly kind

We were high up, overlooking the sea
I thanked James for guiding me
Gratitude for his compassionate care
Knowing his presence is always there

We then transported to a wood
Surrounded by nature, we stood
Taking in the beauty and sound
Trees, birds and flowers all around

James then made me aware
That I was not really there
Still at the beach, in my head
And in my body, laying in bed

Hearing the ticking of my clock
Simultaneous with waves on a rock
Birds tweeted around the wood’s stream
Blended together, what did this mean?

The next moment I was a child
A girl playing outside, running wild
Then an adult man, I became
Was I one-and-the-same?

Immediately I was an old lady dying
I felt the release, no more trying
I flowed to the Love, All-Encompassing
Remembering the Joy it did bring

These experiences passed in a blink
Giving me no time to stop and think
I just knew James was showing me
There are No Limits to ‘Be’

I made some notes in my journal
Knowing this guidance was eternal
On Time and dimensional sight
Divine perspective shows the Light

This visit, very strange and odd
Different from all others, I’d trod
And now four years have passed
I understand it better, at last

For time is not linear at all
It’s just how us humans can recall
And live in Earth’s dense duality
Limiting our pure Divinity

But in the New Energies now pour
And if you have unlocked your door
To allow your Awakening to begin
Your Divinity will start to sing

Trina Graves – 14th January 2020

About This Poem

This was certainly the most extra-ordinary of all my vision/visualizations.. (so far!) It happened very quickly and I didn’t really think much of it at that time, five years ago, but thank goodness I did write it down.

As you can see, I wrote the poem at the beginning of this year, a little before the craziness began. I believe the last two verse are very relevant to this, never before, time we are in. The ‘New Energies’ that have enabled us to reach enough of a Higher Vibration to change our world for the better, have this year amped up, and as each day passes more and more people are Awakening.

Many channellers speak of their complete certainity that we have already ‘won’ the battle of dark vs Light in non-linear time, we just have to keep on keeping on to reach this momentous point when the New Day will dawn where Peace, Love, Compassion, Truth, Light and Joy will be the focus of the greatest majority of humanity.


No Limits - inspirational poem by Trina Graves - Spiritual Quotes To Live By

Update 4th June – The Great Awakening

As you can read above, this was one of my visions that I understood better after some years had passed. As with another vision poem (The Answers Are Within) it was written just before the PLANdemic started, but now has more significance with The Great Awakening going on where we are discovering we are powerful Spiritual Beings, time is not linear and together we are creating our New Earth of Love, Light, Truth, Peace & Joy.


Be Love, Seek Joy - Trina Graves quote - Spiritual Quotes To Live By

The Answers Are Within

My Vision: 7th October 2015

For many years I’ve visualized
Meeting my guide on a beach
Or some other beautiful place
My imagination would reach

Almost always I would start
In a room made in my mind
And then I’d go outside
To see what I would find

This day the room seemed stale
So I opened the doors to fresh air
Feeling the need to clear and clean
Instantly, with imaginations flair

The room now spick-and-span
I thought I’d venture outside
To meet James on the beach
Instead, on the bed I lie..d

Thinking, this was strange
Why didn’t I want to go?
Then, in the door came James
But, he didn’t say “Hello”

He just stood there, looking sad
Despondent, staring ahead
Oblivious to my presence
Now sitting up, on the bed

‘Oh no! Has someone died’
My first thought came to me
Immediately I knew, not so
For he would react differently

With no such thing as ‘death’
He wouldn’t be showing concern
It dawned on me, the truth
Of what I’d visited to learn

His despondency was for me
Not living the life we’d planned
Years ago before my birth
In another dimensional land

I knew that I was right
Because he came over to sit
But, still no acknowledgment
Unusually odd!… just a bit!

Questions flooded my mind
I wanted all the answers for
The direction of my life
‘Please, help me… I implore’

Still not looking at me
Staring ahead into space
Then as I reached the truth
A smile embraced his face

I have the answers myself
By using my own Inner-Knowing
Following my Loves and Joys
My path is ever-glowing

Smiling, looking at each other
I felt his compassionate Heart
His guidance ever-present
Unconditional Love from the start

I knew that I’d been fearful
Not wanting to step outside
Into a world of duality
I’d rather comfortably hide

He then held out his hand
So I took it, and was led
To the outside world
“I’m ready now,” I said

We were overlooking the beach
Full of people waiting, for me
To talk of my Spiritual Truths
By the inspiring, tranquil sea

Though I had no experience
I knew my words would flow
With James always at my side
My confidence would ever-grow

I spoke of how I did not know
What the next words would be
But, with Love and centredness
The right ones would come to me

I told of how we all have a story
To share with each other, to inspire
Individuals following our Paths
In Unity Consciousness we go Higher

With Compassion for humanity
And Unconditional Love for all
We re-discover our Divinity
The veil to all knowledge will fall

Trina Graves – 14th January 2020

About This Poem

When I began writing poems about my ‘visions’ I knew that this was an important one, however I kept putting it off as it seemd rather a long story to get into one poem. So, when it came to writing it I was pleasantly surprised that it flowed easily.

I was also surprised by the last line as it mentions one of my first poems written in 2001, The Veil To All Knowledge. That poem now seems to me to have a much deeper meaning as we are going through this difficult time in our world with all that is being uncovered, and will be uncovered. I noticed that this earlier poem finished with the line “The veil to all knowledge WOULD fall,” whereas this one states ‘WILL fall.” 

This most certainly is a time for looking within for our answers as there is so much confusion on what to believe is the truth playing out in our world of duality!


I Am The Love
I Am The Light
I Am The Truth
I Am The Joy
I Am

With compassion for humanity, and unconditional love for all, we re-discover our Divinity, the veil to all knowledge will fall - quote from poem 'The Answers Are Within' by Trina Graves - Spiritual Quotes To Live By

Update 4th June 2023 – The Great Awakening

As I mention above, this poem had a deeper meaning to me by the time I came to post it on my blog. It’s interesting how time changes our perspective on many things.

The original vision was in 2015 and at that time I had no intention of sharing my visions with anyone, so to me this vision was about having all the answers I needed within.

By the time I came to writing a poem about it in January 2020 (just before the PLANdemic) because I had by then been led to share my visions, the ending of the poem was shaped to include the relevance to anyone who might read it.

When it came to posting the poem in August 2020 we were well into the chaos and confusion of the Covid ‘story’ and hence the speeding up of The Great Awakening, where we are truly learning that The Answers Are Within!


A Wake Up Storm

My Vision – 28th April 2014

The day was unexpectedly hot
For so early in the year
I ignored my usual hay fever
As I had long grass to clear

The task took nearly an hour
With a lawn large in size
Struggling to keep on going
Through stinging, watery eyes

Determined to complete the job
I coughed, spluttered and wheezed
The petrol fumes didn’t help
Nor the multitude times I sneezed

My breathing was getting difficult
By the time I was complete
Feeling dizzy and rather anxious
I collapsed on a comfy seat

For several years I’d experienced
Moments my heart and breath took flight
I’d learned to calm my thoughts
And breath slowly, to put things right

Usually within a few minutes
Of focused breathing I’d be okay
If not a glass of water
Would wash my anxiety away

But this time I felt no relief
Even after half an hour
So I went to lay down and rest
As fear stalked my positive power

After a while it eased a little
Then I thought to ease my mind
I’d visit my Guide for advice
And see what help I’d find

I visualised myself on the beach
James was waiting there for me
But as I walked over towards him
Darkness came across the sea

By the time I had reached him
A raging storm had a strong hold
Drenched, we ran to a cave
To seek shelter from the cold

Drying off by a campfire
Asking, “What should I do?”
“Storms of life come and go
You can shelter to see you through”

I asked, if it was serious?
And James then took my hand
We walked outside to the beach
Now sunny, and soft, dry sand

Smiling at me, James went
Floating up into the sky
Holding his hand, I went with him
He was laughing, as we flew up high

‘Wow! This is amazing!
I can see all around up here’
My thoughts raced in awe
Everything becoming so clear

But then a thought crossed my mind
‘Does this mean I’m going to die?’
It seemed the obvious depiction
For elevating up into the sky

As a million thoughts crowded in
I shouted “NO!” and let go
I wasn’t ready to die
I wanted to develop and grow

I had no fear of death
I’d lost that years before
But I didn’t want to leave
My children and grand, at all

I still had so much to do, with
My dreams and wishes to inspire
That had not yet come to fruition
I couldn’t let them sink into the mire

I realised I was shocked
And actually cross with myself
Was this my Wake Up Call
To look after my health?

And also a sign to get on
With what I came here for
Stop dilly-dallying about
And fly high to my Spiritual Core

Trina Graves – 18th September 2019

About This Poem

I have had this poem drafted ready to add since September 2019 but never felt the time was right. This morning I woke with this one on my mind and realised that it was very relevant to what is going on in our world right now. It seems so obvious to me now, but incredibly I never saw the link until today… Divine Timing!

This whole Covid-19 pandemic/plandemic (depending on how you perceive it) is a global ‘Wake Up Storm’ concerning not only our health, but raising our vibration or ‘Spiritual Core’ on a worldwide scale.

On a Higher (Soul) Level this is something we all agreed to work towards and were destined to manifest, and from that Higher Perspective the worldwide ‘lockdown’ is an ingenious way to achieve not only quiet time of reflection, but also a breaking down of the myriad of systems that have ruled over our planet and people throughout history.

We are truly stepping forth into the New Earth, to live in a 5D world of Unity with Love, Compassion and Forgiveness to all – even for those who have waged crimes against humanity.

How long it takes for us to completely Ascend to this on a planetary level depends upon those who are still ‘sleeping’ Awakening, and at what level ALL the Awakened Souls are at.


A Wake Up Storm - inspirational poem by Trina Graves - Spiritual Quotes To Live By


2020: Apex Of Duality

Right now keeping positive, as much as possible, is a priority for everyone. Being stressed suppresses the immune system, and with the revelations that are now coming forth it will be very easy to caught up in the high drama of it all. With this in mind, I have compiled a page of links to my poems that are relevant at this time:

About the pandemic
Affirmations to keep focused on God within
LightWorker poems
Wisdom for 2020
Sympathy poems for comfort 

There is also a slideshow of some of the poems with quotes from others too. 

Past Lives

My Visions: 10th November 1999

This is one of my first visions
From so many years ago
Visualizing meeting my Guide
And my answers would show

I’d met James on the beach
Just a few days before
He was with another, Rachael
We’d walked along the shore

They told me: “ Learn of chakras,
You’ll be used for channelling,
Feel the energy of nature”
As we watched the tide flowing

Now back for another visit
Though only Rachael did I meet
Amazed at how she was dressed
In 18th Century, from head to feet

With high, elaborate hair
A painted mole on her face
Her wide colourful dress
It all seemed so out of place

We walked up a steep hill
To see the magnificent view
A canyon, valley below
The sky, a purest blue

Although no words were spoken
I knew why we were there
To appreciate Higher Perspective
It’s wisdom, she came to share

Being down in the valley
Your life may seem so very small
Insignificant to grander schemes
Lost in the nitty-gritty of it all

Surrounded by high mountains
Seeming there is no way out
Clouds of darkness overhead
Bringing lack of worth, and doubt

By lifting yourself Higher
Making your own Path ahead
Climbing to the Heights
See a different view instead

With any aspect of life
There is always a Higher View
Always a choice to make
Which perspective to see through

I asked, “How can I remember
The past lives that I’ve had?”
She smiled, and instantly
She was differently clad

A Native American woman, saying
“Let’s walk to the valley below”
I felt full of energy and ran
Walking, now way to slow!

As I ran, my clothes changed
And I felt smaller in size
A young Indian boy
My energy continued to rise

The valley now contained
A totally, beautiful sight
Living in tune with nature
My home camp, felt so right

The vision ended there
Strange, but I made notes
Now, twenty years later
My Inner-Knowing easily floats

Learning about my past lives
I’d always wanted to know
Divine Timing plays its part
My Awareness continues to grow

Lately I’ve been immersed
In a teaching that rings so true
My Heart sings with each word
Of Kryon, Lee Carroll brings through

Certain words I came across
Decades ago in my past
Struck a deep chord in me
Echoes chimed, held steadfast

Lemuria and Essenes
Two words, left an indelible mark
But why, remained a mystery
I was bewildered, in the dark

Lemuria and Atlantis
Lands of fact or fantasy?
So much written of Atlantis
But it didn’t interest me

I never did any research
On Lemuria over the years
I’m now seeing how strongly
My Inner-Knowing intuitively steers

The time was just not right
For me to truly understand
But now, so much is clear
I believe I was of this land

Synchronicity and confirmations
Abundantly show me how
These teachings are my truth
Divine Timing bringing them now

It’s inspiringly significant to me
The teachings were always there
Evidence of thirty years channelled
Freely given to view and share

But I never found my way
To read and listen, at all
Until I’d reached a point
To be ready for the call

And now I understand
From the Higher Perspective
My own Path of this life
And others I came to live

I know my future poems
Will be enhanced in the Light
Of these Spiritual, Divine teachings
Their truth shines in me, so bright

Trina Graves – 19th November 2019

About This Poem

As I mention in this poem, this was one of my earliest ‘visions’ and as what happened was very odd to me at that time, it helped me to understand that I was not making it up myself. 

It find it so fascinating that since last January, when it was revealed to me who I was actually meeting, it steadily flowed that I knew I had to share more of my visions. And so in writing the poems of them more synchronicities have come forth and given me more understanding of them and confirmation of their truth (for me) by how this all blends together in Divine Timing.

I have a link page if you would like to read more of my Vision Poems.

Past Lives by Trina Graves

The Bare Necessities

Waking up one morning
Still feeling down, depressed
I decided to seek guidance
Before I got myself dressed

In my mind I visited
The Beach, I’d been there before
Help would always be given
Now I needed it even more

The sun was shining brightly
As my bare feet sank in the sand
I felt the soft, yielding warmth
Wherever my footsteps would land

I noticed a man and woman
Sitting by the edge of the sea
I went and sat beside them
Knowing they were there for me

As the water cooled my feet
I asked ‘What should I do?’
My life, a downward spiral
To change, I needed a clue

The answer came interestingly
In the words of a childhood song
Listening as in my mind it played
Simple truths I knew all along…

“Look for the bare necessities
The simple bare necessities
Forget about your worries and your strife
I mean the bare necessities
Old Mother Nature’s recipes
That brings the bare necessities of life”

“And don’t spend your time looking around
For something you want, that can’t be found
When you find out you can live without it
And go along not thinking about it
I’ll tell you something true
The bare necessities of life will come to you”

The profoundness in those words
Struck me with their simplicity
I needed to let go and trust
All necessities of life flowed to me

Trina Graves – 19th August 2019
Vision 17th December 2000
The Bare Necessities (The Jungle Book 1967)  written by Terry Gilkson

About This Poem

This was one of my earlier visualizations, and I think the only one where I have not met up with my usual guide.  Although, as it was one of the earliest ones, and at that time I did not know that I would meet the same guide for over twenty years, it is possible that the man sat by the sea was him, but I never wrote it down and now can’t remember. 

At the end of the nineties and going into the next decade I was having a hard time getting over my divorce, along with other problems I was struggling to cope. I had began my Spiritual path (which I can now easily see was an important reason and pivotal point for the divorce) but I was not truly set on my way. At the time of this vision I had written two poems and two other pieces of writing (that I now know were guided) but I knew nothing of the Law Of Attraction so I spent a lot of time focusing on what I didn’t have!

I can’t remember if this vision helped much at that time, but I did write a poem the following year ‘The Simple Things In Life,’ so I’m sure it must have had some affect. 

The Jungle Book (Disney) was released at the end of 1968 in the UK, so it was just before my 8th birthday. I can’t remember going to see the film, but my parents did get us the record (vinyl) of this song. It also contained a few more songs from the film. What I find so interesting now, is that this was the only children’s record we ever had!

Another synchronicity, and perhaps why I was drawn to writing this poem at this time, is that over the past month or so I have been clearing and sorting my home as I feel the need to simplify my life. I didn’t intend to do this, I just woke one day and knew I had to start getting rid of the things I have been hanging onto for years! With every cupboard etc.. that I clear and get rid of everything that I do not use regularly, I feel lighter in Spirit. 

I have a link page of my Vision Poems if you would like to read more.

part of poem: The Bare Necessities by Trina Graves - Spiritual Quotes To Live By




Gaia’s Release

Vision: 20th June 2019

Four months had passed
Since my last little visit
In my mind a visualization
With Jesus, I now admit

At Dorchester Abbey we’d met
Several times over this year
But that place just didn’t fit
Where now would He appear?

I thought of all the places
We’d met before, in the past
A beach, woods, mountains
But no vision was cast

My very own back garden
Then came to my attention
That’s silly, I thought
Not even worth a mention

But my garden wouldn’t go
It kept returning to my mind
So I knew it must be
And wondered what I’d find

As I stepped into the garden
I saw Jesus standing there
Smiling, patiently waiting
Among my flowers everywhere

I approached and greeted Him
As the loving friend I knew
Then I was astonished to see
Someone else was with Him too

We were overjoyed to meet
And hugged each other tight
Amira, my friend in cyberspace
We’d slotted together, just right

For a year now we’ve been
Synchronistically linked to each other
Sharing, with so much in common
Brought together, I believe, by her mother

We’ve both expanded and grown
Spiritually, we are aligned
Connecting through messages
Typed, but, also by mind

As we hugged in my garden
I saw us as two little girls
Victorian sisters in a past life
Long dresses and flowing curls

Happily skipping, hand-in-hand
Very close, not just in years
I had an inner knowing we died
Still young, but shed no tears

I also got the impression
Jesus and Amira were old friends
Relaxed, all together now
Time miraculously blends

Jesus then took our hands
We were at the Pyramids instantly
In Egypt, we watched in awe
As a Light Show we did see

Pouring into the pyramid
Were dazzling colours of Light
From the majestic Cosmos
All flowing, the time was right

Then we were at Stonehenge
To see the same, once more
As The Light cascaded in
A Gateway to Gaia’s core

No words were spoken
We knew what was happening
Source Energy charging up
Mother Earth to healing bring

Gateways across the Earth
Were receiving the Purest Light
Setting in motion the plan
To release Gaia from Her plight

Then we saw Mother Earth
Opening up her innumerous pores
To release the blockages sunk
By humans neglect and wars

Millennia of negativity borne
By Gaia to support man
Now’s the time of the purge
It’s always been the plan

We saw dark, thick, slimy gunk
Oozing up through the ground
I wondered how it would clear
Could a way be found?

Instantly the answer came
The Light, eternally the way
Dissolving, eradicating dark
As night always turns to day

Also, the Waters of Mother Earth
Would cleanse and purify
Gaia’s release would bring
A New Earth to be on High

We were then back in my garden
To relax, and chat as friends
Having a cuppa together
And that’s where my vision ends

Trina Graves – 29th July 2019

About This Poem

I have several other vision poems I thought I would write before this one as this is my most recent visualization. However, when I was writing the ‘About This Poem’ part on We Are Ready this vision kept coming to my mind, so I knew I needed to write this one next, as it fitted well with that poem, and the one I’d posted to go with it Unite! All Those Of The Light.

This visualization was quite interesting for me because I learned to tell when it was my own mind thinking and I wasn’t going with the flow. As I mention in the poem, I questioned the location, thinking it wasn’t right, but as it kept coming back I knew it was. When Amira appeared my thinking went to ‘perhaps her mum is with her too,’ but she did not appear, so I knew this was my thinking. After visiting Stonehenge, my mind began to think of other places to visit, this was the strongest indication as I tried to think of all the places around the Earth that were relevant, my mind was blank, even though I knew I did know of them! I eventually thought of Michu Picchu, but we didn’t go there. But, regardless of this I knew that the two places we did visit were not the only Gateways. 

I find it fascinating that the words for these vision poems flow so easily. I think I have probably said this before! However, this one was a good example, for me, of how I had no doubt whatsoever that I could create a poem from my notes. Of course, I do pray and ask for guidance before I write, and with these vision poems, since finding out the real identity of who I have been visiting (A Birthday Revelation) I do also ask for guidance from Jesus for the words too. When I am writing sometimes extra little bits come up and the word ‘Gateways’ was added at this point. Also, as soon as I mentioned Amira, I knew I had to tell more of the story of our connection, which was obviously not part of the vision.

Another thing that often happens is a word will come that I am not at all sure is the correct usage, (or even one I do not know.)  I had to look up cyberspace, borne, and plight to ensure they had the correct meaning, but of course, they did! 

I had already emailed Amira to tell her of this vision when it happened, and I sent her the poem as soon as it was written. Anyone who follows my poems would have noticed that Amira always comments on them. However, at this moment in time, Amira is taking a break from technology so will not be commenting (for a while). But, I do know that she loves the vision and poem.

The timing of this has also been very interesting! As I mentioned above I had no plans to write this poem so soon. Once written I told Amira that I would post it after I’d posted Stained Glassed Poems‘ as that poem led directly on from the previous ‘A Birthday Revelation.’ So, now was the allotted time as I like to alternate the different categories. 

I have told before (in other vision poems) of how I now follow and watch all videos from Amanda Ellis (there have been so many synchronicities and I received a healing through one of her videos that led to my birthday revelation.) And on the 7th August Amanda uploaded: Lions Gate 8/8 Reading & Meditation. I didn’t actual watch it until the 9th, but was amazed to find that the meditation took us to the pyramid in Eygpt to personally receive the Light being poured in from Sirius! At some point in the video she also mentioned Stonehenge and the whole video was about the ‘Gateway’ of 8/8. 

The two poems I mentioned at the beginning (Unite! All Those Of The Light & We Are Ready) were written based on Blossom Goodchild’s messages from The Federation Of Light, but also, so much of what Blossom says is aligned with Amanda’s words too. For me, these two women are bringing through the truth of what is happening on our planet at this momentous time in Earth’s history. They both have lately spoken of the shocking secrets that are now coming to light for those who have not been aware before.

Whatever comes up to the surface now, we all need to brightly shine our Light, to clear the darkness and not get stuck in the slimy gunk!

part of poem: Gaia's Release by Trina Graves - Spiritual Quotes To Live By
image by: Beate Bachmann – Pixabay

Update 28th May 2023 – The Great Awakening

In this time of The Great Awakening it is difficult to know who is speaking truth, looking within using our Inner Discernment is the only way we can navigate our way through. Over the past three years I have listened to many ‘truthers,’ some I knew straight away not to continue with (especially those who only talk of doom & gloom), then some over time I moved away from as their words seemed less and less to ring true.

This vision in June 2019 (before our world was aware of the PLANdemic etc..) stands out to me now as some of the expressions have been mentioned in the Truther community. ‘Watch the waters,’ is a phrase often spoken about with reports of unusual flooding, some say it is the cleansing of the underground tunnels, but whatever the reason I do believe (because of my vision) that waters are being used to ‘cleanse and purify.’ Of course, the Light eradicating the dark is what we are living through at this present time as so many dark deeds are surfacing for us to be made aware of so we can make a stand and say “No! we will not comply or let this continue.”

Another interesting part of my poem is about the ‘dark, thick, slimy gunk,’ my notes at the time were of a ‘black goo,’ but on writing the poem I was trying to be more descriptive. I had not heard of the term ‘black goo,’ and my understanding at that time was of it representing the evil ‘darkness.’ However, over the past three years I came across some truthers talking of ‘Black Goo’ being a malevolent form of artificial intelligence.

For writing this update I have just done a search of ‘black goo’ (on duckduckgo) and found some very interesting results. It is mentioned as something found in ancient Egyptian coffins (a definite link to the poem). Also, it is a common name for Graphine Oxide which in the alternative media reports as being in the Covid vaccines, but ‘fact checkers’ etc.. say is not. I’m not saying it is in the jabs, but so called ‘fact checkers’ are without doubt bias in their decisions!

A very interesting article I came across was on ‘the substance ruling the world black goo graphine oxide’ and is worth taking a look at to discover how much this substance is already in our everyday life, there is also a link to Google Patents where graphine oxide IS listed as being in the vaccine! Reading something like this some people might find to be very negative, however, I believe the way to perceive it is: we need to learn of the things used to manipulate us so we can eliminate them, and, our mind, body and Spirit are Divinely Powerful and can deal with toxicities etc..


Stained Glass Poems

My Vision: end January 2019

Visiting in my mind
Soon after my ‘Birthday Revelation’
I went to Dorchester Abbey
Feeling a little trepidation

My nervousness soon left
As I stood by His side
Remembering well all the times
He’d been my pure Guide

We were looking up at
The beautiful window
And memories surfaced
Of me so long ago…

As a child these windows
Inspired you to bring
Your vibration much higher
Especially while carolling

Many years have passed
And now you can see
How everything has led to
Who you came here to be

These windows represent
The poems you write
Colourful depictions
Always letting in Light

Inspiration is needed
For everyone around
Positivity shines through
In both can be found

Placed to visit
Where anyone can see
Once viewed becoming
Imbued in memory

Each one tells a story
That needs to be told
Throughout the ages
For young and for old

Many small parts
Make up the whole
Each one essential
To reflect God’s goal

Bringing forth in physical
Colourful beauty and Light
Telling of the stories
To inspire Love to shine bright

Trina Graves – 12th June 2019

About This Poem

In my previous poemA Birthday Revelation‘ I told of how the guide I have been meeting in visualization since 1999, who I knew of as James, revealed to me His true identity – Jesus.

This was my first ‘visit’ knowing I would be meeting Jesus and not James, I felt nervous as I approached Him standing underneath the stained glass windows on the right side of the picture below, but soon relaxed as He spoke the words that inspired this poem.

After these visits, or the following day if at night, I make notes of what happened and is said, but of course, it is not word-for-word. When I eventually sit to write the poem I always pray and ask for guidance for the words, which always seem to flow easily with these vision poems. 

Stained Glass Poems - by Trina Graves - Spiritual Quotes To Live By

A Birthday Revelation

Waking in the early hours
Of my birthday this year
No idea why I couldn’t sleep
Now I know, the reason so clear

I had recently re-visited
A visualization exercise
I’d began the summer of 99
Twenty years, my..  how time flies!

Usually on a beach I’d meet
My guide James and we’d talk
His wisdom often very profound
As in the sunshine we would walk

I hadn’t done this for a long time
No meeting place had seemed right
But, the re-visit a few days before
Brought back a memorable site

Dorchester Abbey, a childhood place
I loved, so I’d met James there
Getting back to the morning
My birthday joy I wanted to share

As I walked down the aisle
I saw James in the front pew
Then he leapt up, facing me
Arms outstretched, at once I knew

He was Jesus, and not James
Surprised! I wasn’t expecting this
Time stood still as it sank in
And our past visits I reminisced

I thought of how I’d wondered
Before of the similarity
A pure and gentle loving nature
Looking how I thought Jesus would be

But I’d always tell myself:
“Don’t jump to that conclusion
It’s just your wishful thinking
Creeping into this illusion”

As Jesus waited patiently
For my mind to take in it all
Not one word did He say
But His embracing smile I recall

Just as I accepted the truth
My human doubt gave me a kick
‘Delusions of grandeur’ my thought
So I left there, rather too quick!

The significance of the date
Was this a sign? Could it be?
His Lovingly Blissful Presence
At my birth, my mum did see

But I never ‘felt’ a thing
So I let this vision go
Forgetting it even happened
I put a block to that flow!

A week or two passed
Then began a constant process
Many synchronicities and signs
Miraculously tuned my awareness

Listening to a radio talk-show
Emailing messages to a friend
Thoughts came to me often
Bringing clarity, for me to mend

Through these I learned my blocks
Self-worth, fear of it all being real
And not feeling the Divine Bliss
Now, how from these could I heal?

I knew I had to visit Jesus
To find out some more
So to the Abbey I went
In my mind just as before

Jesus then explained to me
Why I’d blocked His identity
I just was not at all ready
My doubt would make me flee

So over the years we’d met
To establish a relationship
My friend, a brotherly companion
No ‘Deity’ worship taking a grip

Being worthy of His Presence
Now I could understand
Every Soul that ever exists
Is truly worthy to take His hand

My fear of it being real
I soon came to realize
I’d have to share this truth
Would other people criticize?

The last block to dissolve
Came from words of my own
My latest poem, just before Christmas
Wow! The seed was really sown!

Jesus: The Christ was the poem
All about His many names
And the reason for His Presence
So why could one not be James?

The significance of this poem
Was that I’d gone with the flow
No intention for the words
The relevance now clearly on show

And then I read the words
Added to my blog in December
Preparing to write the poem
I did something I didn’t remember

I always ask for guidance
Before each poem I write
But this was the first time I asked
For Jesus, to guide my words right

As I asked I felt overwhelming
Tears of pureness and love
I unthinkingly immediately blocked this
Still remaining connected to the above

So here, in my own words, my reason
For not feeling the immense emotion
On being in His Presence
I’d given myself the notion!

Everything happens for a reason
I have always believed to be true
All those years of preparation
Were meant to happen too

Trina Graves – 11th June 2019
Vision: 18th January 2019

About This Poem

When I posted my poem ‘Footprints Of Light’, in the ‘About This Poem’ section I had already written about the story of my ‘Birthday Revelation’ there are more details there than I have included in the poem, and at the end I also mentioned that I now believed I needed to write more poems on my experiences to share with others, so if you are interested in finding out more, please take a look there.

‘Jesus: The Christ’  as mentioned in the poem is all about His names and you can also read what I wrote before posting this on Christmas Day.

There is also a link page to my other ‘Vision Poems.’

quote from poem: A Birthday Revelation by Trina Graves - Spiritual Quotes To Live By

The photo is an old one I took years ago of looking down the aisle of Dorchester Abbey. I got the picture of Jesus online (dressed in white as I saw) so I placed it where He was stood in my vision.

The Containing Circle

Going to the beach to meet James
My visualization Guide
Where everything becomes clear
As constant as the tide

But instead I found my mum
There on the sandy beach
I thought her Higher Self
Must have come to teach

She led me to lots of people
Sat in a circle on the ground
And instantly in the middle
I was then to be found

Surrounded by loved ones
From my life who had taught
Me lessons, or influenced me
Whether given or sought

My parents, siblings, children
Grandchildren and friends
I didn’t acknowledge them all
It seemed the circle never ends

And then standing just behind them
Encircling, there were more
I knew these were all Spirit
I just felt it at my core

I questioned, were they Guides
For all the people sat around?
‘No’ came the answer
For me they were all bound

Then I followed an impulse
To get up and walk away
Turning to look at them all
Would they follow or stay?

Some had disappeared
From those that were sitting
The others smiled and watched
Their love for me still emitting

My Spirit Guides and Helpers
Had followed me on
Then as I walked further
My seeing them had gone

I knew they were with me
Wherever I might tread
And understanding of all this
Came into my head

I must step out of the encirclement
To not be contained by those I love
And follow my own path
Guided by those of the above

Trina Graves – 12th June 2019
Vision: July 2003

About This Poem

When I began these visualization exercises in 1999 I had no idea they would one day lead to me writing poems about them! Now, looking back, it has been a natural development and I am often amazed that after reading my notes of a visualization, a poem then so easily flows to tell the story.

The wisdom of this visualization seems so obvious to me now, but back in 2003 it was just another interesting experience to note and keep. I had been told to write everything down (because one day I would need it!) in a message given to me at a Spiritualist Church many years before. Today, that message and these poems that have developed from that initial guidance are (for me) proof of eternal life and a knowing of my own path. 

Although we are all One, we are also individual aspects of the Divine, and therefore have our own uniqueness that will not match even those we are closest to and love most dearly. My beliefs and path are certainly in a different direction than my parents and siblings, and my intense desire for a more spiritual life is not a match to my children and grandchildren’s priorities (yet!) However, many of them are aware of (or becoming aware of) and acknowledging the Spiritual aspect of life. I am certain that several of my grandchildren are empathic and I know that as this generation grows to maturity, with the Light that is expanding, they will all be able to perceive and understand much more than I do.

I share a few of my poems with my family, but I know they are not that interested in them. But, I hope that one day they will be ready to read and hopefully learn from them. It will also give them an insight and understanding of me and my beliefs.

I have a link page of my Vision Poems if you would like to read more.

quote from poem: The Containing Circle by Trina Graves - Spiritual Quotes To Live By

Be Love, Seek Joy

My Vision: 19th November 2014

Nearing the end of 2014
I decided to visit the beach
A visualization in my mind
When answers I couldn’t reach

I’d been going round in circles
Not knowing which way to turn
What should I focus on?
Was my dominant concern

James was there waiting
Through the years, my guide
I asked him my question
Noticing the constant tide

It was a very short visit
His words were only four
But their impact of truth
I’ll remember forever more

“Be Love, Seek Joy”
Was all that he said
‘The only guidance I need’
In my diary, I just read

So, Be the Love you are
And everything else will flow
No matter what happens
Love is the way to go

Seek Joy in what you do
Each and every single day
Life is supposed to be fun
Loving Beings at play

Trina Graves – 16th March 2019

About This Poem

This is another one of my poems about one of my visualization/visions that I have been doing occasionally since 1999. To read more and find out how it all started I have a link page.

After this vision in 2014, I Googled: ‘Be Love, Seek Joy’ to see if it was a known quote from anyone – to confirm I wasn’t just remembering it, and to see if it was okay to use it on my Spiritual Quotes To Live By site, without having to credit it to someone, so that I could make a picture out of it as a divider. I didn’t find it, so went ahead.

Be Love, Seek Joy - Trina Graves quote - Spiritual Quotes To Live By

The flowers are cut-outs from my nature photos I take to make up my quote pictures.

Of course, there are many who wisely say to ‘Seek Joy’ and I especially know that it is often told by Abraham-Hicks – who I have listened to and learned from for many years, but, the important thing is to ‘Be Love’ first. By always coming from a place of love the joy will flow effortlessly, and you can also be at peace knowing that everything you create for your joy will always be for the highest good of the all.

Be Love, Seek Joy - Trina Graves quote - Spiritual Quotes To Live By

Ascending The Fun-Fair Of Life

Vision: 15th December 2012

It was in December 2012
Everywhere was Ascension talk
A few days before the 21st
I wondered what path we’d walk

Questioning, ‘What is Ascension?’
I went to find answers in my mind
A visit with James on the beach
And clarity of guidance I knew I’d find

But the beach just didn’t seem right
Woods?.. Mountain top high in the air?
And then I was in a new place
A field full with a travelling fun-fair

James was nowhere in sight
So I thought I’d go for a walk
Around the sights and sounds
As I did, I heard his voice talk

“With all the different rides to go on
Life is like a great FUN-fair
Exciting, noisy, lots going on
And high drama, if you dare”

“Children love all the fun
Of a colourful, simple ride
Parents know to keep them away
From those where scary things hide”

“If you want to get a high view
Take a trip on the Big Wheel
But the cycle of life has its downs
What’s important is how you feel”

“Some people love the fast rides
And crave a dangerous element
Forces pressing, tossed about
Highest drama in physicality sent”

“It’s best to only ride what you enjoy
But that’s not what most will do
A multitude of reasons why
These are some to give you a clue”

“Peer pressure, fitting in with friends
Not wanting to feel left out
May cause you to take on things
That you fear, or just give you doubt”

“Enticed by the hard sell
Or blatantly just dared
Not wanting to accept defeat
Can win over, even if truly scared”

“And then there are also those
Who’ve given their control away
Unknowingly manipulated by others
Which ride?… what to do, every day”

“There are always a few
Who just want to take in the sights
Not venturing this time on the rides
All choices… no wrongs or rights”

As I reached the other side
I noticed James just up ahead
Looking younger, dressed in jeans
Baseball cap, backwards, on his head

Between us a white picket fence
I then saw, surrounded the fair
A barrier with no visible gate
Then one appeared, so I went out there

I asked James what will happen
When Ascension comes along
He said “This fair will end
And all the rides will be gone”

“People will have a choice
To continue on in another fair
Or let go of the perpetual rides
High drama and intoxicating glare”

“To simply BE in peace and Joy
Living as One in unity
Love and Light flowing to all
Surrounded by beauty all can see”

Behind James was another field
Picturesque of Heaven above
Children happily ran and played
I could feel the Joy and the Love

James asked me, “Would you be
Willing to let all your family go
Especially your little grandchildren
And their parents… yes or no?”

I thought all the children would Ascend
When that time came to be
James said, “Even they have a choice
Always freewill for all of humanity”

We walked closer to the fence
And I understood its presence there
A barrier between the two worlds
I could see over, but not physically share

Joyful groups gathered to watch
Their precious Loved ones go for a ride
Knowing they could give guidance
Sending their energy to the other side

I felt a sense of Peace
And then drifted off to sleep
That fateful day came and went
But Ascension knowledge I now keep

Trina Graves – 13th March 2019

About This Poem

This is another one of my poems that describes one of the visions and messages I have been given over the years. There is a link page to the other poems I’ve written so far if you would like to know more about this.

This was one of my visions that helped me to accept that there was no way I was just thinking these all by myself. The majority of them had been on a beach, with only a few elsewhere, but they were always scenes of beauty in nature. The way this one took me to somewhere I wasn’t expecting to go, and with how much sense it all made, as I saw and listened to this all in my mind, it was amazing to me. 

I did get caught up in the long build-up to that much hyped date – 22nd December 2012 – and when the day came and went, with nothing noticeable happening, I must admit I was a little disappointed. At that time I listened a lot to Abraham-Hicks, so I should have taken more notice of what they were saying, in that it would just be another day, like any other! 

There had also been another prediction in 2008, to do with disclosure, that I had also followed and hoped would happen, but it did not. But, my conclusion for that one also made sense for this non-occurrence too.

I believe that these things happen – or I should say, are predicted but don’t happen – to get our attention and to open more minds, so that we can then focus on these things to bring them about ourselves. The quote: ‘We are the ones we have been waiting for’ has a profound truth, as it is us that need to raise our vibration to bring about these changes. 

I also think that this date was a turning point in the tipping of the scales on our planet of duality, as we started to gain momentum in bringing the Light through.

part of poem: Ascending The Fun-Fair Of Life by Trina Graves - Spiritual Quotes To Live By
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Update 12th May 2023 – The Great Awakening

We certainly have been on a very high drama ride over the past few years, which seems to be intensifying each day! This vision/poem has more meaning to me now as the ‘reasons’ explained for staying clear of what we don’t enjoy have become very evident.

‘Peer pressure’ used to manipulate people to follow the rules and take the experimental jab, even though they might doubt it, and there was a definite ‘hard sell’ used by government, mainstream media & health services, their over-the-top fear mongering caused millions to be ‘truly scared. Which led to an alarming amount of people to add to those who had already ‘given their control away’ to be told ‘Which ride?… what to do, every day.’

I believe part of ‘The Great Awakening’ is for us to choose NOT to go on any of the ‘Fun-Fair Of Life’ rides, to be able to walk around the ‘attractions’ without taking part, accepting that we all have free-choice to ride or not.

The mainstream fun-fair is provided to keep us distracted and occupied with all the high drama, so we are not inclined to take the time to question anything about it, especially the overall effects and safety.

The ‘Ascension’ that was so talked about in 2012 is about ‘The Great Awakening.’ as we open up to there being so much more to life than we were led to believe, our vibration raises and we take a leap in our Ascension process. We are heading towards a future New Earth…

“To simply BE in Peace and Joy
Living as One in Unity
Love and Light flowing to all
Surrounded by Beauty all can see”


Watch Out For The Seekers

My Vision: 2003

I met James on the beach
Just as I did before
Wondering what he’d say
I wanted to learn more

We stood at the end
By the edge of the sea
The beach began to fill
With many a family

One little boy playing
I noticed near by
With bucket and spade
Then, time began to fly

The years passed quickly
And families returned
Drawn to the beach
Relaxation they yearned

The boy had grown
Now, a young lad
Still playing in the sand
Always fun to be had

But then he looked up
As he noticed near by
A man was ‘preaching’
He went to listen why

Returning to his play
It became known to me
Everyone was caught up
In their own lives, by the sea

The years carried on
The boy, now a man
Relaxed on the beach
Enjoying getting a tan

Eyes closed, deep in thought
A memory surfaced one day
Of hearing the ‘preacher’
And what he came to say

He walked in the direction
Of where he had heard
Thinking of the wisdom
Now evident in every word

As this happened I was told
People are caught up in living
Many not noticing around them
The beauty of what is given

But some will hear
And take it all in
Dormantly waiting
For their path to begin

They become a Seeker
Of Truth, Love and Light
Now set on a course
For a future so bright

‘Watch Out For The Seekers’
James said, and he went
I wrote the vision down
Acknowledging wisdom sent


I became a Seeker
In the 90’s, years ago
Even these visions, at first
Their truth, I didn’t know

Things I first heard
Back in my distant past
Return with new meaning
Insightfulness hits at last

I write for the Seekers
Of the future and now
Guided by the inspiration
I receive, and I allow

This vision taught me
To never give in
Sharing my words of truth
Time will always win

Divine Timing unfolds
With Joy I do my part
Sharing with all
With Love from my Heart

Trina Graves – 12th March 2019

About This Poem
A week ago I added ‘Footprints Of Light, and at the end I wrote that I it had just come to me that the visualizations I have been doing for many years are not just for me, and that I would be writing more poems about them. 

This week I have written many poems. Each time, before I start, I pray and ask for guidance for the title or theme, and the words. Three times the poems have been of these visions. This was the first poem I wrote this week and I knew, as soon as I asked, what it would be. The fact that it was of one of my visualizations, and out of them, the one chosen first to now write about, gives me confirmation of last weeks guidance.

For those who are interested, or want to find out more about my visions/visualizations I have a page with some details and links to the poems of my visions.

quote from poem 'Watch Out For The Seekers' by Trina Graves - Spiritual Quotes To Live By

Update 12th May 2023 – The Great Awakening

I believe this vision was guidance for me relevant to ‘The Great Awakening’ that we are currently going through. As more and more people daily are Awakening to what has been going on for so very long in our world, that was kept hidden from us, and also Awakening to knowing they are Divine Spiritual Beings who hold the true power, I hope anyone who finds my words (from this or any other of my poems) will get some comfort or inspiration from them.

We are all individual ‘Seekers’ on our Spiritual Paths, whether we realise it or not, some will journey far along their path (especially now at this time) and others may not even take that first step in their present lifetime. All-Is-Well, and as it should be.


My Footprints In The Sand

Affirming The Classics: based on Footprints In The Sand (author unknown)

One night I had a dream.
I dreamed I was walking along a beach with the Lord.
Across the sky flashed scenes from my life.
For each scene, I noticed two sets of footprints in the sand;
     one belonging to me, and the other to the Lord.

When the last scene of my life flashed before me
     I looked back at the footprints in the sand
I noticed that sometimes along the path of my life
     there was only one set of footprints.

Then I realized that it was when I moved closer to the Lord
     and our footsteps combined, that I was happier.
These were the times in my life I felt an abundance of love, gratitude and peace.

The Lord said to me:
“You are my beloved, precious child of the Light.
I Am with you now and forever,
but you always have freewill to follow your own path.

My footprints are there beside you, to guide you, if you choose.
No matter what, I will always love you unconditionally.

Trina Graves – 6th February 2019

About This Poem

My last post Footprints Of Light was my first poem of Affirming The Classic of Footprints In The Sand. In the ‘About’ section of the post I told of my experience in having a new vision of Footprints. As I was writing it, I also knew I would be doing this version, which is very much closer to the original.

As I said previously – The original Footprints poem depicts our helplessness in facing the struggles of life, we are picked up and carried by the Lord to see us through. But, we are now stronger and no longer need to be carried. Instead we are now able to accept our Divinity and walk alongside His footsteps, using our freewill to consciously walk in His way.

And of course, however we chose to live our lives, we are eternally loved unconditionally.

Affirming The Classics: My Footprints In The Sand - by Trina Graves of Spiritual Quotes To Live By

Update: Although this poem is very close to the original, it was only re-written due to a vision I had, so I have included it with my other poems of these experiences. You can easily access them all from my link page: Visions. There is also a link page for more poems of the series: Affirming The Classics. 

Footprints Of Light

My Vision – 3rd February 2019
Affirming The Classics: Footprints In The Sand

I walked with my friend Jesus beside the sea
Knowing that with me He would always be
I was on the damp, dense sand of the Earth
He on soft, light and golden, with me since birth

We turned to look at the footprints we’d made
But only one set could I see out there laid
Weaving in and out of the waves of the sea
At various depths were the footprints of me

I recalled and went to a time in my past
Heavy-hearted, my feet sinking fast
Into the sea of life I’d gone too deep
But near to me Jesus would always keep

Looking back at our footprints I now saw
Rays of Light I did not notice there before
Straight and True His prints were of the Light
A way to Be, His Loving Path shined so bright

Then I noticed the more delicate steps of mine
Were as I moved closer and I did combine
My own path with the Light of His Way
On soft, golden sands with Him I now stay

One more lesson His Footprints came to tell
Gratitude to Mother Earth and to keep her well
He left no imprint, only Blessings of Light
My Inner Being knows this vision to be right

Trina Graves – 6th February 2019

About This Poem

When I began this series of re-writing my favourite inspirational poems to change them into Affirmations, Footprints In The Sand was one of the first I looked at to work on. It has always been one of my favourite poems but as I read it, even though I could see that it had some negative aspects I couldn’t see how I could change it, so I let it go.

However, it seems that was not meant to be! And by sharing with you the following I am taking (for me) a monumental step forward! But, I know I need to do this, to ‘Speak My Truth and share the Light.

For many years I have visualized meeting a ‘guide’ of mine called James on a beach (and eventually other places) to ask questions and receive guidance. My very first meeting (in 1999) I eventually made into a poem: Insight where you can read the story of what happened. Back then I thought it was a strange imaginary experience, I wrote it down and put it away (for many years). One day I came across the poem and was astonished as I finally saw the significance and from then onwards I would visit when I felt the need.

Over the past year or so I have not done the visualization very often, and more recently I always found I was struggling with where to meet! Nothing seemed to easily flow so I would give up, knowing that if it’s not flowing, it’s not right.

In January, a few days before my birthday, I watched a channelling done by Amanda Ellis of Michael Jackson. Amanda had said that there would be inner-child healing done during the channelling and I certainly felt something shift. Before it started I felt drawn to pick up a rose quartz crystal and, without giving it any thought, I held it against my heart all the way through the two hour video. As the link with Michael came to an end he said that one of the easiest ways for anyone to link with him was by holding a rose quartz crystal as it opens the heart! I was totally amazed!!! To me, this proved I was meant to watch this and that it was of the truth.

Over the next couple of days I certainly felt as though something had happened, I couldn’t put it into words, but there was definitely something ‘healed.’ And I also noticed synchronistic things happening very quickly towards further healing.

I’m not sure if it was this video, or in another where Amanda was talking about Michael, but he had said to do something we liked doing as a child. I gave this some thought and a memory of sitting in an Abbey that was next door to my primary school came to me. I especially used to love it at Christmas time when we would go there and sing Christmas carols, and I would gaze at the magnificent stained glass windows. I then thought it would be a wonderful place to meet James, so I visited him there a couple of times before what happened next.

In the very early hours of my birthday, – there is an extremely important significance to it being my birthday, but I can’t go into that as it is not my story to tell – I awoke and could not get back to sleep. I decided to pay a visit to Dorchester Abbey and meet James. As I walked down the aisle I could see him seated at the front waiting for me. As I approached him he sprang up out of the pew and stood before me in the centre, arms outstretched, surrounded by Light and in that moment I knew he was not James, but Jesus. At that moment a multitude of thoughts all happened at once: I was shocked, but then not, as I remembered many times when I had wondered if James was not who he said, because he seemed like Jesus – in Energy and image – and then thoughts such as  ‘Am I just imagining this because I’ve wondered before?’ then the doubt really swept in.. and it wasn’t long before I let go of the visualizing, with thoughts of ‘my delusions of grandeur.’   

I must have put all this to the back of my mind because it didn’t re-surface until I was emailing Amira (BodyAndSoulNourishmentBlog), and over the course of many days the memory and all my doubts were brought to the surface, and then something synchronistic would happen to explain why I was doubting. This happened all so miraculously and would take a long time to explain, but my on-going journey of discovery was manifested largely triggered through emails with Amira. I was shown that ‘James’ had not revealed who he truly was because I was not ready to accept this, and I would not have returned to continue our meetings as I felt I was not worthy. By coming to me as ‘James’ I could accept him as a friend first. 

The way in which all this has unfolded has been very convincing proof of it’s truth, but in all honesty I am still not quite there yet on 100% Being this truth. My biggest doubt has been ‘Why do I not feel a much stronger Energy when I am ‘talking’ with Him?’  The answer I got is that I have raised my energy enough to not feel a greater difference and because we have been meeting as ‘friends’ for so many years. (more to this later, but I am leaving this writing chronologically as the experiences happened and also not editing this earlier writing.)

Getting back to this poem. 
As I worked my way through the doubts I hesitantly visited the Abbey to meet with Jesus. It was only a short ‘visit’ as we looked at, and talked about the stained glass windows. But the next time I went to visit we were instead back on the beach and I asked if He had any ‘story messages’ to tell me (as before when I met ‘James’). This poem is what happened next, and I of course realized it was a new telling of Footprints In The Sand. The poem I thought would not be done! Interestingly, when I wrote the poem, a week or so later, I was stuck for the last line, apart from knowing the last word (to rhyme with Light) was ‘right.’ It then came to me that it was not to be part of the story, but an affirmation for me to accept it.

After writing this poem of my vision I also wrote another sticking much more to the original Footprints, but also combining it with this one to turn it into more of an affirmation.  ‘My Footprints In The Sand’ 

Affirming The Classics: Footprints Of Light by Trina Graves - Spiritual Quotes To Live By

I have had this post drafted and ready to add for a few weeks. Since that time I have had another realization to do with my doubts of this experience. Back in December I wrote a poem called ‘Jesus: The Christ‘ if you read the poem and what I wrote about it you can see that (1) It is all about the names of Jesus. (2) It was written without the intention of being all about His names. (3) I started with a list of His names intending to just use a few, but used them all. (4) The poem flowed easily to use not only all of the names, but also why He came, which includes being a guide for you and me. (5) Before I started writing the poem I asked for help from Jesus (this was the first time I had done this when writing) and I immediately felt an emotional response which I blocked!!!  

I had forgotten about this poem, and now I can easily see the significance that only a few weeks before this experience I had written all about His many names, so why not James? And one of my biggest doubts was because I did not feel the emotional response I thought I should. And now I read my own words telling me I blocked it! Wow!!!

9th March 2019
All of the above was written before today, and although some of it is mentioned in my last post I have left this as I originally wrote it, which was mostly almost a month ago. When I did write it, I knew I was not ready to share this story (except with Amira) so as other poems were written, I thankfully posted them before this one! But, as I always know – Everything Happens For A Reason – and in those few weeks I have not only had more clarification in the truth of it, but I also have come to know that NOW is the time to speak our truth and stand steadfast in our Light for all to see. I Am ready!

Mostly from my own experiences, but also from the videos I have been led to watch lately, I believe that Jesus is available to us all, with no limits of our religion or worthiness etc.. We need to let go of the past history and conditioning of perceiving him as a Deity on High and accept him as a brother or friend to us all. Humanity and the world has changed so much since Jesus walked the Earth over two thousand years ago. Everything is always expanding and growing, so the Jesus of then is not the Jesus of now! His teachings would of course remain at their core the same, but they would be expanded upon and taught differently to those of the past.

The original Footprints poem depicts our helplessness in facing the struggles of life, we are picked up and carried by the Lord to see us through. But, we are now stronger and no longer need to be carried. Instead we are now able to accept our Divinity and walk alongside His footsteps, using our freewill to consciously walk in His way… making our own Footprints Of Light.

Just before I sat to write this last part today, it came to me that my experiences of these visualizations over the years are not just for me! So I believe I am going to be writing some more poems on the ones from my past, and whatever comes in the future!


Update: I do now have more poems of these experiences, which I have brought together on a link page: Visions. There is also a link page for more: Affirming The Classics. 


My Vision: Summer 1999

Before writing a poem I pray for guidance
But today, I still couldn’t get the theme
So I decided to visit my tranquil beach
Where my answers are revealed in a dream

This simple, insightful tool I discovered
Many years ago in a Betty Shine book
Meeting my Guide at my peaceful place
Counsel I’d always get, if the time I took

By just letting whatever images flow
Without blocking them by my thought
My questions are always answered
And wise guidance to me is brought

My first ever visit to The Beach
In summer of 99, I soon forgot
But years later I found my notes
Understanding then hit the spot

I had gone to seek the ultimate answer
Of what I was here in this life to do
I walked bare-foot on the sandy beach
And was met by someone I never knew

I didn’t have to ask his name
‘James’ just slipped into my mind
He was about my age, in a robe
Serene, gentle, loving and kind

We were looking out at the ocean
He said “It’s a vast world out there”
Then he turned me around to the beach
And hundreds of people were everywhere

They were rushing around in fast motion
As if watching fast-forward on TV
James told me to hold love in my heart
And reach out to touch someone carefully

As I touched someone they stopped
Relaxed, slowly moving on, smiling at me
I was told that by touching people’s lives
I could set them on their path to God naturally

James asked me to do it again
This time a child stopped as I reached out
“Children are easier to bring back to God
They haven’t strayed as far,” without a doubt

At the time of that very first meeting
I wasn’t ready to ‘hear’ or understand
The momentous, insightful wisdom
Available to all and so easily at hand

So, getting back to my visit today
James met me on the beach as before
Immediately, I knew what my theme would be
The Beach and what I came here for

Trina Graves – 2nd December 2016

About This Poem

This is one of the experiences of my life where I received something, but never understood or appreciated its meaning for many years – as another poem says: You Only Hear What You Are Ready To Hear.

I am truly grateful for a message I received at a Spiritualist Church in May 1994, I had only gone a few times before and different mediums had given me a couple of messages from unknown sources, but this one was different. Not only was I given his name, but the medium described how, for the last few years of his life, this person had to stand leaning over against a chair/table just to be able to breathe a little easier. She also described his personality exactly right, so I had no doubt that it was my uncle, who had emphysema and died in January 1992.

The main point of the message was that I should write everything down, because one day I would need it! I had on-and-off kept a diary, so I tried my best to continue. But, I would always write down on bits and pieces of paper anything that I thought relevant or unusual that occurred. Without this advice I would not have re-discovered earlier experiences  to learn and grow from.. and also write poems about!

When I originally carried out this visualization exercise in 1999, I just thought it was interesting and (following the advice) wrote it down and put it away. I’m not sure when it was I recovered the notes – I probably have it written down somewhere! – but I do remember feeling totally amazed, not only in the words and understanding their significance, but also in wondering why I never realized it before! I typed out the story on a photograph of a beach and placed it where I could see it often, to remind me of why I am here.

I have taken other trips to the beach (and other locations) in visualizations and had some more interesting encounters, but I don’t do it very often as I don’t feel the need and think it would make it less remarkable.


I now have more poems of these visualizations, so I made a link page called Visions to bring them together.
Also, I have written a poem ‘My Catalyst’ that tells more of the story about my uncle’s part in my life

Insight - Spiritual Poem by Trina Graves - Spiritual Quotes To Live By