Wake Up!

This is a link page of my earlier poems (pre-2020) that I hope will shed some Light on our world to enable people to ‘Wake Up’ from the hypnotic, controlling ways of society. More recent ‘Wake Up’ poems are listed on 2020: Apex Of Duality including one named ‘wake up… Wake Up… WAKE UP!!!

Until 2018 I would focus all my poems only on the positive. I was well aware of the negative side of life, but as I followed the teachings of Abraham-Hicks I wanted to only give my attention to and portray the positive. However, through various synchronicities and my realization that even Abraham speak of the negative to demonstrate where NOT to put your attention, I found that I wanted to ‘Speak My Truth’ and therefore hopefully enlighten and Wake Up some of the masses, or at least, give guidance to those who are in the process of Awakening. 

I believe we are in a time of the Great Awakening, as our beautiful planet sheds the over-balance of the dark and returns to the Light. The number of people waking up each day is growing exponentially, and as we all bring our Light forth to shine, our united power is clearing the negativity that has smothered our planet and humanity throughout thousands of years. 

Not all of the poems are completely about ‘Awakening’ but they all contain at least one relevant verse. Poems are listed alphabetically on title.

A Rose Can Live Among The Thorns

Gaia Is No Victim

Gaia’s Release

Inner Discernment

It’s The Same World

Let Them Follow Their Own Compass

Mission Impossible To Ignore

Nothing Is By Chance

Pull The Plug

Resignation Syndrome: Wake Up World!

Speak Your Truth

Surrender To The Flow

Switch To High Beam

The Greatest Illusion

The Message

The Secrets Of The Universe

The Vision Box

Unite! All Those Of The Light

We Are Ready!

You Are A Physical Extension Of Source Energy

You Are The Light Of The World

You Only Hear What You Are Ready To Hear

part of 'Inner Discernment' poem by Trina Graves - Spiritual Quotes To Live By