The Great Awakening

I believe we are in a time of the Great Awakening, as our beautiful planet sheds the over-balance of the dark and returns to the Light. The number of people ‘waking up’ each day is growing exponentially, and as we all bring our Light forth to shine, our united power is clearing the negativity that has smothered our planet and humanity throughout thousands of years.

I am still in the process of compiling this category, it is taking some time as I am doing an update on each of these posts to write about why it is included as a poem for The Great Awakening. I am also using these poems and information to make a book of this theme.  

Poems are listed by the date they were written. My earlier poems in the first block do not contain any negativity or mention of the cabel etc.., however they do talk of subjects that are all part of The Great Awakening.

From August 2018 (second block) I began to write more specifically about the darkness, control and manipulation of humanity. This began with ‘Nothing Is By Chance’ and my realization of this now being my Path is talked about on this post. The last poem of that section ‘Divine Timing’ was written just before the PLANdemic took a grip of our world, the remaining poems were written during this time and more will be added as they are posted.

2001 to 2018

The Veil To All Knowledge
Feeling Is The Language Of The Soul
– Conversations With God quote poem
Thought, Word & Deed Are The Three Levels Of Creation
– Conversations With God quote poem
Inner Guidance
Is This Who I Am?
I Know
You Are The Creator Of Your Own Life Experience
– Abraham-Hicks quote poem
There Is Great Love Here For You
– Abraham-Hicks quote poem
You Only Hear What You Are Ready To Hear
– Abraham-Hicks quote poem
You Are A Physical Extension Of Source Energy
– Abraham-Hicks quote poem
You Cannot Be Separated From Source
– Abraham-Hicks quote poem
Nothing Stays The Same
– Conversations With God quote poem
Before We Were Born
– Spiritual poem for children
Why Did You Come Here?
– Spiritual poem for children
Through The Eyes Of Source
– Abraham-Hicks quote poem
You Will Know Your Path By The Fun Of It
– Abraham-Hicks quote poem
Change The Way You Look At Things And The Things You Look At Change
– Wayne Dyer quote poem
The Law Of Attraction: A to Z
Let Them Follow Their Own Compass
– Wayne Dyer quote poem
The Message

While We Are Sleeping Angels Have Conversations With Our Souls – Unknown source quote poem
All Is Well With My Soul
– Julian of Norwich quote poem
Radiate An Energy Of Serenity & Peace
– Wayne Dyer quote poem
What We Are Today Comes From Our Thoughts Of Yesterday
– Buddha quote poem
Teach Only Love
– A Course In Miracles quote poem
You Are The Light Of The World
– A Course In Miracles quote poem
What Would Love Do Now?
– Conversations With God quote poem
Speak Your Truth
The Super Power

September 2018 to 1st March 2020

When some of my writing began to speak of the control/manipulation of the elites/cabel etc..

Nothing Is By Chance
Switch To High Beam
– LightWorker poem
The Greatest Illusion
It’s The Same World
– Wayne Dyer quote poem
Pull The Plug
Desiderata Fulfilled
– Affiming The Classics
I Breathe The Breath Of God
– Affiming The Classics
The Vision Box
Inner Discernment

Jesus: Then & Now
Watch Out For The Seekers
– My Vision poem
A Rose Can Live Among The Thorns
– Unknown source quote poem
Ascending The Fun-Fair Of Life
– My Vision poem
Be Love, Seek Joy
– My Vision poem
The Lord’s Prayer In Oneness
– Affiming The Classics
The I Am Prayer
– Affiming The Classics
Living One Vibrational Energy
– Unknown source quote poem
Father: The Changing Role
Today’s Father
Surrender To The Flow
There Is Nothing Permanent Except Change
– Heraclitus quote poem
Don’t Stumble Over Something Behind You
– Seneca quote poem
We Are Ready!
– LightWorker poem
Unite! All Those Of The Light
LightWorker poem
Gaia’s Release – My Vision poem
Resignation Syndrome: Wake Up World!
Allowing Well-Being
– Abraham-Hicks quote poem
The Most Important Things In Life
– Unknown source quote poem
The Secrets Of The Universe
– Nikola Telsa quote poem
Amazing Grace: Awakened Senses
– Affirming The Classics
Gaia Is No Victim
Mission Impossible To Ignore – LightWorker poem
I Walk In The Light
– Affirming The Classics

The remaining poems I still have to write an update on, I will add the link once completed, however, the majority of them are posted so can be searched for.

The Lord’s My True Guide
– Affirming The Classics
Born To Stand Out
– Dr Seus quote poem
The Everlasting Light
– Christmas poem based on O’ Little Town Of Bethlehem
Potential At Birth
– Christmas poem
Peace On Earth
– Christmas poem
The Answers Are Within
– My Vision poem
No Limits
– My Vision poem
Divine Timing

The PLANdemic Years

Rise Above The Fear
False Evidence Appearing Real
2020 Vision
Safe At Home
Physical Not Social
Apart But Never Alone
Look For The Rainbows
The Clarion Call
The Old Energy Dies Hard
– Kryon quote poem
Covid-19 Numerology poem
2020: The PLANdemic
Two Sides To Every Story
The Path – My Vision poem
That’s Not For Me… I Choose
2020: A to Z
New Earth: No Tags
2020: Never Mind What Is
– Abraham-Hicks quote poem updated
Switch Off
Masking The Truth
Opening The Door
New Earth: The News
New Earth: Know & Affirm
Christmas 2020
New Earth
Armour Of God
wake up, Wake Up, WAKE UP!
The Blinkered Race
Difficult Roads Lead To Beautiful Destinations
New Earth: Permission Slips Not Required
It’s All About The Children
A Light In The Storm
– My Vision poem
New Earth: The Gift Of Free Choice
Made In The Image Of God
Free-Choice Creation
The Time Is Now
– My Vision poem
Difficult Times Sow Seeds Of Future Wisdom
Break The Cycle
Death Is The Greatest Illusion
A Path Is Formed By Walking
God’s Love Is Unconditional
Your Menu
Awaken To God Within
Eyes To See & Ears To Hear
The Turning Tide
What Will It Take?
– poem based on video of Blossom Goodchild
We Are In This Together
Expressions Of God