Create Something

Inspirational Poem For Children

Write about something that you’ve done
Or all the ways you like to have fun
Make a list of the things you like…
Playing card games, or riding your bike

Write your thoughts and feelings down
It makes you feel better, clearing a frown
Write down something you’re thankful for
Makes you realise.. there’s always more

Getting creative, imagination takes flight
Writing a story or poem is such a delight
Even if you don’t finish, it matters not
You will still learn from the words you’ve got

Draw some pictures of things around
Lots of ideas are easily found
Copy some drawings from a book
There’s always something, if you look

Don’t worry at all if things go wrong
Remember to the human race you belong
We all learn the most from our mistakes
Practise, practise, practise… Better makes!

Trina Graves – 17th March 2019

About This Poem

For Christmas last year I wrote a couple of poems about creating handmade gifts, (A Handmade Christmas, A Handmade Gift) so this year I have been making sure to follow my own advice! 

This poem was written for my granddaughter Amy’s 9th birthday. Amy loves to read Harry Potter so I made her a notebook that contained many blank and lined pages for her to write and draw in. The cover had emblems from Harry Potter (along with her name) and inside she had a letter to her inviting her to Hogwarts, spells, and positive quotes from Harry Potter were added throughout the pages. I included this poem near the beginning of the book to hopefully encourage her to use the book to ‘Create Something!’  

Recently I have also began a new hobby of glass engraving, so Amy also received a glass with her name on it and pictures from Harry Potter!

By the way, I often use the American spelling for words such as ‘realize’ and ‘practice’ but, I made sure to use the English versions for this poem as I didn’t want to alter how Amy would be taught to use them.

Create Something - Children's inspirational poem by Trina Graves of Spiritual Quotes To Live By
Amy (who the poem was written for) when she was four years old

11 thoughts on “Create Something

  1. Dear Trina: What a joy is this poem! More poems like this are needed for children to encourage them to express their own creativity and uniqueness, to do journaling to express their thoughts and feelings, etc!
    You also teach by your own example! Congratulations your new hobby of glass engraving! A lovely picture of Amy, she is adorably beautiful!!! ❤

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    • Thank you Amira, this was one of those poems that flowed really quickly but at the time of writing I never thought it would added here! However, after some time and re-reading I thought I might as well use it as even if it inspires just one person it’s worth it! I am so happy that’s it’s getting ‘likes’ and comments.
      I am having great fun with the glass engraving, you’ll not be surprised to hear that I am obsessed with engraving the Flower Of Life on glasses for everyone! I find it so meditative to do and then it’s such an enhancing symbol to be absorbed by the water and then enter the body! Would have loved to have seen a water crystal from Dr Emoto of the effects from the Flower Of Life, but I’m sure it would have been beautiful.

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      • Wow! What a great idea!!! I imagine that must be the most high vibrations from this precious symbol of Life in Sacred Geometry!!! I can imagine creating it is a meditation in action as a mandala!!!
        I have added words like Vitality, Health, Love, etc on our water filter system in the hopes that the water receives those vibrations as well. Now the flower of Life would be a beautiful addition!!! Thank you for the idea!!! ❤

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        • Yes, I’ve too used words with my water, but in the past it was just a label. This was my main intention of learning glass engraving, to ‘charge’ my water. Every morning I start the day with a pint of water so one of my first makes was a glass for myself, I intended to use words on it but instead felt drawn to the Flower Of Life, so I did that with a Yin/Yang symbol on the other side.

          A few days ago I completed another pint glass which I love as it’s full of words and symbols: Love, Light, Joy (wording), Flower Of Life, Yin/Yang, Om, celtic knot heart (symbols) along with a tree and butterfly as things I love!! all on one glass. 🙂 My water now gets SuperCharged!!!

          Another synchronicity is that before I began the engraving I spent some evenings colouring Flower Of Life symbols with glitter pens, (love how they catch the light), I’d no idea why I felt like doing this and just put them away. However, a couple of days ago Amanda Ellis posted a video 5G to 5D which was very interesting and she suggested sticking the Flower Of Life on all our electrical gadgets that emit damaging frequencies (mobiles, laptops, computers, tvs) and to use them in your home to keep it positive. There is also wonderful guidance from Archangel Metatron on how to transform the harmful 5G frequency and become beacons to help others too. Well worth a watch…

          Last night I started creating more and using words with them too. I will probably make up some sheets for others to use and add them to my Etsy shop. Once I’ve done them I’ll send you a sample. 🙂

          I know this is rather a long reply and probably more fitting for an email, but I thought it might be interesting for other people to read too and investigate themselves if they feel drawn. 🙂 ❤

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  2. I am glad you replied here, because for sure someone else can also want to explore these things, which were meant to be shared! I love your ideas Trina!!! It makes a lot of sense that engraving the glass would be much more impactful than just a label…
    You gave me a lot of inspiration today! Thank you also for the link, I will enjoy watching it as well! What a synchronicity and confirmation for you!!! 🙂 ❤

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