Drawn To The Sea

Vision: 3rd February 2019

Visiting Jesus, a vision in my mind
Only recently back then, did I find
His true identity revealed at last
Connecting many dots of my past

I’d visited just once since that day
‘Stained Glass Poems’ explains the way
Now I wanted more confirmation
And a hopefully some inspiration

Giving no thought to where we’d meet
We were walking by the sea, barefeet
I felt at ease and wondered why
I didn’t feel in awe or at all shy

With no words He then told me how
The time was right, I’m ready now
My vibration raised, now we’d talk
With more significance, as we walk

I asked why so many people, like me
Are drawn so often to be at the sea
Looking out at the beautiful scene
He told of hidden depths, unseen

The vast expanse, a precious part
Of Mother Earth, right from the start
Water, so essential to all living health
Magnificent oceans.. abundant wealth

Teeming with life of every size
Largest mammal or too small for eyes
Unfathomable, mysterious, tides that turn
From whales and dolphins we can learn

Pulsating waves forever flow
Balance, give and take, they show
Wisdom evident and pure beauty
Fresh and alive, our vibrant sea

Land and sea, two domains
Duality on our Earth remains
Senses enlivened when we are near
The air is different, is so clear

Winds of the sea blow away
Doubts and fears, as we stay
Near the shore, there to be
With the elements, in harmony

A powerful magnet with the sun
People flock to relax, be at One
With these mighty attributes of Earth
A sense of wonder and true worth

A chance for people to get away
Clear their minds and be at play
No matter what age, most will be
Happy and content when by the sea

Trina Graves – 9th May 2020

About This Poem

As a child and into adulthood I never went to the seaside very often. Living quite a distance from the sea it would only be something to do for a holiday, which were few and far between! However, over the past ten years or so I have felt ‘drawn to the sea,’ which grows ever stronger as the years pass!

The photo below (taken several years ago) is of West Wittering, UK. This is one of my favourite beaches (so far) it has a wonderful shallow sea and soft sandy walk. The four closest people are my son and three of my grandchildren.

Just incase you are new to my ‘Vision’ poems I have a page where they are all listed in date order. The first one, Insight tells of how it all began – and is still so profound to me! – and A Birthday Revelation tells of me discovering it was Jesus I had been ‘meeting’ since 1999.

The ‘visit’ in this poem was different than previously because I was given three different visions that would become four poems: My Footprints In Sand, Footprints Of Light and On Or Off The Train (to be added) – along with this one.


Draw To The Sea - inspirational poem by Trina Graves - Spiritual Quotes To Live By
West Wittering, UK

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