All Is Well With My Soul

Title Quote: Julian of Norwich

We all have countless troubles to face
Through our lives, whether young or old
Even those we perceive to be immune
Harbour burdens, if their truth be told
All Is Well With My Soul

I grew up no different from others
I too, had problems and doubt
But ‘Everything Happens For A Reason’
Was the belief I clung to throughout
All Is Well With My Soul

My children were my joyful anchor
I lived each day blessed by their Light
Without them my boat would have sunk
Negativity all around, was hard to fight
All Is Well With My Soul

I questioned, why are we here?
Why is there suffering and hate?
How can innocent children be hurt
Surely, it’s not just about fate?
All Is Well With My Soul

Once I set foot on my Spiritual Path
Things began to change for me, all around
I didn’t realize for quite some time
It was ‘The Law Of Attraction’ I had found
All Is Well With My Soul

Looking back now, my path was long
For many years I hesitantly plod
Now I see all the signs along the way
Showing me my own pathway to God
All Is Well With My Soul

My Soul, my Centre, my Essence
Has always been aware and awake
Even at my lowest of low
It still shone, for my own sake
All Is Well With My Soul

Hate is required to learn forgiveness
Darkness is essential to perceive Light
Loss is necessary to appreciate Love
My Soul brought me through my night
All Is Well With My Soul

We come to experience it all
God Sparks within us, we create
In our unlimited world of free will
We choose what’s to be, not fate
All Is Well With My Soul

I am now focused on Love and Light
Blind to the negative others choose
I let go of trying to control anyone
The true game of life is impossible to lose
All Is Well With My Soul

I know there will not always be calm seas
Twists and turns may lay in my path ahead
But I came to live in this divergent world of choice
To anchor and shine my Light, wherever I tread
All Is Well With My Soul

The All-That-Is, Source Energy is my anchor
My life-jacket of Love and Light keep me afloat
Whatever waves may toss and turn in my life
I choose to remain calm in my aligned boat
All Is Well With My Soul

The ending of my path is ahead somewhere
At least for this life, as me, playing my part
But I know the Love and Light I have shone
Continues in my Soul, as it did from the start
All Is Well With My Soul

No matter what has happened or will be
My Soul keeps centred and whole
The positive and the negative…
All Is Well With My Soul

Trina Graves – 4th October 2017

About This Poem

Although not brought up as a regular church-goer, I always loved uplifting hymns. My primary school was next door to Dorchester Abbey so we would often go and sing in the Abbey. One of my favourite memories of childhood is singing Christmas carols while looking at the magnificent stained glass windows of the Abbey.

As an adult, for a few years, I occasionally went to various Spiritualist Churches and had some amazing proof of life after death, but one of the things I most enjoyed were the hymns, they were always joyous, uplifting ones and I just found it so inspiring singing along with others.

So, on my Spiritual Quotes To Live By website, the words of uplifting hymns were something I wanted to include. When I was compiling the page I thought it would be good to add some videos, so I Googled and searched, looking for the right ones. During my search I discovered a whole new genre of music I never knew existed, I’m not sure of the right title but I call them Modern Hymns. I began to listen to them almost everyday and one in particular stood out to me: It Is Well by Kristene DiMarco, based on the original hymn of Horatio Spafford, It Is Well With My Soul.

The quote kept coming back to me, so I wrote it down on my list of quotes to use for poems. However, when I sat to write the poem ‘It’ is well didn’t seem right and I kept wanting to use ‘All’ instead. I knew that Louise Hay used ‘All Is Well’ often in her work, and by doing some research I found that the quote went all the way back to Julian of Norwich 1342 – 1416. 

I went ahead and wrote the poem in my usual way – praying and asking for guidance first – but when I’d finished I still wasn’t sure about IT or ALL. So I just put it away, knowing that I would know which when the time was right. I came across the poem in a pile of paperwork a couple of weeks later, read it through and knew instantly it was to be: ALL Is Well With My Soul.

Quote from All Is Well With My Soul, Inspirational poem by Trina Graves - Spiritual Quotes To Live By

Update 5th May 2023 – The Great Awakening

Well, there certainly have been many waves tossing and turning over the past three years! This poem written in 2017 contains much valuable guidance in getting through this difficult time of ‘The Great Awakening.’

It is interesting to me that when I wrote this poem I wasn’t happy about using the term ‘hate’ in it. The sentence made sense ‘Hate is required to learn forgiveness.’ but, it wasn’t personal to my life because I have never felt ‘hatred,’ strong dislike, yes, but never hatred. For me, hate is on the scale of evil. But, as the poem ‘flowed’ and made sense, I left it as it was. Now, however, I see how this fits in so perfectly for this moment in time!

As so many revelations are coming forth of the evil deeds that have taken place, so very many people are feeling hatred for those who have committed terrible crimes, and understandably so. But, we came here now to shine our Light and raise humanity out of the dark times, so it is important to not dwell on hatred for too long as it dims our Light. Looking from a Higher Perspective, ‘Darkness is essential to perceive Light,’ if it were not for the darkness we would not realise how much of the Light we truly are! So, All Is Well With My Soul.



5 thoughts on “All Is Well With My Soul

    • Wow, thank you so very much for this wonderful surprise and honour. I have only been here blogging for just under a week! With that in mind, I feel that it would be unfair for me to participate (at this present time) because I could not carryout the task with sufficient knowledge and understanding to give advice or nominate others that I am only just getting to know. But thank you again, this is a tremendous boost to my confidence in writing, and is so very much appreciated.
      Love, Light & Blessings

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  1. I love this poem, Trina, as I do with so many of your poems! This one, and the explanation you provided, touched on many aspects and phases in my own life! Thanks for the continuing inspiration! ~Anita

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    • Thank you for taking the time to comment on this poem Anita as I know you already saw it and commented when Amira added it. I do wonder sometimes if some of the poems are too much about my own life, so it’s encouraging to know that they can reflect in other people’s lives too.

      I appreciate your support and kind words. At the moment I am adding one poem that Amira has used and one new one each day, although at some point we may think alike and use the same one! I do hope they all continue to inspire!
      Love, Light & Blessings

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