Death Is The Greatest Illusion

Quote Title: Osho Rajneesh

Death is the greatest illusion
We never cease to exist
It’s just our Earthly body
That will be truly missed

We are pure eternal Beings
A part of our Creator, Source
The most used name is God
Some doubt this, of course

It takes an open mind
Not limiting by old belief
To realise the simple truth
There is no need for grief

Just by sending out a thought
Our loved ones are close by
Though in another dimension
Not floating around in the sky!

We live in a 3D world
All linear in time and space
A beginning and an end
For all the human race

However, humans are evolving
Moving into a world of 5D
And from that new perspective
Other dimensions we can see

Trina Graves – 31st December 2021

About This Poem

Sympathy poems are where I began my own Spiritual Path in this life 30 years ago, and are one of the topics I most enjoy writing about, I often wonder if my surname had any sway in this!

I have chosen this poem to add this week as my ex-mother-in-law passed a few days ago. My marriage ended not long after my path began, infact, my immerging Spiritual Beliefs were one of the things that caused probems with my ex. I share this because although I hardly ever saw this wonderful lady after the split, I always felt that the physical bond was not needed to continue the love shared. Along the lines of the theme of this poem, from the Higher Perspective we are One and are never apart.

I had known her since I was six years old as my parents were friends, eventually marrying her son she became an absolutely wonderful grandmother to my children and taught me many lessons through her example.

I Bless her on her journey and know we will one day meet again and can celebrate the experiences we shared in this lifetime.


Death Is The Greatest Illusion - quote Osho Rajneesh,, sympathy poem by Trina Graves - Spiritual Quotes To Live By