A Wake Up Storm

My Vision – 28th April 2014

The day was unexpectedly hot
For so early in the year
I ignored my usual hay fever
As I had long grass to clear

The task took nearly an hour
With a lawn large in size
Struggling to keep on going
Through stinging, watery eyes

Determined to complete the job
I coughed, spluttered and wheezed
The petrol fumes didn’t help
Nor the multitude times I sneezed

My breathing was getting difficult
By the time I was complete
Feeling dizzy and rather anxious
I collapsed on a comfy seat

For several years I’d experienced
Moments my heart and breath took flight
I’d learned to calm my thoughts
And breath slowly, to put things right

Usually within a few minutes
Of focused breathing I’d be okay
If not a glass of water
Would wash my anxiety away

But this time I felt no relief
Even after half an hour
So I went to lay down and rest
As fear stalked my positive power

After a while it eased a little
Then I thought to ease my mind
I’d visit my Guide for advice
And see what help I’d find

I visualised myself on the beach
James was waiting there for me
But as I walked over towards him
Darkness came across the sea

By the time I had reached him
A raging storm had a strong hold
Drenched, we ran to a cave
To seek shelter from the cold

Drying off by a campfire
Asking, “What should I do?”
“Storms of life come and go
You can shelter to see you through”

I asked, if it was serious?
And James then took my hand
We walked outside to the beach
Now sunny, and soft, dry sand

Smiling at me, James went
Floating up into the sky
Holding his hand, I went with him
He was laughing, as we flew up high

‘Wow! This is amazing!
I can see all around up here’
My thoughts raced in awe
Everything becoming so clear

But then a thought crossed my mind
‘Does this mean I’m going to die?’
It seemed the obvious depiction
For elevating up into the sky

As a million thoughts crowded in
I shouted “NO!” and let go
I wasn’t ready to die
I wanted to develop and grow

I had no fear of death
I’d lost that years before
But I didn’t want to leave
My children and grand, at all

I still had so much to do, with
My dreams and wishes to inspire
That had not yet come to fruition
I couldn’t let them sink into the mire

I realised I was shocked
And actually cross with myself
Was this my Wake Up Call
To look after my health?

And also a sign to get on
With what I came here for
Stop dilly-dallying about
And fly high to my Spiritual Core

Trina Graves – 18th September 2019

About This Poem

I have had this poem drafted ready to add since September 2019 but never felt the time was right. This morning I woke with this one on my mind and realised that it was very relevant to what is going on in our world right now. It seems so obvious to me now, but incredibly I never saw the link until today… Divine Timing!

This whole Covid-19 pandemic/plandemic (depending on how you perceive it) is a global ‘Wake Up Storm’ concerning not only our health, but raising our vibration or ‘Spiritual Core’ on a worldwide scale.

On a Higher (Soul) Level this is something we all agreed to work towards and were destined to manifest, and from that Higher Perspective the worldwide ‘lockdown’ is an ingenious way to achieve not only quiet time of reflection, but also a breaking down of the myriad of systems that have ruled over our planet and people throughout history.

We are truly stepping forth into the New Earth, to live in a 5D world of Unity with Love, Compassion and Forgiveness to all – even for those who have waged crimes against humanity.

How long it takes for us to completely Ascend to this on a planetary level depends upon those who are still ‘sleeping’ Awakening, and at what level ALL the Awakened Souls are at.


A Wake Up Storm - inspirational poem by Trina Graves - Spiritual Quotes To Live By


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