New Earth: Know & Affirm

Based on teaching of Sacha Stone

In old Earth’s duality
Our anchors were faith and hope
To survive the storms of life
In trusting these we could cope

Doing our best to be positive
No matter what comes our way
Being calm our hopeful stance
As negativity hit each day

In New Earth’s Higher rays
We claim our Divine Power
Magnificent creative Beings
We are the only allower

Seeing from a Higher perspective
Hope and faith allow a lack
Giving away our control
To another power having our back

Using our aligned intuition
And standing strong in our knowing
We truly empower ourselves
Our Divine spark is glowing

Affirming from that stance
‘I AM’ words Blessed, creative
Expressing our true essence
God within us each day we live

I know I AM the Love
I know I Am the Light
I know I AM Sovereign
I know I AM shining bright

I know I AM a part of God
I know I AM a powerful Being
I know I AM creating it all
I know I AM reflecting what I’m seeing

I know I AM part of it ALL
I know I AM ONE in Unity
I know I AM a Spiritual Being
I know I AM eternally free

17th December 2020

About This Poem

Hope and faith were a very important part of anyone’s attitude of the past, these were what would help us get through our lives especially when faced with difficulties and hardship. However, as humanity is now raising our vibration and consciousness higher we need to move on from these old ways of thinking.

When I listened to Sacha Stone talking about this last year it really ‘sang true’ to me and I knew it was an important aspect to write a poem about. In my series of poems ‘Affirming The Classics’ I have been re-writing old poems and hymns to make them affirmations, so this poem fits well with those too.

I am now compiling a new collection called New Earth these poems are written from the perspective of us already living in New Earth (or 5D) and looking back on how things were (or still are for many in our current 3D world of duality.) The Law of Attraction teaches us that we create our own reality and the only way it works is to put your focus and attention on what you want to create, regardless of what you may see all around us!

The Answers Are Within

My Visions: 7th October 2015

For many years I’ve visualized
Meeting my guide on a beach
Or some other beautiful place
My imagination would reach

Almost always I would start
In a room made in my mind
And then I’d go outside
To see what I would find

This day the room seemed stale
So I opened the doors to fresh air
Feeling the need to clear and clean
Instantly, with imaginations flair

The room now spick-and-span
I thought I’d venture outside
To meet James on the beach
Instead, on the bed I lie..d

Thinking, this was strange
Why didn’t I want to go?
Then, in the door came James
But, he didn’t say “Hello”

He just stood there, looking sad
Despondent, staring ahead
Oblivious to my presence
Now sitting up, on the bed

‘Oh no! Has someone died’
My first thought came to me
Immediately I knew, not so
For he would react differently

With no such thing as ‘death’
He wouldn’t be showing concern
It dawned on me, the truth
Of what I’d visited to learn

His despondency was for me
Not living the life we’d planned
Years ago before my birth
In another dimensional land

I knew that I was right
Because he came over to sit
But, still no acknowledgment
Unusually odd!… just a bit!

Questions flooded my mind
I wanted all the answers for
The direction of my life
‘Please, help me… I implore’

Still not looking at me
Staring ahead into space
Then as I reached the truth
A smile embraced his face

I have the answers myself
By using my own Inner-Knowing
Following my Loves and Joys
My path is ever-glowing

Smiling, looking at each other
I felt his compassionate Heart
His guidance ever-present
Unconditional Love from the start

I knew that I’d been fearful
Not wanting to step outside
Into a world of duality
I’d rather comfortably hide

He then held out his hand
So I took it, and was led
To the outside world
“I’m ready now,” I said

We were overlooking the beach
Full of people waiting, for me
To talk of my Spiritual Truths
By the inspiring, tranquil sea

Though I had no experience
I knew my words would flow
With James always at my side
My confidence would ever-grow

I spoke of how I did not know
What the next words would be
But, with Love and centredness
The right ones would come to me

I told of how we all have a story
To share with each other, to inspire
Individuals following our Paths
In Unity Consciousness we go Higher

With compassion for humanity
And Unconditional Love for all
We re-discover our Divinity
The veil to all knowledge will fall

Trina Graves – 14th January 2020

About This Poem

When I began writing poems about my ‘visions’ I knew that this was an important one, however I kept putting it off as it seemd rather a long story to get into one poem. So, when it came to writing it I was pleasantly surprised that it flowed easily.

I was also surprised by the last line as it mentions one of my first poems written in 2001, The Veil To All Knowledge. That poem now seems to me to have a much deeper meaning as we are going through this difficult time in our world with all that is being uncovered, and will be uncovered. I noticed that this earlier poem finished with the line “The veil to all knowledge WOULD fall,” whereas this one states ‘WILL fall.” 

This most certainly is a time for looking within for our answers as there is so much confusion on what to believe is the truth playing out in our world of duality!


I Am The Love
I Am The Light
I Am The Truth
I Am The Joy
I Am

With compassion for humanity, and unconditional love for all, we re-discover our Divinity, the veil to all knowledge will fall - quote from poem 'The Answers Are Within' by Trina Graves - Spiritual Quotes To Live By

2020: Apex Of Duality

Right now keeping positive, as much as possible, is a priority for everyone. Being stressed suppresses the immune system, and with the revelations that are now coming forth it will be very easy to caught up in the high drama of it all. With this in mind, I have compiled a page of links to my poems that are relevant at this time:

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There is also a slideshow of some of the poems with quotes from others too. 

You Will Know Your Path By The Fun Of It

Title Quote: Abraham-Hicks

Many of us feel there is something
We should be doing, that we’re not
Nothing seems quite right for us
No matter what we’ve achieved, or got

We all come to Earth with a plan
There is something special we came to do
And nothing will ease this empty feeling
Until we set on our path that’s true

But some of us can’t seem to find the way
Even to ‘see’ the path we should take
It seems there are too many roads to choose
How do we know, and not make a mistake?

The secret is to always look for
The thing that you find is fun
What is it that you love to do?
If you had a list, what’s number one?

What is it that eradicates time?
You don’t notice the ticking of the clock
When doing the thing you love
It’s as if time has hit a block

What is it that gets you all fired up?
Burning with a passionate desire
Some way of helping others is the key
To know it’s the path that will raise you higher

You may find you begin many trails
There are an abundance of fun ways to go
But taking many paths won’t fill your aching need
Your progress on ‘The One’ will be too slow

If you find it difficult to make the choice
Which ones could you live without
And which is the one that keeps calling
It may start as a whisper, but becomes a shout


In my life I’ve started various paths
Many similar, but I was never quite sure
Which was my one true path I should tread
To fulfil me and make my heart soar

It’s taken me numerous years to realize
One of the earliest I took was my authentic path
But I believe everything happens for a reason
So joyfully I walk on, and at myself I laugh

And now that I know I’m on the right path
I follow its course each and every day
I know in my heart it’s the one for me
No matter what others may say

There are times that I might stumble or fall
The way ahead is not always level or smooth
But I’ll just get back up, and carry on
Onwards and upwards I’ll always move

If I have a difficult decision to make
At any junction or crossroads on the way
I always know how to make the choice
Which one would be fun to play?

I know my path by the fun of it
I enjoy what I am doing, it’s true
So I hope this poem will shed some light
On the fun path ahead for you

Trina Graves – 19th November 2016

About This Poem

As I mention in the poem, it took me many years to realize what my ‘true’ path was. Although looking back now I can see indications going back to my childhood, there was always something blocking my knowing. I can see now that quite often I would listen to others about what I ‘should’ be doing, but that never brings our true path. Self-doubt and self-criticism were obstacles too. For quite a few years I believed my path was to be a healer, I was told by several mediums that I could heal and I had great success with a new technique (EFT) at that time (2002) when I used it with family members and myself. I ventured into teaching others how to use this amazing self-healing tool. It worked really well on the few people I taught, and I always loved the feeling of helping someone to help themselves, but I can see now that my love and enjoyment for it was not 100%. 

For a while I had two websites going, my Spiritual Quotes To Live By and one called Healing DIY. Eventually I came to realize that I had to let one of them go because I had so much to add to each one and I wasn’t happy with the slow progress with working on two. So, it really came down to the choice of which one could I live without. I felt I am a healer and should be teaching people self-healing, but I knew that I could never live happily without continuing collecting uplifting quotes and writing inspirational poems. This, for me, is definitely more FUN!

You Will Know Your Path By The Fun Of It - inspirational poem by Trina Graves of Spiritual Quotes To Live By