Alone, Or Out There?

My Visions: April 2014

I already had a question
Before I went in my mind
To visit the beach, and James
Always helpful, and kind

Should I inspirationally write
Home alone, as I loved to do?
Or venture out much more
Healing, also called me too

We were stood on a cliff top
Looking down on the beach
Many people, living their lives
But I knew my Light could reach

In this place, I’m seen alone
Although I know, I’ll never be
Because the world of Spirit
Is always present, Eternally

“Your words can carry down
Floating to the people below
Some will pick them up
But the method is rather slow

You can send out your words
By other means, spreading out
Even found on other beaches
But their reception can meet doubt

To truly make an impact
Means going down there, to be
With the people on the beaches
Your Presence they will see

You may not reach as far
But your Presence will be felt
Radiating your Love and Light
Can bring other’s blocks to melt

As for writing or healing
It matters not the way
Just Be the Light you are
Shining Divine Love every day

Living from the Heart
Being Present in the Joy
You will be Divinely guided
To the tools you can employ

Freewill, no judgement
Will ever come to be
Whatever you decide
You’re Loved Unconditionally”

Trina Graves – 19th November 2019

About This Poem

As a young child I was extremely shy, my parents could not take me anywhere without my screaming tantrums! My only memory of this is of holding my bent arm up to my face, covering it so no one could see me. I began to change upon starting school and over the years my confidence improved. However, I have always been someone who is much more relaxed, happiest and peaceful when I am at home.

I have no concern about being alone, although I do appreciate that this could be different if I was living alone for years on end. I enjoy doing so many things that there is always something to do. I guess I have always been a ‘loner,’ but it took many years for me to accept this as I tried to fit in. So, to me this vision was very meaningful as I often questioned my preference to being alone rather than ‘out there.’ I knew I was being guided to push myself to be more socialable. But, as the years passed I remained in my comfort zone.

This theme then came up again in a vision from 2019, On or Off The Train is my poem about this one. As it happened after my Birthday Revelation it is not James but Jesus mentioned in the poem.

Still, I have not ventured ‘out there,’ the craziness since 2020 made it even harder to spend time with those I love, and along with no transport for nine months, I have been even more alone than before! However, I do believe that our world is changing and at some point I will be getting ‘out there’ and these past visions were given to me for guidance and all will become clear in Diving Timing.


Living from the heart, being present in the joy, you will be Divinely guided, to the tools you can employ - quote from poem 'Alone Or Out There' by Trina Graves - Spiritual Quotes To Live By