The Blinkered Race

I run along the track
With a rider on my back
I am used to the weight
But being whipped I hate

The old track is laid out
It’s course, I have no doubt
Always, forever the same ahead
With many obstacles I dread

One day it will come to an end
But will death be my friend?
Life has always been this way
So I plod ever onwards today

To ease the monotony
I drift in my memory
To when I was young
Before my race begun

As a foal I had no concern
Not knowing I’d have to learn
Just in a field with my mother
Blissfulness like no other

And then my training started
I became so heavy-hearted
No longer was I spirited and free
They had total control of me

Bit, saddle, reins, crop
Would it all ever stop?
Steering me this way and that
The riders who wear a hat

They put me in this race
Now it’s all I have to face
Blinkers, I was trained to wear
Blocking, so I’d be unaware

Well, I guess I’ll just carry on
I’m told this is where I belong
With all the others in this race
Our predecessors track we trace


What’s he doing over there!?
Is he mad? Does he care?
Rearing up, breaking free
Is this that conspiracy theory?

That the riders have full control
Because we let them guide our goal
Using tools to manipulate, confuse
For their games it’s us they use

Look!.. Another has broken free
I wonder what will come to be
I’d better stick with the others
In this race we are all brothers

Another lap, more of the same
Why am I here? Is this a game?
Why am I pushed up this hill?
Will I ever be at peace and still?

What awaits me at the end?
Could a miracle be around the next bend?
Why do I feel something is not right?
How can I truly see with blinkered sight?

Only the track, only the race
Is stopping really a disgrace?
Questions growing ever strong
In this perpetual race do I belong?

What if I took no part
Refused to even make a start
Not let the rider have control
Would I feel better, more whole?

I have to try, I have to see
What it would be like to be free
No bit in my mouth stopping my voice
I know it now, I have free choice

No weighted saddle on my back
No use to me, I feel no lack
No reins, or rider steering my way
I’m free, their game I no longer play

The blinkers are gone, I look around
Amazed at all the beauty to be found
So many directions I can choose to go
My own pace, joyously fast or mindful slow

No longer treading the old worn track
Without a rider, I choose where to hack
Fields, hills, woods, streams galore
Free to roam this New Earth I adore

Trina Graves – 17th January 2021

About This Poem

I often wake in the early hours and take awhile to sleep again. This day (17th Jan) I woke with the idea for this poem, so spent some time thinking about what I wanted to say with it. Not being able to sleep after that, I picked up my tablet and noticed there was a new message from Blossom Goodchild (who I have ‘followed’ since 2008 as the messages she brings through from The Federation Of Light are so full of love and inspiration.) The new message was so powerfully uplifting that I knew there was no way I could get back to sleep as I was buzzing! So I decided to do something I’ve never done before and write a poem (or two!) in bed.

This was the second (wake up, Wake Up, WAKE UP !!! – to be added soon – was the first). I wasn’t too sure if they read right, but knew I could always adjust them later. I left the poems for about a week before I typed them up (I usually do this the same day) and was pleasantly surprised that both were okay without alterations.

To me, we have been in a ‘Blinkered Race:’ We follow the footsteps of our history (global and family) as our course/track. We have been ridden and controlled by the powerful elite who have continually ‘whipped’ us to keep us in the perpetual ‘race.’ However, over time more and more people have been taking their blinkers off and are able to see outside of the race. Over the past year many of those who were once thought of as ‘conspiracy theorists’ are becoming known as ‘truth seekers,’ as their words become more evidently not a theory, but the truth.


The Blinkered Race - inspirational poem by Trina Graves - Spiritual Quotes To Live By
images from Pixabay

Masking The Truth

Psychological warfare like never before
Manipulating the people to endure
Compliance to their rules, is the aim
As they play the plandemic game

Smiles no longer can be seen
Under the pretense of being clean
Everywhere blank people, emotionless
Even though they feel the stress

Many scientists and doctors speak out
‘Masking is nonsense,’ without a doubt
Silenced and censored by mainstream
Confusion reigns, as in a bad dream

Lack of oxygen, never good
Walking, running or just stood
Waste expelling from each breath
Can’t escape the mask of death

The immune system is compromised
Another truth the mainstream hides
Adding to the division and fear
They don’t care, evidently clear

If you’ve delved into more
Of what is going on, for sure
It’s not about a virus at all
But a plan for humanity to fall

Hundreds of years in the making
The elite rulers were all taking
Steps to bring a New World Order
Total control worldwide, no border

A conspiracy theory, most will say
Balderdash! There is no way
This could be real, it’s just fantasy
But open your mind, and you’ll see

Evidence now is so easy to find
Not everyone is good and kind
So much is being uncovered this year
By the hurricane of a virus fear

Why did mask rules come in so late?
How can they possibly so highly rate?
With no evidence or risk assessment
People acquiesce to their government

A symbol of silence and oppression
Enforcing a Satanic ritual lesson
Masking signals your consent
To be subservient, however meant

Silenced, no matter if you know
What the meaning is, they grow
Stronger as people hide in fear
Ritual behaviour they easily steer

Another ritual they have used
‘Taking the knee,’ people confused
Thinking they are doing good
The real meaning not understood

Giving away your Sovereign Power
Following their rules, you will cower
But it’s not too late to take a stand
And tear away your mask by hand

Logic and thinking for yourself
In full control of your own health
Common sense shows the way
Their nonsense rules: DO NOT OBEY!

Trina Graves – 11th November 2020

About This Poem

I write these not so ‘inspirational’ poems about our current events to share my truths (and many others) about what is going on under the pretense of a pandemic. If they make just one person question what is really going on and/or to think for themselves, then that is a successful poem to me. I also truly believe that this complete nonesense we are living in is about waking up as many people as possible to the control and manipulation, as we collectively move into a Higher Vibrational New Earth.

Mask Wearing In UK
The craziness continues with us now in our 3rd national lockdown. Our mainstream media report that those not wearing masks will now be given immediate fines of £200 by the police and they will also challenge anyone leaving their home to ensure it is for one of the few valid reasons.

I will continue to ignore their ‘rules’ and use my own common sense. By standing in my Sovereign Power and focusing on positivity, joy, love and light I know that I will always be in the right place at the right time, so will not encounter any confrontation.

However, I must admit that I now rarely go to the shops as I find it so disheartening to see so many people being manipulated, especially seeing the elderly struggling for breath. My mother (in her 80’s) finds it extremely difficult to shop wearing a mask, but wishes to be able to do things for herself for as long as possible. I have tried (many times) to inform her that even the government states you are excempt if it causes you distress, but she wears one because she doesn’t want to face any confrontation from other customers etc..

One People – One World
Everything is tied into what is going on in the US, and since the obvious false flag of the 6th January things are now ramping up. Censorship has dramatically stepped up with the President and all significant others who support him being deleted from all social media platforms. Regardless of anyone’s view of Trump, the fact that he (with his position in our world) can be so easily silenced by Big Tech should be a warning sign to everyone.

Conspiracy Theories
So very much has been going on that is not mentioned one little bit in the mainstream as they keep people focused on fear and rules to obey. However the time has now come that so called ‘Conspiracy theories’ are about to be revealed as truths to the world. It will be a very bumpy ride for many, so all who are able to remain calm and centred need to shine their Light brighter than ever before, as the darkness is revealed to the masses.


Masking The Truth - poem about mask wearing by Trina Graves - Spiritual Quotes To Live By
Pictures from Pixabay

Be Love, Seek Joy - Trina Graves, Spiritual Quotes To Live By

Two Sides To Every Story

There are always at root
Two sides to every story
Deceit, manipulation, lies
Simple truth in all its glory

It is often difficult to tell
Which side is being true
Common sense, critical thinking
Can lead to many a clue

Listening with understanding
To both sides of a debate
Is the only way to consider
Who’s truth you choose to rate

We know of times in history
Of people not questioning, in fear
Atrocities were carried out
Dictators instructions so clear

But in our ‘civilized society’
We believe we’d notice any wrongs
No way would it happen to us
To ‘Conspiracy Theory’ this belongs

However, in this year 2020
We are experiencing a chance
To shuffle along in the old line
Or step into the greatest dance

Governments and media tell a story
Of the pandemic of death worldwide
Complying to their many rules
In fear we acquiesce inside

The other side of this story
Too many people, know not
Unless they make the effort
One side is all they’ve got

Hundreds of scientists and doctors
Speak out, they do not agree
Giving all their evidence
On mainstream you will not see

Protests to lockdown worldwide
Little shown, ridiculed in the news
Empty hospitals, dancing nurses
Giving an abundance of clues

Doctors and nurses speaking out
Of the experiences they’ve lived
Each day more people are dying
But not of the virus called Covid

Evidence from different professions
All confirm this alternative narrative
Statistics manipulated, nonsense
Follow the money, one advice they give

Millions are Waking Up now
Growing stronger in passing weeks
No longer following the narrative
Into mainstream it now seeps

So Conspiracy Theories mainstream say
Will no longer be tolerated
Anyone not agreeing with their side
Will be silenced, evidence deleted

Mainstream only advise of those
Who for years have been known
To be an alternative thinker
Who’s followers have now grown

But it’s not just those they mention
Who are being deleted everywhere
Even doctors giving hope to people
With the simple truths they share

From Facebook, Google, YouTube, Twitter
Daily now words and videos disappear
Censorship to halt all free speech
Unless the controllers want you to hear

We are living in a ‘Twilight Zone’
Unprecedented throughout history
Now is the time and the hour
To choose your own future story

But how can you make a free choice
If one side is all you are given
Time is limited so please go and seek
What future world do you want to live in?

Trina Graves – 8th May 2020

About This Poem

This pandemic or plandemic (depending on which side of the story you align with) is our greatest ever worldwide experience of change. We will never go back to how things were before this began, this is the giant leap forward to our future. However, as we live in a world of duality (good/evil, male/female, young/old, right/wrong, left/right, up/down, ‘Two Sides To Every Story’ etc..) our future has a totally different outlook depending on which direction we/the ordinary people/the 99% choose to accept and follow.

I totally believe that we have reached enough in number to already be aligned with the positive direction, and are experiencing the changeover to the New Earth of Love, Light & Peace. However, how fast we get through this change depends on how soon those who are not aware of the other side of the story – that has been playing out and dominating all through our lives – can open up to perceive the hidden agenda that has underpinned all major institutions and corporations worldwide.

Also, depending on their depth of ‘sleep’ there may be some Souls who choose to follow the lower vibrational agenda and be willing participants to allow artificial intelligence into their physical body to become a hybrid-human. As this is a world of free choice, they have the right to choose their own destiny. It may also take the evidence of this actually happening for others to Wake Up!  If so, how the two parts will exist has different theories, and only time will tell. 

Both Sides Have The Same Aim: To UNITE The World

The New World Order
Absolute complete and total control of the 99% by the 1%. (the 99% being greatly reduced in number – killed)

The New Earth
The 99% claiming their Sovereignity and starting their own individual path to living from their Higher Self, Uniting with all to bring Peace on Earth. (or as many of the 99% who choose to)

Pandemic or PLANdemic?

As the vast amounts of population worldwide have been manipulated to stay at home, it has backfired on the elite’s plan as it has enabled many hundreds of thousands to begin the Awakening process. As the absolute farce becomes even more evident in it’s absurdity, even those who have always followed the mainstream are beginning to question and not be so caught up in the lies, manipulation and mis-direction tactics the worldwide governments and mainstream medias have always used. A far greater majority of the ordinary people are finally beginning to THINK FOR THEMSELVES.

My Moving From Love & Light
To Delving Into The Fear & Dark

Until mid 2018 all of my poems were focused on positivity. I might of mentioned ‘troubles’ or ‘strife’ being a part of life, but this would be very brief as I knew of The Law Of Attraction, so I was very aware that it is very important to put your attention on what you want to create. I thought I would never write anything that focused on negative aspects.

In July 2018 I wrote I Am Not What Happened To Me, I Am What I Choose To Become,’ which did have a lot more of the problems of life in it. As I wrote it I kept feeling it was getting too negative so I was very unsure about adding it to my blog, and wondered if I should even keep it!  However, a wonderful synchronicity happened that showed me it was to be used. (check out the poem to read what happened)

The next two poems I wrote (in August 2018) What Would Love Do Now and ‘Speak Your Truth‘ have much more relevance to me NOW than they did when I wrote them, as these are why I now share what I do.

In September 2018 I wrote ‘Nothing Is By Chance‘ and this poem really threw my previous notion of only writing positivity out the window, as not only did it start with four verses of questions about negative things, but I went on to speak of the elite who rule our world and have controlled and manipulated through fear. I have known of this (and many of their deeds) for about twenty years, but then chose the path of Love & Light. In this poem I told of how vast numbers are now Awakening, and of the ‘rocky days ahead’ ‘as the darks ghastly deeds all spill out.’ If you read the About This Poem part you’ll see that I never intended to write this and only shared it because of another synchronicity.

From that point onwards, more poems had this theme among them. The one that truly stands out to me now is ‘Mission Impossible To Ignore’ written on 3rd October 2019.

– “The Light is now shining so powerfully that the atrocities carried out by the dark for countless years can no longer be hidden. For the remainder of 2019 and as you enter the 2020 decade there will be many dark deeds surfacing that will shake the foundations of your planet and lives.” –

I truly believe this is what we are now going through. My dilemma over these past weeks has been whether or not to share what is NOT being shown in mainstream media. The main ‘LightWorkers’ I have listened to and read for many years (as they resonate with me) have been saying to not share, to be patient and wait, just to hold the Love and Light. So, this is what I was doing. However, through synchronicities I was led to watch/read other things, and I now feel a stronger pull to follow my own intuition and speak my truth.

Many ‘Lightworkers’ are indeed here to simply hold the Light, steadfast in giving no attention to the negativity that is outpouring worldwide, their powerful stance has/is raising the vibration of humanity and creating our New Earth. But over recent weeks I have been led to see more clearly and understand a different ‘Lightworker’ perspective. Some are here to not only hold the Light but to go into the darkness to gain a greater understanding of the dark’s plan, having more of an impact on eliminating the darkness.

It takes time to intergrate the immense emotions felt on discovering just how low so many have sunk into the depths of depravity, and then to be able to stand in your own Light of Soverignity and shine Love, Forgiveness and Gratitude to all those known, and unknown, who have played their part in the dark plan.

Not only does this bring Light to the darkness aiding those Souls who are ready to move out of the dark, but it will bring a quicker sharing to the world of what has been truly going on for such a very long time. When these depraved revelations are eventually brought into the mainstream, all of the Lightworkers who remained holding the Light of positivity – which of course is/was needed – will then need time to intergrate the shock etc.. they feel, and will not be in a position to give immediate assistance to everyone else – but they will be able to move through their emotions and regain their alignment easier and faster than the majority of those who were ‘sleeping’ will be able to intergrate and gain a higher perspective.  


Since I wrote this poem the censoring of the alternative side of the story has greatly affected what is now available to view and read online, especially on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and Google.  Things that were abundant to find a month or so ago (empty hospitals, nurses and doctors etc.. speaking out) are now greatly reduced on the main social media sites.  However the evidence that more and more people are waking up is evident with the worldwide protests, and with noticing that many people are NOT following the ‘guidelines’ such as wearing masks etc..

Many of those censored are now placing their videos on Bitchute, Brighteon and/or their own sites. However, unfortunately the hundreds or often thousands of people who watched and commented when these videos were on YouTube (the greatest majority confirming what is being shown/said) are not available.

Update: 28th May 2020

The above has been written over the past week or so, but I hadn’t felt it was the right time to post this yet. Yesterday the whole censorship issue went up to a complete level of nonsense with the President of United States having warning labels and links added to his tweets by the Twitter censors. I have read that Donald Trump will now be signing an executive order regarding social media’s censorship.


I Am The Love
I Am The Light
I Am The Truth
I Am The Joy
I Am

Quote from poem: Two Sides To Every Story by Trina Graves - Spiritual Quotes To Live By

2020: Apex Of Duality

Right now keeping positive, as much as possible, is a priority for everyone. Being stressed suppresses the immune system, and with the revelations that are now coming forth it will be very easy to caught up in the high drama of it all. With this in mind, I have compiled a page of links to my poems that are relevant at this time:

About the pandemic
Affirmations to keep focused on God within
LightWorker poems
Wisdom for 2020
Sympathy poems for comfort 

There is also a slideshow of some of the poems with quotes from others too. 

We Are Being Taken Over!

Poem based on quote by: James A. Simpson

We Are Being Taken Over…
This is NOT a conspiracy theory!
You will KNOW this to be true
If you read all the way through.

We Are Being Taken Over…
They are already here living among us
They arrive each and every day
There is no stopping them.

They are positioning themselves in all walks of life
All races, all cultures, all classes, all abilities
They are willing to infiltrate them all.

They don’t have control yet
But they will… it’s only a matter of time.

Slowly, but surely they will take over…
They will be in control of every village, every town,
every city, every country and every nation.

They will be in every profession…
Teachers, Shop Workers, Lawyers Nurses,
Social Workers, Authors, Doctors, Carers, Bankers, Police…
Every single occupation.

They will command and be the governments and armies
of every single nation.

Their influence will touch the lives of us all.

They will be the parents of the next generations
Instilling their own beliefs and their own way of life
On the children of the future.

They are everywhere, waiting for their time.
In the years ahead they will take over…
No one will be immune to their domination
They will have total control.
Wherever you go on this planet…
They will be there.

Are you concerned about this?
Are you worried what will happen?
Surely somehow they can be stopped?
What if we close our borders?

But they are not arriving in that way
They have another means of entry.

This invasion has been going on since humans began
We are powerless to stop it.

But, thankfully scientist have recently discovered that we can gain control.
They have found out that when these Beings arrive they are not fully programmed.
We have the power to install the software that can benefit us all.

It is a mammoth task, but it’s doable, if enough of the right people take their part.

These beings use a type of mind virus to adapt to our world
They learn to behave like us humans by memes.
They watch our every move, listen to our every word
Copy our mannerisms, actions and habits.

They can even tune into our thoughts
So we will have to be Aware at all times.

We need to use our hearts and minds to focus on how we want our world to be…
Loving, Peaceful, Supportive, Generous, Helpful,
Compassionate, Forgiving –  in all its Diversity.

Caring and Sharing the abundance of resources available for everyone.
Living in Appreciation and Gratitude.
Treasuring our planet and every living thing on it.
Then we can programme the new arrivals with these qualities.

We will have to be very careful to do our best to live these qualities ourselves
Because their complete core programming takes about six years.

It will be very easy at first to nurture them
Showing them only love, compassion and joy.

But, as time passes and we have bad days
Getting stressed out about this and that, it becomes harder to stay aware…
They will always mimic our every mood, and install it.

As I said, it is a tremendous task, but it would be worth it…
What a wonderful world we could all share in the future.
And in our aging years we would be surrounded by loving, caring citizens of Earth.
We would be joyously happy to let these new beings take over, everywhere.
The future of life on Earth would be safe in their capable, caring hands and hearts.

So, who among us is up for the job?…

Well, actually, they have already chosen you!

Who are these infiltrators?
And where do they come from?

They are Pure Beings of Love and Light
Sent to Earth to guide us, and to teach us to remember who we are…

We are Beings of Love and Light.

They come from God/Source/All-That-Is.

They are…

Our Children.

Trina Graves – July 2016

About This Poem

This poem is based upon the following quote by Rev. James A. Simpson.

“An army is invading our country. It is going to capture and take possession of everything we have, every political office, business, school, college and council. Nothing will be left to us. This army is composed of the babies and youngsters in our homes. They are the future citizens, the future teachers, directors, politicians. What happens to them, the kind of people they will become, will determine the quality of life in this country twenty-thirty years from now. No task is therefore more important than the education and training of these children in honesty, self-discipline, generosity, love and forgiveness.”

When I first read this quote I thought it was very thought provoking in it’s truth. I had previously been reading about how children have no filters in their early years and just absorb everything from those who surround them, so I wanted to bring these together in a poem. I also liked the idea of making it like a Conspiracy Theory of us being taken over, so I did not want to reveal until the very end that it is all about children.

We Are Being Taken Over - inspirational poem by Trina Graves of Spiritual Quotes To Live By