Born To Stand Out

Quote Title: Dr Seuss
Why Fit In When You Were Born To Stand Out?

You are the New Energy Generation
Born to Now truly stand out
Not limited to the old ways
You’re here to bring change about

Gone are the dark days of the past
We’re in the New days of Light
You’re here to enhance the world
With your radiance, ever-so bright

The old ways take time to let go
Older generations don’t like change
But you are here on a mission
Which to oldies may seem strange

You sense more than they do
You may have dimensional sight
Fitting into Earth’s old systems
To you, will never feel right

For you have so much to teach
To all here, especially the old
Your Presence is so very different
Not fitting their old energy mould

They may even give you labels
Uncontrollable, Autism, ADHD
Star, Indigo, Crystal, Rainbow
So many New Rays of humanity

You might find linear life challenging
If you’re aware of so much more
Alternative dimensions to play in
Spiritual truths known at your core

Some of you may have chosen
To live a problematic, difficult start
Knowing experience will expand
Your future Awareness of Heart

Going through a baffling childhood
Your focus later, may bring change
To where it is desperately needed
Many basics need to re-arrange

Be strong in your Inner-Knowing
Early on, most will want you to fit-in
You chose to born at this important time
Starting in their energy, you can begin

To be a Trail-Blazer of the New
Always questioning their old ways
Many old energy minds will be opened
As you go through all of your days

You will help to bring changes
To all the old systems of Earth
It’s why you came here, Now
To shine your truly, Divine Worth

Education, politics, science
So much needs an overhaul
Bide your time, ‘raising’ your family
While they still see you as small

It may take many years to know
Where you are going to be
Of service to the world, use your
Intuition to guide you clearly

Always do your best to avoid
The negative vibes all around
Surrounding yourself in The Light
Inner-Positivity is naturally found

Your parents and other family, all
Love you, but some can’t express
The depth of their true feelings
Old energies made a bit of a mess!

Know you are always Loved
No matter, or what you ever do
God, the Angels, your Guides
Eternally, Unconditionally Love you

You know you are of The Love
You know you are of The Light
You know your very Presence
Will eventually bring things right

You were not born to fit in
You were born to stand out
Be proud of who you are
Let your Divine Presence SHOUT!

Trina Graves – November 2019

About This Poem

This Dr Seuss quote has been one of my favourties for a number of years, especially as it was chosen by some of my grandchildren who were being home-schooled as their motto. So, it has been on my list to use for a poem quote for a long time. 

My ten grandchildren range in age from 21 to 4. In just about every one of them I see how they are of the New Energy of Earth. Several struggle with fitting in. and have issues that I now understand come from being born with a Higher Vibrational energy system that finds it difficult to live in an older energy world. So many of them are very sensitive to the energies around them, and one in particular, who showed an amazingly advanced mind at a very young age, is now in the process of getting his ‘label’ after being expelled from school at the grand old age of 4! 

I started this poem in early November, but did the final tweak yesterday and as is happening so much lately Divine Timing is so evident. Sitting at my computer today, thinking about which poem to add, I noticed a new video from Amanda Ellis and watched that first. –  If you are a frequent reader of my posts then you’ll maybe know that since ‘finding’ Amanda (at the end of last year) I have been amazed at all of the synchronicity going on with her teachings and videos. 

In todays video almost straight away she speaks of people feeling they do not fit in with the world, then she goes on to talk of Crystal children and how she is being called to do something for them. So much of what she said resonated with this poem, so I had no doubt which one to add today!

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Born To Stand Out - part of poem by Trina Graves - Spiritual Quotes To Live By
My grandchildren in 2016