Opening The Door

We are born with freewill
Always connected to Source
Spirit within and without
But we choose our own course

Before birth we plan
If this life will ever be
One of Spiritual connection
Flowing so beautifully

Children often sense Spirit
But most will let it go
As they grow into adults
Adapting to society’s flow

Our destiny though planned
Is affected by Earth’s duality
It can block and negate
From its overwhelming density

Even if this happens
Spirit will never leave
We are never alone
No matter what we believe

Angelic Beings and Guides
Ascended Masters and more
Await the joyous moment
That we might open our door

Our own Higher Self
Also plays a part
To bring our awareness
To focus on Heart

Opening our mind to more
Than physical senses perceive
Begins an epic journey
Changing all we conceive


My journey had started
When I opened my mind
Questioning and searching
Awareness I did find

Bringing me to my moment
Of opening my door
Sat alone, at home
13th January in ‘94

Reading my full notebook
Of positive quotes, so uplifting
With pictures of my children
Always made my Heart sing

I had tried meditation
Just a few times before
I’d recently read a tip
To encourage you more

– Think of the happiest
You have ever been –
For me, that was easy
My blissful memory scene

Holding my newborn baby
Looking deep into their eyes
Unconditional Love overwhelming
Divine Awareness multiplies

Re-living this moment
Brought tears to flow
Exquisite joy surfacing
From a memory long ago

Then following my intuition
Without giving it a thought
I asked in my mind a question
An immediate answer was brought

“Is there any Being present
Of Love and the Light?”
With no pause at all
I lit up so bright!

A rush waved through my body
Of Love and Peace so Divine
Growing stronger each moment
Pure ecstasy, sublime

Then my humanness crept in
“What does this meam?”
The intensity melted away
Though I still felt serene

For several more days
I floated on a High
Full of Love and Peace
Easing off as days went by

For many years I wondered
What truly happened that day
I knew it was Spirit connection
But with who? I couldn’t say

It was only last year
That clarity came to me
With the teachings of Kryon
Truth in pure simplicity

I’d raised my vibration
And asked from my Heart
I opened my door to Source
My connection could start

So obvious once I ‘knew’
I’d requested from freewill
Giving my permission to allow
God to instil

We are all powerful Beings
Of God, one-and-all
But God gave us freewill
To sense or block His call

Trina Graves – 14th December 2020

About This Poem

I have many of my earlier experiences explained since I began reading and listening to Kryon through Lee Carroll. (eg. The Eclipse)

Four months after what happened in this poem I was given a message at a Spiritualist Church to write everything down (My Catalyst) which over the years led me to write poems of my experiences.

Whether we ‘open our door’ or not in this lifetime, Source and all Beings of Love are with us and will never judge us, their Love is eternally unconditional.


part of inspirational poem 'Opening The Door' by Trina Graves - Spiritual Quotes To Live By
picture from Pixabay
Be Love, Seek Joy - Trina Graves, Spiritual Quotes To Live By

Christmas Celebrations

A King born in a stable
A magical story to behold
Throughout the many centuries
The telling still never grows old

No grandeur at the birth
To be seen with an Earthly eye
Only a large guiding star
Shone brightly in the sky

But there was a great rejoicing
Going on in dimensionality
Angels, many Beings of Light
Were there, the Babe to see

Celebrating this precious time
Knowing of what it would bring
To the Earth and the humans
Hallelujah, they did sing!

With Awareness of God within
Jesus would show His Divinity
Present in a human living
In Earth’s difficult density

Teaching by His example
Giving only Light and Love
His footsteps on the Earth
With God, not only up above

He came to tell who’d listen
All possess His ability
Each born with God within
Seek inside to set Love free

Now, over two thousand years
Since that momentous birth
Each year we joyously celebrate
The Presence of Jesus on Earth

Born to shine His Light
Born to guide our way
Born to Unconditionally Love
Born here to always stay

Trina Graves – 14th December 2019

About This Poem

Rather late, I know! Just didn’t get the chance to complete the picture and post on time. But I thought I’d still add it as we are still in the festive season.

Happy New Year!
May your 2020 be Blessed with Love, Light, Joy and Good Health.

Christmas Celebrations - Inspirational poem by Trina Graves - Spiritual Quotes To Live By
image: dodo71 on Pixabay

The Everlasting Light

based on: O Little Town Of Bethlehem by Phillips Brooks

O little Earth of duality
How still you show the lie
Some still deep in dreamless sleep
Awareness passes by
Yet in the dark streets there shines
The Everlasting Light
Waiting there so patiently
To meet when your time’s right

The Cosmos of stars, together
Knew of the Holy birth
To bring forth the Heavenly King
Heralding Peace on Earth
For Christ was born of Mary
And so below as above
While mortals sleep, Spirits keep
Present, with Unconditional Love

How silently, how silently
The wondrous gift is given
So God imparts to human Hearts
The Blessings of His Heaven
Freewill to choose acceptance
Of the Divine within
Each chooses if, and when, to walk
The Christed-Way, to begin

O Holy Child of Divinity
Come to show the true way
Eternal Loving, Peace to bring
Be born in us today
We hear the Christmas Angels
And joyful, join to tell
You are in us, please meld with us
Our Lord Immanuel

Trina Graves – 5th December 2019

About This Poem

To get some ideas for Christmas themes to write about I read through some carols and noted which lines stood out to me. I also wondered if I could have a go at updating any of them for my collection of Affirming The Classics, but thought not.

Obviously, from the title of this poem, you can see what got my attention when I read O Little Town Of Bethlehem, and I also wanted to write about the ‘dark streets.’ I never intended to use the whole carol, but that’s what flowed when I wrote!

I haven’t categorised it with the Affirmation poems as it doesn’t totally fit with my aim of re-writing old classics making them into personal affirmations of positivity.

Original carol:

O little town of Bethlehem
How still we see thee lie
Above thy deep and dreamless sleep
The silent stars go by
Yet in thy dark streets shineth
The everlasting Light
The hopes and fears of all the years
Are met in thee tonight

O morning stars, together
Proclaim the holy birth
And praises sing to God the King
And peace to men on earth
For Christ is born of Mary
And gathered all above
While mortals sleep, the angels keep
Their watch of wondering love

O holy child of Bethlehem
Descend to us, we pray
Cast out our sin, and enter in
Be born in us today
We hear the Christmas angels
The great glad tidings tell
O come to us, abide in us
Our Lord Immanuel

Phillips Brooks  1835 – 1893

I have written six new Christmas poems, and will be adding all of them in these last few days before Christmas 2019. I have a link page for my Christmas Poems, if you would like to read more from this year, or previous years.

Happy Christmas to you and all your loved ones
And may you all be Blessed with an abundance of Love, Light & Joy
Now, and as we step into the new energy decade of 2020
Trina ❤  

The Everlasting Light - based on O Little Town Of Bethlehem - by Trina Graves - Spiritual Quotes To Live By
image: jeffjacobs1990 on Pixabay

Unite! All Those Of The Light

All Light-Workers of planet Earth
Heed the call instilled at birth
You’ve worked your magic day-by-day
To bring The Light here to stay
Unite! All Those Of The Light
Together we shine powerfully bright

All Light-Warriors of here and now
With swords of truth, to peace you bow
With honour you protect the innocence
In your powerful Light presence
Unite! All Those Of The Light
Together we shine vitally bright

All Way-Showers of The Light, we see
What you truly came here to be
Your way not always an easy path
You gave us truth, suffering others wrath
Unite! All Those Of The Light
Together we shine burning bright

All Light-Players of this time
The game you see, no real crime
A Higher Truth, you play a part
Love will win, you knew at the start
Unite! All Those Of The Light
Together we shine jubilantly bright

All artists of The Light-depicting
Beauty you channel and you bring
Forth delight for all to see
Visions of future for humanity
Unite! All Those Of The Light
Together we shine enrichingly bright

All musicians of The Light-enhancing
Heard by our Souls, you get us dancing
To the rhythm of The Light and Love
Choirs of Angels sing along up above
Unite! All Those Of The Light
Together we shine euphorically bright

All writers of The Lighted-word
Setting your truth to be heard
Indelibly falling into the mind
Teaching ways of being kind
Unite! All Those Of The Light
Together we shine upliftingly bright

All speakers of The Light-of-Truth
Even those who may seem uncouth
Your words emit their ray of hope
Aiding all in this world to cope
Unite! All Those Of The Light
Together we shine encouragingly bright

All babies you are The Purest Light
Fresh from Source, setting our hearts right
As we open up to the message you bring
‘Love is all,’ United we sing
Unite! All Those Of The Light
Together we shine intoxicatingly bright

All Light-Children of this time and place
You are continuation of the human race
We place our Love in your hands
To reign in Peace over the lands
Unite! All Those Of The Light
Together we shine effervescently bright

All Light-animals on land and sea
You gift us with your presence clearly
No words are spoken but we feel
Source Energy with you is truly real
Unite! All Those Of The Light
Together we shine buoyantly bright

All Light-Spirits in another dimension
Loving support always your intention
Knowing you are with us, through it all
All we have to do is be open and ask, call
Unite! All Those Of The Light
Together we shine radiantly bright

All Angels of the Light Divine
Always present, giving a sign
Guiding, Protecting, always there
Unconditional Love for us you share
Unite! All Those Of The Light
Together we shine sparkling bright

All Light-Masters of all the creeds
The Way, The Truth, you planted seeds
We blossomed and grew, honouring you
Your Loving Presence in all we do
Unite! All Those Of The Light
Together we shine inspiringly bright

All Elemental Light-Beings
Mother Nature knows you and sings
Of your presence United with Earth
Blessings of Growth, Beauty and Mirth
Unite! All Those Of The Light
Together we shine vivaciously bright

All Cosmic Beings of The Light
Your presence ever shining bright
For all those who are ready to see
Your Peace and Love for humanity
Unite! All Those Of The Light
Together we shine beaming bright

All Sources of Light: Planets and Stars
Sentient Beings all, not just Earth and Mars
One day all humanity will know it’s true
But for now, most just don’t have a clue
Unite! All Those Of The Light
Together we shine illuminating bright

All Sleepers of the Light-instilled
Awaken NOW and feel your heart filled
With a sense of purpose, a goal, a way
To Truth, Love and The Light here today
Unite! All Those Of The Light
Together we shine lit-up bright

In truth, all people contain The Light
But in some it’s dimmed and so they fight
Living from a downward fear of lack
Our Love, Forgiveness, Light will bring them back
Unite! All Those Of The Light
Together we shine triumphantly bright

All-That-Is, God, Great Spirit, Source
Our Soul knows The Truth, of course
We Are All One, United, never apart
You Are The Light that’s in our heart
Unite! All to Divinely shine bright
Together We Are: The All-That-Is Light

Trina Graves – 23rd July 2019

About This Poem

Yesterday I posted ‘We Are Ready which was written at the same time as this poem and both were inspired by recent messages from The Federation Of Light channelled by Blossom Goodchild. On yesterdays post I also included quotes from Blossom’s site (with links) that are relevant for this poem too, so if you are interested, please do read that one as well.

I don’t usually post on consecutive days, but I feel I should with these two poems. As I mentioned yesterday, there is another one I will write based on theses recent messages from Blossom and The Federation Of Light.


part of poem: Unite All Those Of The Light by Trina Graves - Spiritual Quotes To Live By

In The Arms Of An Angel

An Angel is a Spiritual Being
A Messenger of God, His Agent
Working Divinely with love
Around us, or when needed, sent

Some people get to see them
Magnificent, powerful, bright
With pure white wings of feather
A truly life-enhancing sight

But most just know of them
Or at least hope they are true
For we all need the Divine Love
To support and help us through

However, we have an Earth Angel
Who has always been around
For we are all Spiritual Beings
And Divine Love can be found

There is one who’s always loved us
With all their open heart
Giving their mind, body and Spirit
To our existence, right from our start

They nurtured us for many years
Building our home, a feathered nest
For us to feel at peace, warm and safe
Whenever we needed to have a rest

To them we were never ordinary
But exceptional, even miraculous
Our smallest of achievements
They’d shower us in loving fuss

Unconditional Love and forgiveness
Flowed from their heart and eyes
And when we were little children
They were God‘s Agent, all-wise

As babies we knew the truth
Being fresh from the Great Above
We’d only be placed in the arms
Of the strongest and highest love

In The Arms Of An Angel
We were held like no other
Truly Blessed from the Divine
With an Angel as our Mother

Trina Graves – 29th March 2019

About This Poem

As I mentioned in my last post: Mother’s Day’ the title and theme of this poem came to me with the line from the song ‘Angel’ by Sarah McLachlan. I was writing down some notes for that poem when the song just came into my head and I instantly knew it was for another poem.

Several years ago I came up with the idea of putting angels wings on photos of my grandchildren. I have used them in several things I’ve made, including quotes for my website and Facebook page. So, it was an obvious idea to add Angel wings to some mother pictures too.

I used these pictures below, and others, for my mum’s card and I also sent the poem to my two daughters with pictures of them with each of their children too.

In The Arms Of An Angel - inspirational poem about mothers by Trina Graves - Spiritual Quotes To Live By
Four generations: my grandmothers, mother, myself and my two daughters.

We Shall Not Die Alone

Title Quote: Blaise Pascal

There have always been stories
In modern times, and old
How at the time of passing
There are Heavenly re-unions to behold
We Shall Not Die Alone..
Heavenly Re-Unions Will Bring Us Home

We all have our own Guardian Angel
A Celestial Messenger from above
Always by our side throughout life
Giving guidance and Unconditional Love
We Shall Not Die Alone..
Our Guardian Angel Will Escort Us Home

There are other Divine Beings
Who agree pre-birth to take the part
To guide us through our life
Giving inspiration to our heart
We Shall Not Die Alone..
Our Spirit Guides Will Guide Us Home

We all have lost beloved family
Who’s passing made our hearts cry
Regardless of their time spent on Earth
It was so painful to say goodbye
We Shall Not Die Alone..
Beloved Family Will Take Us Home

There are even many family members
Who we never met in this present life
They passed over before our day of birth
But watch over us through trouble and strife
We Shall Not Die Alone..
Past Generations Will Support Us Home

We’ve also had devoted friends
From our youth or recent days
Who’ve transitioned to the other side
And we miss them in so many ways
We Shall Not Die Alone..
Departed Friends Will Accompany Us Home

Some have known the Unconditional Love
Of a faithful, friendly pet
Dog, cat or whatever animal
Their presence we never forget
We Shall Not Die Alone..
Our Faithful Pet Will Walk Us Home

All through our lives there have been people
Who have inspired us, guided and taught
Through school, books, history, or whatever
Knowledge and wisdom they brought
We Shall Not Die Alone..
Our Teachers Will Lead Us Home

Strangers cross our path through life
Sometimes briefly, or moments that last
But we always meet for a reason
Untold Blessings exchanged as we passed
We Shall Not Die Alone..
Blessed Souls Will Greet Us Home

If it’s meant to be our treasured Loved ones
Will be physically present on that day
We’ll have the chance to say farewell
And together for peace will pray
We Shall Not Die Alone..
Our Loves Will Bless Us Home

But, even if their physical presence
Is not there at our last breath
Our Love is a bond that unites us forever
Their Devoted Spirit will be present at our death
We Shall Not Die Alone..
Our Loves Spirits Will Send Us Home

We all have our own Inner Guidance
Our Source, Spirit, Higher-Self or Soul
When aligned our lives are Blessed
We are Loving, Joyful and Whole
We Shall Not Die Alone..
Our Higher-Self Will Unite Us Home

Some are truly Blessed with a Divine Encounter
Of a Being, so High and Supreme
Jesus, Buddha, Mohammed, whoever they are
Their Blissful Presence will be like a dream
We Shall Not Die Alone..
Ascended Masters May Enlighten Us Home

So you see the journey we all take
Is never a lonely one
With so much Love surrounding us
Our home-coming celebrations will have begun
We Shall Not Die Alone..
An Abundance of Love Will Transport Us Home

Trina Graves – 17th November 2016

About This Poem

There are so many wonderful near-death experience stories shared by people from all walks of life and different religions, I have always enjoyed reading them and find them so comforting and inspiring. I think in every one I have read the person who ‘died’ came back and lived a different life than before, they were more loving, compassionate and spiritually minded.

Before my maternal grandmother died in 1993 she had several heart-attacks, after being resuscitated from the first one she told my mum that she was no longer afraid of dying because it had been so peaceful. Also, not long before she died she had a dream of walking on ahead of her children. 

My mother also told me the story of another relative who was in bed, unable to move for his last days, but just before passing he sat up and was happily talking to ‘someone’ in the room.

I truly believe that we are never alone in this life or the next, so, of course we will be ‘met’ for the crossing over. I also believe that as we create our world, we can therefore focus on and choose who we would like to be with us at this time. My paternal grandmother died when I was seven and my older brother was nine. We lived next door to her so were very close. My brother strongly believes that she will be the one to meet him when he dies, so I too am positive that she will be there for him.  I personally feel no need to determine ‘who’ will be the first one to greet me, it will all be a Blessed Re-union. 🙂 

We Shall Not Die Alone - sympathy poem by Trina Graves of Spiritual Quotes To Live By