New Earth

My ‘New Earth’ poems are written from the perspective that we are already living in New Earth, the poems also reflect on how it was when living in the old energy of the Earth before. The Law of Attraction teaches that where we place our focus creates our reality, so by ‘being’ in New Earth and letting go of the old, it will aid in its manifestation.

Anyone who is open-minded and awake to their true-self knows that humanity is now rapidly raising its vibration and consciousness as we bring forth and create a New Earth. Many people talk of it as us being in a 3D world and are now moving into 5D.

In our 3D world we see ourselves as victims, manipulated by all the powers of society (government, mainstream media, social media, education system, medical system, banking system ect..) and even our families and friends. We think and believe things are done to us, and we have little or no say. Our 3D world is full of duality: right/wrong, good/bad, positive/negative, male/female, black/white, educated/non-educated. religious/non-religious etc.. and in the present time: masked/non-masked, vaccinated/vaccine decliners, lockdown rule followers/non-compliers, mainstream media believers/truth searchers.

In a 5D world ALL things are perceived from a much higher awareness. We know that we are Sovereign, Spiritual Beings who create our own reality through our thoughts, beliefs, words and actions. We know we have ALL of the power to be, do and have anything we desire. However, from this higher perspective we know that we are all ONE and whatever we do to another we do to ourselves. Intentionally harming any human or animal is not even thought of, let alone carried out. Respect and gratitude is given to all, inclucling Mother Earth and all her magnificent abundance of nature.

Moving Into New Earth
As we move into this 5D reality or New Earth, one of the consequences is that the Light is overcoming the Darkness that has prevailed throughout our known (and unknown) history. The Light is now so strong that nothing is able to hide in the darkness, so all of the atrocities carried out throughout the ages are now coming into full view. From the 3D perspective this will seems as though we live in a terrible world full of evil, however, it needs to be seen from the perspective that we cannot heal what is unknown to us.

As the crimes against humanity come into the mainstream it is vitally important to focus on sending Love, Light, Forgiveness and Compassion to all, including those who have carried out the most terrible crimes, for we have not walked the Earth in their shoes, nor are we aware of their Soul contract before birth. If you find this hard to understand there is a wonderful story that explains it so well: The Little Soul & The Sun from Conversations With God, by Neale Donald Walsch.

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Part of poem 'New Earth' by Trina Graves - Spiritual Quotes To Live By