New Earth: The News

In the old Earth density
The news was often fake
High drama and manipulation
Churning stories they’d make

Mainstream media was controlled
By the elite, a dark power
Worldwide it’s tentacles spread
Suppressing the truth every hour

Keeping people fearful
Draining their ability
To claim their true birthright
Of freedom and Sovereignity

A little story here and there
Of something good in the news
To fool the following audience
The bad they didn’t choose

By keeping the focus negative
So greatly in proportion
The world is a dangerous place
Was their perpetual caution

Then came the Great Awakening
As we raised our consciousness
Moving into the New Earth
To clean up all the mess

Controlled fake news exposed
The manipulation understood
Many shining their Love & Light
To help all those they could

In the New Earth clarity
The news is truth always
Spreading all the joy
As humanity shines its rays

A choice in the mainstream
Different perspectives to view
As individuals walk their path
To where they’re going to

Keeping people uplifted
Raising their ability
To be all they can be
Freely expressing Unity

There are some negative stories
As humanity works its way
Compassionate wisdom invoked
Together we heal each day

Love, Light and Positivity
Truly the strongest force
The world is a beautiful place
Peace on Earth, we’re on course!

Trina Graves – 17th December 2020

About This Poem

With all of the craziness that has been going on since last year, there are now millions of more people Awakened to the reality of our fake mainstream news.

Some truths are now beginning to trickle into the mainstream: the virus being man-made, Fauci being involved, Bill Gates’s link to Epstein etc.. although anyone who made the effort to research, instead of just believing the mainstream, knew of this over a year ago! Now the floodgates have been slightly opened this trickle will hopefully turn into a deluge of what has really been going on, although I know it will shock many people to learn of the real truth. However, all of this had to happen to bring about the changing of our world to a New Earth of peace.

In my ‘New Earth’ collection of poems I am placing the focus on being in our future when things have changed and looking back on how things were.

With all of the revelations that are now evident – if you choose to see them – it is so very important for as many of us as possible to place our focus on what we wish to create for our New Earth.


image from Pixabay


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