Switch Off!

Switch off those repeats
We’ve seen them all before
The story doesn’t change
We just embed them more

Repeating doesn’t develop
Our minds to seek and grow
Stagnant or little flowing
Evolution remains slow

Change is a part of life
Constantly unfolding, if we let
Higher Wisdom be our goal
Not building a dam to set

Switch off those old programmes
They are all in the past
Old stories, old ideas
Not meant to ever-last

Switch off mainstream news
So well-known to be fake
High drama, pushing, selling
Little truth in stories they make

Controlled by dark forces
Pushing an agenda worldwide
The presenters often caught
In a web of deceit they abide

Switch off social media
Unless we strongly discern
Filtering out the lies and hate
Peace and love our only concern

Sharing, supporting humanity
In joyful, compassionate ways
Ever mindful of our presence
Giving Love throughout our days

Trina Graves – 30th August 2020

About This Poem

In 2018 I wrote ‘Pull The Plug’ which covered several aspects I believed needed erasing or limiting in our everyday lives (news, adverts, gossip etc..). Another poem developed out of this (as I had too much on one subject,) ‘The Vision Box.’ This new poem extends this theme and brings a focus to what is so evident now in this new decade.

Because of the plandemic many millions of people have come to realise that the mainstream media is fake news. Those who have delved more deeply into the subject have found that our televisions have been programming us all along! I believe that very soon the rest of the population of Earth will be shown this truth. It will be a hard pill to swallow for the many who have never questioned what is shown on the news and so called ‘documentaries.’ And a great shock to discover how depraved many ‘celebraties’ have stooped for fame.

Also social media is now showing how manipulative and controlling it is. At the moment anyone who goes against the media’s narrative is silenced. They will soon be taken down and will not remain in New Earth unless they greatly change.

As we step into our New Earth we need to consciously create Higher Vibrational movies, series, documentaries, social media platforms etc.. bringing positivity and joy to all those who choose to indulge their time in them. However, with a Higher Vibrational energy of the people, I believe many will choose to limit such things from their life.


Switch Off - inspirational poem by Trina Graves - Spiritual Quotes To Live By
Be Love, Seek Joy - Trina Graves, Spiritual Quotes To Live By

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