Meeting A Friend

My Visions: 17th October 2014

This was one of my visits
That really made me smile
As in my mind I go to
See my Guide, once in a while

As I walked over to James
Who was stood by the sea
I realised my Mother
Was walking next to me

When my Mum saw James
She was elated, and ran
To embrace him, overjoyed
Not at all in my plan!

They obviously knew each other
Friends re-Uniting, so precious
I knew I was not needed
I walked on, no need for fuss

Seeing Rachael up ahead
I met with her to have a talk
Though nothing I remember
Just that we had a walk

Mum and James hugged goodbye
We’d go home together, I thought
But then my Dad appeared
More amusement to me brought

Linking arms, happily chatting
Oblivious to me being there
Home they went joyously
An odd vision, to share?

At the time, I just thought
This is strange and amusing
I didn’t even talk to James
No meaning, did it bring

But still, I wrote it down
I’d been told to keep track
It would be just over four years
Until I needed it brought back

In a revelation early this year
Jesus showed Himself as James
Feeling unworthy, I had doubts
Not just about the names

This odd vision came to me
As a confirmation I needed
Along with others, all in the past
Divine Timing evidence seeded

It’s well known to view Jesus
As a Loving, Faithful friend
But the significance to me
Aided my acceptance to mend

Jesus was indeed a Loving part
Of my Mothers life-long past
She’d felt and seen His Presence
An impact to truly last

The overjoyment, ecstasy
Was for no ordinary friend
Now I truly understand
Everything’s a Divine Blend

Trina Graves – 19th November 2019

About This Poem

Not much to say about this one really.
However, If you would like to know more about this story, then my poems that link to it are: Insight – about my first ‘visit.’ Why I wrote this strange vision down even though I thought it didn’t mean anything is covered in My Catalyst. And, James revealing himself as Jesus is what my poem A Birthday Revelation is all about.

Meeting A Friend - by Trina Graves - Spiritual Quotes To Live By

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