2020: A to Z

Awakening the masses is the goal
By opening the people’s eyes to the lies and control
Covid-19 the cabals plot to seize totalitarian world power
Devastation and death worldwide to make humanity cower
Evolution of consciousness enabled a change for all Earth
Flipping the coin to bring Higher Awareness of self-worth
God is within every single Soul
Heaven on Earth now an attainable goal
Illuminate, cabal, the 1%, elite or deepstate
Jeopardized humanity with division and hate
Knowledge is now being uncovered everywhere
Learning the truth as many whistleblowers share
Mainstream media has always been controlled, it’s fake news
Now the people can discern and choose
Opening their minds to what’s now playing out
Politics, pedophilia worldwide the focus, without a doubt
Q a guidance to seek truth, questioning always
Reality is changing so fast through these days
Spiritual warfare is what’s really going on
Trump the front man, the evil couldn’t con
Underground tunnels, the deepest of shock
Vaccines, Hollywood, corrupted systems, all a hard knock
Waking the world to overwhelming debauchery
X-rated, be careful, discern what you see
Yet out of this we will clean up and heal centuries of hurt
Zealous for change, we must rise up United to clear all the dirt

Trina Graves – 21st August 2020

About This Poem

I have had this poem ‘ready to go’ for many weeks, but the timing never seemed right!

Since the ‘virus’ began there has been an increase in people Awakening by having their lives changed with all the restrictions to everyday life. Some evidence trickles into mainstream of the corruption that has been going on for such a very long time, but the majority is highly censored. So far it is mainly those who have questioned the confusing and often nonsense narrative that have Awakened, but now as things progress the numbers will rise greatly!

Centre stage is America, but it involves the whole world. The elite (illuminati, cabal, deep state) are being taken down. It has nothing to do with politics and government (although they are one of the tools used by them) it is about good vs evil.

We are certainly going through a very crazy time! And I know that some reading this poem will not like the line about Donald Trump. Before this year, I never had any interest whatsoever in politcs, especially once I learned of the Illuminati, it confirmed my intuition that the idea of different parties was false. Before this whole virus thing started, I had heard of the great negativity towards Trump and thought there must be some truth to it as it was so overwhelming. However, what got my attention was his continual stating that the mainstream media was ‘fake news.’ This I knew was a ‘truth,’ so it made me question the perception of him and to learn more.

Knowing nothing in the mainstream could be trusted, I watched his speeches, read some of his executive orders and listened to other sources. One of the first things I was surprised to learn was that he does not take a salary from being President, but donates it to charity. Certainly an indication that he is not in his position to make money. He is also the first President in a very long time to not go to war ANYWHERE in the world.

From my own research, listening to Spiritual channellers I trust, and looking within, I do believe that Trump was brought in to be the front man in bringing about the ‘Great Awakening’ and to ‘Drain The Swamp.’ He is not perfect, he is human and we all make mistakes, but I believe he is on the side of the Light, especially with all he has done towards stopping human (and especially child) trafficking. The Dark and all their satanic evil deeds are being uncovered for us all to be aware of what has been going on for hundreds of years.

This is NOT about politics, there are good and bad on BOTH sides. It is about good vs evil, light vs dark, freedom vs control. A Spiritual war.

The US Election
As you can see, this poem was written in August, if it was more recent I am sure the American election would have been included!

I believe this whole fiasco is about bringing out the truth of how elections have ALWAYS been manipulated, it is not just about this one, and not only about America. However, the level of fraud and corruption for the 2020 election is the worst it has ever been. The evidence has been available to everyone who has taken the time to watch the live hearings, but is totally denied by mainstream news as they push their false narrative. Time will tell.

This manipulation of the election and how mainstream media worldwide have colluded. will not only bring the downfall of the corrupt, but will Awaken many more ordinary people who are still unaware of what has really been going on. Then, more and more will be made public of the terrible crimes carried out by those who have been following the evil agenda.

Underground Tunnels/DUMBS
Throughout these past months I have hoped and prayed that what I heard of the deep underground tunnels is disinformation, because if it does prove to be truth it will cause the deepest of shock and overwhelming sadness to humanity. I was unsure of whether to mention it in this A to Z, but the words flowed so it was included. Although at the moment there is no hard physical evidence about the tunnels, there is certainly enough evidence showing that child trafficking and pedophillia are not only big business, but have been VASTLY covered up worldwide by police, courts, charities, social services, mainstream media, film & music industries etc..

The Light Has Won!
I had thought the plan of bringing down the Cabal would be in the mainstream months ago, but as time progresses it’s easier to see how everything is happening s-l-o-w-l-y to allow the Awakening of more people worldwide. However, it will very soon come to a point where the remaining masses will be red pilled.

The good news is that the Light has already won, we are just living through the story of what the dark had intended for us being made available to those who believed everything fed to them through the ‘news,’ and all of the systems of the world, were the truth.

New Earth
We are Blessed by being here on planet Earth at this auspicious time, to witness and be a part of the raising of vibration to enable a New Earth to be manifested.


I AM the Love
I Am the Light
I Am the Truth
I Am the Joy
I Am

2020 A to Z - poem by Trina Graves - Spiritual Quotes To Live By
Be Love, Seek Joy - Trina Graves quote - Spiritual Quotes To Live By

2020: Apex Of Duality

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