40 Years Of Joy

For my daughters 40th birthday

You Blessed my life
40 years ago today
Your presence has brought
Much more than words can say

A precious daughter to Love
Unconditionally and cherish
You changed my world
So on this day, I wish…

Your life be overflowing
Abundantly with Love
And any negativity
You calmly rise above

Each day to be filled
With the beauty all around
And by always seeking joy
Your Soul Path will be found

The strength and courage
To do what you must
And peace of mind
In God’s hands to trust

Good health to live
And do all you want to
Please remember always
To look after YOU!

For an empty well
Can give no water
Everything you give
You need, my daughter

40 years of joy and Love
I give thanks for today
I Love you, then, now, forever
A part of my Heart you will stay

As a baby you filled me with awe
As a child you filled me with delight
And as an adult with pride and admiration
But most especially, throughout all the years
… with LOVE

Trina Graves – 10th April 2019

About This Poem

As stated, this was written for my daughters 40th last year. Yesterday my son also reached this milestone! With only fourteen months between them they grew up close together, I especially loved watching them explore their world together as little ones.

They are now parents themselves, my daughter has three children (daughters 12 & 10, son 5) and my son has a daughter (22). The years have gone by so very fast and now the world is changing so much too! I do believe greater things are ahead of us, once collectively we are able to see how much has been going on for so long that has held us back from being our true selves.

My youngest will turn forty at the very beginning of 2023, she has four children (daughter 17, sons 16, 8, 6)  I truly hope and envision by then we will be through the worst that needs to surface for our planetary healing, and we will be creating our New Earth of Love, Compassion, Joy and Peace for all. Then by the time my grandchildren start reaching this age (2037) our world will be totally unrecognisable from the dense duality we now live in.

My three treasures in 1984 (I have this picture by my screen to keep me uplifted)

11 thoughts on “40 Years Of Joy

  1. Oh my gosh, Trina! This is so beautiful, and your “three treasures” (love how you call them that), are adorable!
    My daughter turns 40 next month, and I am sending this to her. How beautiful!

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