Safe At Home

Home… our place of comfort
Home… our place of rest
Home… is where our Heart is
Home… our feathered nest

Cocooned in our sanctuary
Sheltered from the dark storm
Patiently giving time it’s chance
To heal, as we keep warm

From our place of comfort
Place Love around those who don’t rest
Compassion fills up their Heart
Compelling them to leave their nest

Limited protection for sanctuary
They face the greatest storm
To patients they give their time
Healing others keeps them warm

No matter our own views
Now is the time for Unity
Together we’ll get through this
Safe at home, we need to be

Trina Graves – 1st April 2020

About This Poem

Although I believe we are not being told the truth of what’s going on, and continue to come across evidence on a daily basis – for instance, today I found on the UK Government website on the status of COVID-19, ” As of 19 March 2020, COVID-19 is no longer considered to be a high consequence infectious diseases (HCID) in the UK.” Also, “mortality rates (low overall)” – I do also believe we need to follow the guidance and stay “Safe At Home.” 

Here in the UK this will be the third Thursday at 8pm that people stand on their doorsteps and applaud the NHS (National Health Service) and all other keyworkers, showing Unity and gratitude to all those who are continuing to work to help others. So, this one of my recent poems seems the perfect fit for today!


Update: 15th April 2020

Right now keeping positive, as much as possible, is a priority for everyone. Being stressed suppresses the immune system, and with the revelations that are now coming forth it will be very easy to caught up in the high drama of it all. With this in mind, I have compiled a page of links to my poems that are relevant at this time:

About the pandemic
Affirmations to keep focused on God within
LightWorker poems
Wisdom for 2020
Sympathy poems for comfort 

There is also a slideshow of some of the poems with quotes from others too. The page is called ‘2020: Apex Of Duality’

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