Rise Above The Fear

Fear always stalks
Seeking to find a way
To take hold and enter
Our psyche every day

Doubts and insecurities
Riddle in our mind
Clogging up our energy
Then negativity we find

Blinkered in our sight
Seeming darkness all around
It’s easy to sink deeper
Unless a Light is found

Fear is so contagious
It spreads so easily
When fed by the media
It explodes exponentially

Without Light it festers
Causing endless stress
Our bodies are affected
The immune system works less

Hindered by the adrenaline
Stress will continually produce
Body processes are limited
Until the stress we reduce

Feeding the fear often
In a myriad of ways
Speaking, listening, writing
In our actions it replays

Panic may set in
Causing selfish acts
Too focused on the fear
To clearly see the facts


Rise Above The Fear
Don’t let it find a way
To take hold and enter
Your psyche any day

Rise Above The Fear
With compassion on your mind
Flowing through your energy
Positivity you’ll always find

Rise Above The Fear
For Light is all around
It’s easy to raise higher
When the Light you’ve found

Rise Above The Fear
Spread your Love easily
Feeding your social media
Love heals exponentially

Rise Above The Fear
Eliminate any stress
A stronger immune system
Will make you worry less

Rise Above The Fear
Harmony you’ll produce
In body, mind and Spirit
Negativity will reduce

Rise Above The Fear
In a myriad of ways
Speaking, listening, writing
In your actions it replays

Compassion will set in
Causing Loving acts
Always focused on the joy
You can clearly see the facts

Trina Graves – 16th March 2020

About This Poem

Obviously this poem was written because of the fear that is spreading (faster than the virus) around our world.

I wanted to write something about the damage being done by the fear that has taken hold worldwide, however I always try to keep my poems focused on the positive, but I knew when I sat to write that I would have to start with the negativity.
I must admit I started to get a bit concerned when verse after verse was flowing with the negative aspects, but then once I began on the positive I knew each verse would have the first line of: ‘Rise Above The Fear’ (I’d been given the title after praying/asking for guidance). Then I realised each verse would balance the previous negative ones. And of course, the Light is more powerful than the dark.

I would have preferred the layout to be as in the picture below (side by side) but I was unable to do this.

With my last post Nothing Is Permanent Except Change I included most of a recent post from scientist Bruce Lipton about the greater damage fear is causing, and here I will add a post from Abraham-Hicks posted yesterday…

“Abraham wants you to know…

The bad news is – what humans see as ‘what is,’  is extremely out of balance.

The good news  is, this tremendous asking from humans around the planet has created an equivalent vibrational wave of solutions.

When you also remember that your Inner Beings, and all that is Source Energy, are focused on solutions, and when you remember that the vibrational version of solutions is available to anyone who aligns and taps in, then you are able to understand that all around your planet, people who are focused upon solutions and are therefore vibrationally aligned to solutions – (doctors, scientists, inventors, producers, creators) – these people are ready to be ready to receive viable ideas, which already have enormous Nonphysical momentum.

You have only one thing to consider in your now moment, and the next, and the next… ‘Am I, with this thought, adding momentum to the solution or the problem?’

We want you to remember that the most important solution you are seeking, is the relief of your fear, which will in time transform into Energy flowing through you that will enliven you, and refresh you, and restore you to more than you have ever been before.

There is great love here for you, and absolute certainty that solutions are flowing, and you are okay”. – Abraham-Hicks

Rise Above The Fear by Trina Graves


Update: 15th April 2020

Right now keeping positive, as much as possible, is a priority for everyone. Being stressed suppresses the immune system, and with the revelations that are now coming forth it will be very easy to caught up in the high drama of it all. With this in mind, I have compiled a page of links to my poems that are relevant at this time:

About the pandemic
Affirmations to keep focused on God within
LightWorker poems
Wisdom for 2020
Sympathy poems for comfort 

There is also a slideshow of some of the poems with quotes from others too. The page is called ‘2020: Apex Of Duality’

10 thoughts on “Rise Above The Fear

    • Thank you Kanjika, I am glad you liked it.
      It is the fear that is causing some to be selfish, but the power of compassionate love is far stronger than any fear. We can come together globally and shine our Light to soothe all those who are blinded by fear.

      I look forward to taking a look at your poems.
      Love & Light to you and all your loved ones. ❤

      Liked by 1 person

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