2020: Apex Of Duality

There is no doubt whatsover that our world changed in 2020, and I believe it will never be the same again. For the majority of our world, at this moment, the fear is pandemic as we are continually drip-fed the doom and gloom of figures and soundbites by the main stream media (MSM) or other reasons for the virus/shutdowns that alternative views are focusing on.

Due to the fact that all this negativity lowers our immune system, and with the revelations that are coming OUT OF SHADOWS, as we learn of the darkness that has been controlling so much, we need to keep ourselves uplifted and focused on the New Earth we wish to now create together. 

With this in mind I have sorted through my poems and brought the relevant ones together on this page. 

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Poems Relevant To
& Written In 2020/2021

2020: A to Z

2020: The PLANdemic

2020 Vision: First Quarter

A Light In The Storm

Apart, But Never Alone

Covid-19: Numerology

Divine Timing

False Evidence Appearing Real

Look For The Rainbows

Masking The Truth

Never Mind What Is  (2020 updated version)

New Earth

No Limits

Physical Not Social

Rise Above The Fear

Safe At Home

That’s Not For Me!… I Choose

The Answers Are Within

The Clarion Call

The Garden

The Old Energy Dies Hard

Two Sides To Every Story

A Wake Up Storm (written in 2019)

False Evidence Appearing Real - Inspirational poem by Trina Graves


From my series of ‘Affirming The Classics’

Amazing Grace: Awakened Senses

Desiderata Fulfilled

God Is In Me

Holy Spirit All Divine

Holy Spirit In Me

I Am A Channel Of Your Love, Light & Peace

I Am A Channel Of Your Peace

I Breathe The Breath Of God

Immortal And Visible

My Eyes Are Open

My Footprints In The Sand

The I Am Prayer

The Lord’s Prayer: In Oneness

I Breathe The Breath Of God - Affirming The Classics poem by Trina Graves of Spiritual Quotes To Live By


Inner Discernment

Mission Impossible To Ignore

Nothing Is By Chance

Radiate An Energy Of Serenity & Peace

Speak Your Truth

Switch To High Beam

The Vision Box

Unite! All Those Of The Light

You Are The Light Of The World

Mission Impossible To Ignore - part of message to Lightworkers by Trina Graves - Spiritual Quotes To Live By

Wisdom For 2020/2021

A Belief Is Only A Thought I Keep Thinking

A Rose Can Live Among The Thorns

All Is Well With My Soul

Change The Way You Look At Things, And The Things You Look At Change

Footprints Of Light

Get Into The Vortex… And Then

Give And Take

Human Beings Can Alter Their Lives

I Am Not What Happened To Me

I Know

In God’s Hands

It Is My Dominant Intent To Be Good To Me

It’s The Same World

Jesus: Then And Now

Nothing Stays The Same

Pull The Plug

Reach For A Thought That Feels Better

Teach Only Love

The Greatest Illusion

The Law Of Attraction: A – Z

The Message

The Miracle Morning SAVERS

The Most Important Things In Life

The Most Perfect Prayer

The Simple Things In Life

The Super Power

The Veil To All Knowledge

There Is Great Love Here For You

Thought, Word & Deed Are The Three Levels Of Creation

Through The Eyes Of Source

What Would Love Do Now?

What You Think About Activates A Vibration Within You

While We Are Sleeping Angels Have Conversations With Our Souls

What We Are Today Comes From Our Thoughts Of Yesterday

You Are A Physcial Extension Of Source Energy

You Are The Creator Of Your Own Life Experience

You Cannot Be Separated From Source

You Only Hear What You Are Ready To Hear

Quote from All Is Well With My Soul, Inspirational poem by Trina Graves - Spiritual Quotes To Live By

Sympathy Poems 

Backpacking In Paradise

Death Has No Sting

Death Is Not A Bad Thing, But A Joyous Thing

Everything That Has A Beginning Has And End

I Shall Not Altogether Die

The Tree That Spoke

We Only Part To Meet Again (1)

We Only Part To Meet Again (2)

We Shall Not Die Alone

part of sympathy poem 'Love Is Eternal' by Trina Graves of Spiritual Quotes To Live By

I Am The Love
I Am The Light
I Am The Truth
I Am The Joy
I Am