All The Twinkle

Remembering those happy days
Of many Christmasses ago
When innocence fully reigned
And time passed by so slow

For many moons, excitement built
Longing for the day to be here
But still enjoying every moment
Fond memories are crystal clear

Christmas carols, full of joy
And fun songs on the radio
Looking out at the sky
And wishing it would snow

Taking part in Nativity plays
Or singing in a choir
Building precious memories
To lift, and to inspire

A Christmas tree, now indoors
Altogether to decorate
Tinsel, lights, an Angel on top
The natural scent, so great!

Depending on your age, you might
Still reminisce when you smell
The aroma peeling a satsuma
At Christmas, only available to sell

Counting days by calender
In times, changed to opening doors
With a Christmas picture inside
And now, out chocolate pours!

Another festive treat to enjoy
Were nuts, all cracked by Dad
Waiting your turn to receive
With only one nutcracker had!

Being given some spare tinsel
To play wih, making a belt
Or a crown, to wear, to shine
As much inside as out

Little things brought such joy
And made an indelible print
On the path of your life
And now give off a glint

All the twinkle of the lights
All the twinkle of the past
All the twinkle of the simpleness
All the twinkle imbued to last

Trina Graves – 5th December 2019

About This Poem

Some of the simple joys of Christmas are timeless and some change a little with each generation, as mentioned in this poem.

For me, as a child, I simply counted the days until Christmas, but when I had my children (late 70’s to early 80’s) there were advent calenders for them to open a window each day and see a Christmas picture inside, they were so excited to do this! But, of course, with my grandchildren’s generation they now have advent calenders with a chocolate for each day. I don’t think they’d be very impressed to just look at a picture! I do hope the trend does not progress to giving children even more.

My parents tell me of their delight of receiving an orange in their Christmas stocking as a special treat for them. In my childhood, we all enjoyed having a large bowl full of fruit and nuts to choose from, and especially the Christmas treat of satsumas, which were only available in the shops at that time of year. I can’t remember when they, and the other varieties (mandarin, clementine) became available all year round, but it must have been at some point in my children’s childhood, as the smell of peeling them does not invoke memories of Christmas for them.

All The Twinkle - Inspirational Christmas poem by Trina Graves - Spiritual Quotes To Live By

I have written six new Christmas poems, and will be adding all of them in these last few days before Christmas 2019. I have a link page for my Christmas Poems, if you would like to read more from this year, or previous years.

Happy Christmas to you and all your loved ones
And may you all be Blessed with an abundance of Love, Light & Joy
Now, and as we step into the new energy decade of 2020
Trina ❤  

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