The Original Christmas Gifts

Giving gifts at Christmas
Has always been a part
Of the Christmas tradition
Right from the very start

Three wise men, magi
Or Kings, we are told
Were the first with gifts
Frankincense, myrrh and gold

Traveling a great distance
Following the heralding star
They came to give homage
From their lands of afar

Giving valuable gifts
To the newborn, Divine King
To represent His Presence
Why these, did they bring?

Gold, a precious metal
Of worth, fit for ROYALTY
Giving status to the ‘King’
His Highness, for all to see

Frankincense, an incense
His DIVINITY to represent
An anointment in worship
For the Babe, Heavenly sent

Myrrh, a valuable oil
To signify His HUMANITY
Medicinal, and used in death
Humans united in destiny

Gold for a Royal King
Myrrh for His Human part
Frankincense for the God
He truly was at Heart

And now, eons passed
We still use this tradition
Although consumerism’s made
Gift buying such a mission!

Many now seek simplicity
Bringing Christmas back at last
To the innocence and the joy
Of the Christmasses of past

These first gifts can be used
As a symbol, even today
Their wisdom can be a guide
To show another way

Give a Royal Gift of Gold
Nothing to do with money spent
Something they want or need
Individual ‘worthiness’ intent

Give Divine Frankincense
In a Spiritual Growth Gift
From development, or just fun
To let their Spirit Lighten, and lift

Give the Humanity of Myrrh
Anything worn, in varies forms
Or enhances the physicalness
More than just the body warms!

Something for their physical body
Something to quench their desire
But especially remember to give
Something to lift their Spirit Higher!

Trina Graves – 5th December 2019

About This Poem

I wanted to write one or two new poems for this Christmas, but knew I needed to wait until we reached December before giving it a go. In 2016 and last year I’d written several Christmas poems, so I did wonder if I would be able to think of other Christmas themes to use. A few days into December I knew the first one was going to be about Christmas gifts. I ended up writing three when I sat to write, and then three others more recently.

I will be adding all six poems in these last few days before Christmas 2019.
I have a link page for my Christmas Poems, if you would like to read more.

Happy Christmas to you and all your loved ones
And may you all be Blessed with an abundance of Love, Light & Joy
Now, and as we step into the new energy decade of 2020
Trina ❤ 

The Original Christmas Gifts - inspirational poem by Trina Graves - Spiritual Quotes To Live By
image from Nietjuh on Pixabay

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