Gaia’s Release

Four months had passed
Since my last little visit
In my mind a visualization
With Jesus, I now admit

At Dorchester Abbey we’d met
Several times over this year
But that place just didn’t fit
Where now would He appear?

I thought of all the places
We’d met before, in the past
A beach, woods, mountains
But no vision was cast

My very own back garden
Then came to my attention
That’s silly, I thought
Not even worth a mention

But my garden wouldn’t go
It kept returning to my mind
So I knew it must be
And wondered what I’d find

As I stepped into the garden
I saw Jesus standing there
Smiling, patiently waiting
Among my flowers everywhere

I approached and greeted Him
As the loving friend I knew
Then I was astonished to see
Someone else was with Him too

We were overjoyed to meet
And hugged each other tight
Amira, my friend in cyberspace
We’d slotted together, just right

For a year now we’ve been
Synchronistically linked to each other
Sharing, with so much in common
Brought together, I believe, by her mother

We’ve both expanded and grown
Spiritually, we are aligned
Connecting through messages
Typed, but, also by mind

As we hugged in my garden
I saw us as two little girls
Victorian sisters in a past life
Long dresses and flowing curls

Happily skipping, hand-in-hand
Very close, not just in years
I had an inner knowing we died
Still young, but shed no tears

I also got the impression
Jesus and Amira were old friends
Relaxed, all together now
Time miraculously blends

Jesus then took our hands
We were at the Pyramids instantly
In Egypt, we watched in awe
As a Light Show we did see

Pouring into the pyramid
Were dazzling colours of Light
From the majestic Cosmos
All flowing, the time was right

Then we were at Stonehenge
To see the same, once more
As The Light cascaded in
A Gateway to Gaia’s core

No words were spoken
We knew what was happening
Source Energy charging up
Mother Earth to healing bring

Gateways across the Earth
Were receiving the Purest Light
Setting in motion the plan
To release Gaia from Her plight

Then we saw Mother Earth
Opening up her innumerous pores
To release the blockages sunk
By humans neglect and wars

Millennia of negativity borne
By Gaia to support man
Now’s the time of the purge
It’s always been the plan

We saw dark, thick, slimy gunk
Oozing up through the ground
I wondered how it would clear
Could a way be found?

Instantly the answer came
The Light, eternally the way
Dissolving, eradicating dark
As night always turns to day

Also, the Waters of Mother Earth
Would cleanse and purify
Gaia’s release would bring
A New Earth to be on High

We were then back in my garden
To relax, and chat as friends
Having a cuppa together
And that’s where my vision ends

Trina Graves – 29th July 2019
Vision: 20th June 2019

About This Poem

I have several other vision poems I thought I would write before this one as this is my most recent visualization. However, when I was writing the ‘About This Poem’ part on We Are Ready this vision kept coming to my mind, so I knew I needed to write this one next, as it fitted well with that poem, and the one I’d posted to go with it Unite! All Those Of The Light.

This visualization was quite interesting for me because I learned to tell when it was my own mind thinking and I wasn’t going with the flow. As I mention in the poem, I questioned the location, thinking it wasn’t right, but as it kept coming back I knew it was. When Amira appeared my thinking went to ‘perhaps her mum is with her too,’ but she did not appear, so I knew this was my thinking. After visiting Stonehenge, my mind began to think of other places to visit, this was the strongest indication as I tried to think of all the places around the Earth that were relevant, my mind was blank, even though I knew I did know of them! I eventually thought of Michu Picchu, but we didn’t go there. But, regardless of this I knew that the two places we did visit were not the only Gateways. 

I find it fascinating that the words for these vision poems flow so easily. I think I have probably said this before! However, this one was a good example, for me, of how I had no doubt whatsoever that I could create a poem from my notes. Of course, I do pray and ask for guidance before I write, and with these vision poems, since finding out the real identity of who I have been visiting (A Birthday Revelation) I do also ask for guidance from Jesus for the words too. When I am writing sometimes extra little bits come up and the word ‘Gateways’ was added at this point. Also, as soon as I mentioned Amira, I knew I had to tell more of the story of our connection, which was obviously not part of the vision.

Another thing that often happens is a word will come that I am not at all sure is the correct usage, (or even one I do not know.)  I had to look up cyberspace, borne, and plight to ensure they had the correct meaning, but of course, they did! 

I had already emailed Amira to tell her of this vision when it happened, and I sent her the poem as soon as it was written. Anyone who follows my poems would have noticed that Amira always comments on them. However, at this moment in time, Amira is taking a break from technology so will not be commenting (for a while). But, I do know that she loves the vision and poem.

The timing of this has also been very interesting! As I mentioned above I had no plans to write this poem so soon. Once written I told Amira that I would post it after I’d posted Stained Glassed Poems‘ as that poem led directly on from the previous ‘A Birthday Revelation.’ So, now was the allotted time as I like to alternate the different categories. 

I have told before (in other vision poems) of how I now follow and watch all videos from Amanda Ellis (there have been so many synchronicities and I received a healing through one of her videos that led to my birthday revelation.) And on the 7th August Amanda uploaded: Lions Gate 8/8 Reading & Meditation. I didn’t actual watch it until the 9th, but was amazed to find that the meditation took us to the pyramid in Eygpt to personally receive the Light being poured in from Sirius! At some point in the video she also mentioned Stonehenge and the whole video was about the ‘Gateway’ of 8/8. 

The two poems I mentioned at the beginning (Unite! All Those Of The Light & We Are Ready) were written based on Blossom Goodchild’s messages from The Federation Of Light, but also, so much of what Blossom says is aligned with Amanda’s words too. For me, these two women are bringing through the truth of what is happening on our planet at this momentous time in Earth’s history. They both have lately spoken of the shocking secrets that are now coming to light for those who have not been aware before.

Whatever comes up to the surface now, we all need to brightly shine our Light, to clear the darkness and not get stuck in the slimy gunk!

part of poem: Gaia's Release by Trina Graves - Spiritual Quotes To Live By
image by: Beate Bachmann – Pixabay

2 thoughts on “Gaia’s Release

    • Thank you, it’s good to know my visions are not just for me! Yes, we do need to hold-fast with our Light at this time and the darkness will be illuminated.
      I’m a little confused as to who you are, as the name says Patricia but the link goes to Scribeforlove which I thought was Zaza. Have I got this wrong? I had a look for your post on visions but couldn’t find it.
      Love, Light & Blessings ❤


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