Stained Glass Poems

Visiting in my mind
Soon after my ‘Birthday Revelation’
I went to Dorchester Abbey
Feeling a little trepidation

My nervousness soon left
As I stood by His side
Remembering well all the times
He’d been my pure Guide

We were looking up at
The beautiful window
And memories surfaced
Of me so long ago…

As a child these windows
Inspired you to bring
Your vibration much higher
Especially while carolling

Many years have passed
And now you can see
How everything has led to
Who you came here to be

These windows represent
The poems you write
Colourful depictions
Always letting in Light

Inspiration is needed
For everyone around
Positivity shines through
In both can be found

Placed to visit
Where anyone can see
Once viewed becoming
Imbued in memory

Each one tells a story
That needs to be told
Throughout the ages
For young and for old

Many small parts
Make up the whole
Each one essential
To reflect God’s goal

Bringing forth in physical
Colourful beauty and Light
Telling of the stories
To inspire Love to shine bright

Trina Graves – 12th June 2019
Vision: end January 2019

About This Poem

In my previous poemA Birthday Revelation‘ I told of how the guide I have been meeting in visualization since 1999, who I knew of as James, revealed to me His true identity – Jesus.

This was my first ‘visit’ knowing I would be meeting Jesus and not James, I felt nervous as I approached Him standing underneath the stained glass windows on the right side of the picture below, but soon relaxed as He spoke the words that inspired this poem.

After these visits, or the following day if at night, I make notes of what happened and is said, but of course, it is not word-for-word. When I eventually sit to write the poem I always pray and ask for guidance for the words, which always seem to flow easily with these vision poems. 

Stained Glass Poems - by Trina Graves - Spiritual Quotes To Live By



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