My Darling Daughter

Although we always keep in touch
I don’t get to see you very much
Life circumstance means we live apart
But you are constantly in my heart

Your beauty is a flowering rose
Your loving nature always shows
You excel in everything you do
I’m so very proud of you

You’re my Angel sent from above
A wonderful daughter, full of love
I just want you to really know
You’re a Blessing and I love you so

Trina Graves – 22nd March 2015

About This Poem

Tomorrow (11th April 2019) will be my daughter’s 40th birthday. It seems crazy to me how fast the years have flown, especially now that my children are entering their forties and I have a granddaughter in her twenties, with others not far behind!

This short poem I wrote for her card a few years ago, it was written early as she was going away on holiday for a couple of weeks and would be away on her birthday.

Although by other people’s lives, our being apart and not seeing each other much is not comparable, in our family unit it is noticeable because my son has lived with me for the majority of his years and my younger daughter lived with me for several years into her marriage, and then we lived next door to each other for five years. Julie (who the poem is about) left home at just sixteen and apart from coming home for a short time a few years later, has not been living so ‘physically’ close as the others.

I have just completed her card for this year, and although I didn’t plan to write anything I awoke today thinking I must! ’40 Years Of Joy’ was the result and will be another one I will add at a later date.

My Darling Daughter - poem by Trina Graves - Spiritual Quotes To Live By

9 thoughts on “My Darling Daughter

  1. Beautiful and blissful words so truly written for your daughter and such lovely pictures too, Trina. Even I have done that with my daughter and son when they became teenagers and today even my daughter has a son who is five months old.


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