The Greatest Illusion

When we arrive on this planet
We know we are One
A part of All-That-Is
Shining brightly as the sun

Not able to tolerate
The density of 3D
We escape to the other side
Sleeping blissfully and free

But we chose to come here
So get stronger each day
We have years to adjust
As we learn through our play

Those early years shape us
In innumerable degrees
Anchored to who we are with
Through their calm or rough seas

Our intellect develops
As the years pass on by
But the beliefs we took on
Are our truth, even if a lie

The memory of Oneness
Lies hidden, waiting inside
The mass-conjured illusion
Takes us on a dramatic ride

Daily fed with society’s ways
Wanting to belong, to be a part
Seeking the elusive Oneness
We forget to follow our heart

Keeping the people occupied
On materialistic endeavors
The dark illusion makers
Gather and tighten all their tethers

There have always been those
Who remember or never forgot
Standing out from the rest
Often persecuted or even shot

Their sacrifice showed the way
Inspiring others through the years
To live from integrity of the heart
Letting go of illusionary fears

As generations continue
The greatest illusion is wearing thin
More arrive steadfast in Oneness
Knowing their connection is within

We are part of a Cosmic Family
Each a spark of One Source
Infinitely connected
To All-That-Is, the Divine Force

Trina Graves – 2nd October 2018

About This Poem

This poem came about because of a comment from Amira  (BodyAndSoulNourishmentBlog) that she added to my poem ‘You Cannot Be Separated From Source’ on her blog. 

“There are times when we feel lonely, and it’s our illusion of separation that makes us feel like that in this 3D reality. However, the greatest truth is that we belong to our Cosmic Family, we are part of the One Source, and that link is always there, we just need to remember.” – Amira

Amira and I have never physically met, but are most definitely kindred spirits, as this has happened several times where I have been inspired by her comments, or in writing a comment to her, the inspiration for another poem manifests.

The Greatest Illusion - inspirational poem by Trina Graves of Spiritual Quotes To Live By
Lowen (2014)



7 thoughts on “The Greatest Illusion

  1. Wow dear Trina! I am deeply touched by this poem because it marks the awakening of humanity from the mass hypnosis and control. It’s a celebration of Light!
    And at a personal level, because it’s like we also bounce of or reflect the light of inspiration in a series of shynchronicities that are simply amazing! 🙂
    Great work!!! Thank you for keeping us inspired!!! Sending you Love, light and blessings,
    in Oneness,

    Liked by 2 people

    • I am so happy that you are ‘touched’ by this poem as it would never have manifested without your words and Light that shines so brightly! These on-going synchronicities are such a sign to us both! 🙂

      Please, when you add this one to your blog (I’m presuming you will, lol) do also add your quote that inspired it.. you deserve credit too! Thank you also for all your appreciation and encouragement. ❤

      By the way, I thought that tiny Tyler in his star babygro was a perfect fit for this poem that starts off with babies, but ends with being part of the Cosmic Family! 🙂

      Love, Light & Blessings in Oneness to you too. ❤


  2. Oh you can be sure I’ll be posting this poem!!! and all your poems because they are all inspired by Light. You are right the picture is just perfect and so adorable, innocent cute little angel with his cosmic outfit!!! I think to add my quote, should I add the whole story, so it makes more sense? I usually like to refer readers back to your site for the full story… what are your thoughts?


    • I am always happy for you to add whatever you like, so go with what you think best. Same with any other poems, you don’t need to refer back to me for the ‘story’ if you want to include it.. go ahead. Of course, a link to my blog is appreciated at the bottom though. 🙂 ❤

      Liked by 1 person

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