God Is Communicating With Us All The Time

Title Quote: Neale Donald Walsch

God is all around us and eventually
If you open your mind you will see
The little things that show He is there
Whenever we need an answer to a prayer

Know that He will answer, if you wait
Have faith that He will communicate
Be open to His wisdom everywhere you glance
For nothing that happens in life is by chance

Quite unexpectedly one day
It may come in something you hear or say
Just listening to the radio or watching TV
You’ll realize that this was meant to be

The answer may just drift into your mind
God has many helpers who are always kind
You may hear a whisper into your ear
To let you know that God is always near

The answer may take you by surprise
God is communicating right before your eyes
The slightest little thing can happen at any time
You have to be open to see the sign

He will always answer it’s plain to see
For God loves us all unconditionally

Trina Graves – 1st November 2001

About This Poem

The ‘Conversations With God’ books by Neale Donald Walsch really resonated with me and struck a deep chord with my Inner-Knowing, so even the concepts that I had not come across before I took on, and began to understand their truth also. 

In 2001 I had written just a few poems, but I thought it would be a great idea to write some more using some of the Core Concepts of the Conversations With God: Book One  as the title and theme. This Concept attracted my attention because I had been noticing signs in answer to my questions for several years, so it was an easy one to write about.

The picture below I put together today. It was an easy choice of which photograph I should use, even though I have used it many times before! This dandelion was the first photograph I took that really opened my eyes and heart to nature, so for me it was a sure sign from Source in May 2010.

God Is Communicating With Us All The Time - inspirational quote poem by Trina Graves of Spiritual Quotes To Live By

3 thoughts on “God Is Communicating With Us All The Time

    • Thank you Amira. I’m sure the CWG books have had a big impact on so many of us who were drawn to their teachings. I remember being in the bookshop and noticing the first book and just knowing I had to buy it even though it was not the sort of title that I would normally go for (back then). I bought several books that day, but is was this one that I just had to read first, and once I started I could not put it down! Most definitely a turning point in my life. My absolute favourite part is the parable of The Little Soul And The Sun which I know you’ve shared too. It explains so much in a simple and beautiful way.
      Love, Light & Blessings ❤


      • Yes, I share a similar experience! We were in our favorite bookstore with my parents, because they sold metaphysical books in English and Spanish, and I felt attracted to Neale’s books, we bought them in Spanish so my parents could read them, and then I continue to get the following books in English. I also loved the parable of The Little Soul And The Sun, and even though it was written for children, it has such a beautiful message for adults as well!
        Another example of the Law of Attraction in Action! 🙂
        Love and blessings back to you dear friend ❤

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