The Most Perfect Prayer

Title Quote: Gotthold Ephraim Lessing

Prayers are said the world over
In a variety of different ways
Many pleading for assistance
To ease their saddened days

Most are taught as little children
Prayers to say before they sleep
Generations passing down words
Children’s Souls, they aim to keep

For some, prayers are repeated
Words they learned ‘off by heart’
Repetition brings them soothing relief
Releasing thought right from the start

Even those who do not believe
In the existence of a Greater Power
Will ‘pray’ in their own way to receive
Throughout life, a Blessings Shower

Whatever you’re version of prayer
I respect your truth and your way
I, like all, have my own beliefs
I follow my own path, wherever it lay

In deepest truth there is no right or wrong
The intention of the prayer is the key
Our beliefs throughout life are just perfect
In each moment, for who we came to be

Prayers are uttered to many ‘Gods’
Time and religion changes the name
But in Essence, they are all One
And we too, are of the same

One single grateful thought raised
To Heaven is the most perfect prayer
Feeling the prayer is already answered
Will manifest blessings everywhere

Like many I believe that Gratitude
Appreciating all my Blessings each day
Is the ultimate communication of prayer
Thankfulness felt in every word I say

I Commune with the Forces-Of-Creation
The All-That-Is, Source-Energy of Love
I surrender my Heart and Soul to the flow
And unite my own Light with God above

Trina Graves – 25th September 2017

About This Poem

Although I used the quote from Gotthold Ephraim Lessing (1729 – 1781)  

One Single Grateful Thought Raised To Heaven Is The Most Perfect Prayer.’

for the title of this poem, I also wanted to incorporate a quote from Gregg Braden (1954) I heard years ago watching one of his videos, that really stuck with me. 

‘Feel The Feeling As Though The Prayer Has Already Been Answered,
And In That Feeling We Are Speaking To The Forces Of Creation,
Allowing The World To Respond To Us.’



5 thoughts on “The Most Perfect Prayer

  1. Yes, yes and yes!!! I love the quote, gratitude being the greatest prayer, because it means we are already accepting all the blessings, (no need to ask, all has already been given, our needs are already known) and Gregg Braden (another favorite) always talks about the importance of “intention” and the “feeling” that is so important to accompany our prayer, it needs to come from our hearts (not our heads).
    Lovely poem dear Trina, always sharing jewels of wisdom!!! ❤ Amira

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    • I bet you’ve watched the very same video where he (Gregg Braden) talks of going with someone and watching him do a rain dance with this intention and feeling… and it worked!
      It’s so inspiring to listen to real life stories of the amazing things we are all capable of.
      Thank you Amira ❤


      • Yep! The same one! And I actually tried it here when we had the really bad forest fires in August, the air was unbreathable… I tried feeling as if the rain was quenching the thirst of the earth, smelling it, hearing it… Coincidentally, we did have a change in weather shortly after , the winds changed, the air was once again clear, and then a couple of days later we finally had some rain, not a lot though but rain nevertheless. In any case, it was a very inspirational video that left an imprint in me. 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

        • I just knew it! And that’s amazing how you tried it and got a result.. just imagine how powerful we would be if we (I don’t mean just us two, but people everywhere) focused on this way of praying together on one cause.. we would truly create miracles.
          I had the same feelings as you on this video. 🙂 ❤


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