Nothing Is By Chance

Title Quote: Eileen Caddy

Why do the ‘bad’ things happen
Causing shedding of many tears?
Atrocities, neglect, futile wars
Still going on throughout the years

Why are innocent little babies born
With problems right at the very start?
Or ‘lost’ even before the first breath
Breaking open their parents heart

Why do some people have to struggle
Through a life of torment and dread?
For them nothing ever seems to go right
Poverty and debt looms over many a head

Why do fatal diseases like cancer
Exponentially continue to grow?
While cures are available, but not used
Unless you’re alternatively ‘in the know’

Karma is one of the reasons
For challenges we all must face
But, we make the choice before birth
To learn with experience and good grace

For our Souls are on an eternal journey
To experience and grow through life
Reincarnating in a myriad of roles
We need it all, including the strife

The Law Of Attraction is also paramount
An all-encompassing force, a powerful magnet
Negativity or positivity breeds and grows
Claiming all thoughts and beliefs that fit

We are powerful Spiritual Beings
Radiating our energy all of the time
Absorbing others emotional rays
Can lead us to love or even to crime

Together we can unite our strength
Experiments have proved in the past
Groups of people meditating on peace
Plummets crime, a true love blast!

As a species we are Awakening
To the extent of our true power
At long last The Light is toppling
The Dark’s encompassing prison tower

The Illuminate-elite have finally lost the war
They have raged through countless years
Controlling and manipulating us all
By producing lies and illusions of fears

Their grip on our lives has been brutal
Overshadowing from the cradle to the grave
Now knowing we are pure Souls of Light
We no longer submit to be their slave

The rocky days ahead may be tough
As their ghastly deeds all spill out
But nip in the bud any anger or revenge
Compassionate forgiveness needs to be felt

For in the grand old scheme of it all
There has to be those to play the part
Of the ‘bad’ guys, for the good to rise
So love them all unconditionally from your heart

Trina Graves – 17th September 2018

About This Poem

Well, Nothing Is By Chance… but this poem took me totally by surprise!

I wanted to write a poem so I chose a quote that jumped out at me from my long list. As I made myself a coffee and toast, I began to think of how it would shape and knew it would obviously be about coincidences and synchronicity. Not wanting to start writing without my usual prayer of thankfulness and asking for guidance, I first checked my emails while I had my breakfast, which led me to read a few articles from a blog I had been sent a link to a couple of days previously (remember Nothing Is By Chance!)

Years ago I followed many blogs etc.. that dealt with the dominating elite of our world, of how we are controlled and manipulated. But, I eventually realized that as I chose to focus my attention on the positive I had to let go of keeping the wrong-doings so fully in my sight. The only blog I continue to follow, from back then, is Blossom Goodchild because her channellings from The Federation Of Light are so full of love and upliftment and sing so true to me. And it was a link from Blossom that led me to the blog of Deus Nexus. I read the article she linked to about observatories closing and began to browse the blog. I immediately realized it was the type of site I used to follow, containing all the latest news about what is going on, but there was also a balance of ‘good’ stuff too, so I went to take a look at the ‘About’ page. There I read the poem ‘Consider A Tree’ by David Nova (the author of the blog) and I immediately knew this was a synchronistic link. The poem is so beautiful (please do read it) I just had to ask if I could share it on my Spiritual Quotes To Live By site. (permission was granted)

From their I found that David is the author of a metaphysical fiction series, so I checked Amazon and read the beginning of his first novel and was hooked! So I bought it. I haven’t had a lot of time for reading since then, so I am only a few chapters in, but it is very intriguing.

So, because of this synchronistic link the darker side had crept back to my attention.

Going back to the creation of this poem..
After praying for guidance and visualizing the completed poem ‘out there’ uplifting people around the world, I got ready to write… I read the quote again and thought of coincidences, but nothing came to my mind, which is very unusual for me. I read the quote again and thought, ‘What am I going to write?!!!’ And the questions of the first four verses flowed quickly. As I was writing them I was thinking this is way too negative! – I try not to have anything negative in my poems unless it is really needed to tell the story or help explain a concept. But, I knew that as there were questions, I would go on to answer them.

The answer verses followed easily but then I was writing about the ‘dark side’ in more detail than I would like. I finished the poem and didn’t even bother to print it out, I just let it go, thinking it was all too negative. Usually when I am not happy with a poem I continue straight on to write another with the same quote, I was thinking this would be so easy to do with this one, as I already knew I could write about coincidences. However, nothing flowed, so I gave up.

The following day I had another attempt to write a poem with the same quote, but still nothing!  It was interesting that I just couldn’t seem to get the words for a quote that I knew I could write so much about! So, I re-read the first one and gave it some thought…

If I truly believe – and I do – that ‘Nothing Is By Chance‘ – then I was supposed to write this poem and not one about coincidences.  And, if I truly believe in what I wrote – and I do – then I should share it… negativity and all!

By the way, because of the way this one developed, I also believe that once this poem is published I will easily write another using the same quote.. so watch out for that one too!

Nothing Is By Chance - inspirational poem by Trina Graves of Spiritual Quotes To Live By



7 thoughts on “Nothing Is By Chance

  1. I am so glad dear Trina to see this poem of yours!!! I am so very glad!!!! Lately I have been thinking a lot about this, even though I strive to bring positive and inspirational material as you do, because we know that what we focus on with our thoughts amplifies, and we are always co-creating our reality… and focusing on the negative is not good at all, however, ignoring the “elephant in the living room” and not addressing it, it’s like we are not aware of what is going on, and we need to be aware first, and awaken, to know that despite all this, the Light will always overcome the darkness. I will post this one right away dear Trina!!! It came for me at the perfect time, as always! I also loved the site from David Nova, he seems to base a lot on the “Law of One” by the RA group ( David Wilcock always refers to these teachings as well). So I have also requested permission to post the poem “Consider a tree” which I loved, thank you so much for recommending this!!! Perfectly balanced, so have no doubts about this dear friend!!! 🙂 ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you Amira. I should have known this has been on your mind – yet again we are in sync! It’s so interesting and fascinating how this all works out. 🙂
      Another point that made me go ahead and share this one is that Blossom’s messages teach that we ‘Lightworkers’ will be needed when everything comes to light about what has been truly going on. In the confusion of those who were in the dark, our lights must shine to show the way – it’s what we came here for. And it makes sense not to wait till the last minute to turn on our light!

      I knew you’d love David Nova’s blog and site 🙂
      Love, Light & Blessings ❤


      • Nothing is by chance indeed! I have also been feeling like it’s time to turn on the light as well… I feel a sense of urgency, there is so much happening in our world, and people are exposed to so many “bad news” all over the world, that we are in a constant state of PTSD, (post traumatic stress disorder), our hearts bombarded by instant televised images of suffering, wars, natural disasters, etc. All the chaos is coming to the surface now, but we know the Light will overcome the darkness, and we need to address it, bringing in the light and clarity.
        Yes, I requested permission from David Nova as well for the poem and he gave me his approval, so I will post it tomorrow. Thank you so much for recommending! His site is wonderful! ❤ 🙂

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        • As I wrote that comment to you earlier today I was thinking it would make a good theme for a poem – Shine Your Light was what I was thinking (yet again with our synchronization!) so tomorrow I will be posting it, although I decided to call it: ‘Switch To High Beam’ would you like me to email you a sneak preview? 🙂 ❤

          Liked by 1 person

          • Yes, absolutely! A fantastic idea, I should better say an “enlighted idea”. I love it!!!
            By the way, I also noticed that I don’t always get notifications of your postings, but sometimes they are just delayed for a day or so, and sometimes I am not allowed to post comments on other sites, it’s like a glitch, but on the whole it works well, so sooner or later we get there anyway 🙂

            Liked by 1 person

            • Done. 🙂
              I guess everything happens for a reason! I was checking up on todays posts of yours and it seems to be the older posts that are not being emailed to me. Have you changed how your doing them, as I’ve noticed it doesn’t say ‘re-blogged’ anymore. I just noticed the dates on earlier comments.
              Like you say, we get there anyway! 🙂 ❤


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