Magic Eye

It was the latest craze in the 90’s going around
Looking at pictures and what could be found
Inside these pictures was another to see
Hidden from view and apparently in 3D

I tried to see what it was all about
I couldn’t see anything so began to doubt
That anything was actually there at all
So I got a big picture to put on my wall

Patterns, shapes of many colours and size
Covered the picture before my eyes
I stared at it umpteen times a day
But nothing appeared in anyway

I tried to look as the instructions told
Relaxing the eyes, no focus to hold
Looking through the picture was described
I began to think the instructions lied

But other people said they could see
Objects appear, like a bird or a tree
I continued to look determined to find
But my magic eye just stayed blind

Giving up hope that I’d ever get to see
On day I glanced, not bothered and lazily
Suddenly on one side a shape appeared
I was so surprised, I could have cheered

I looked at the shape, but it was gone
Now I knew I could do it, I continued on
Relaxing my eyes and looking through
That was all I ever really needed to do

It didn’t take long to see the whole thing
An aeroplane in 3D with extended wing
Coming out of the picture towards me
I was elated that at last I could now see

After that first time it was easily achieved
Seeing the aeroplane, I now believed
I could do it, so it was easily done
Picture within picture was such fun

Now I could see with my magic eyes
I sought out pictures and showed other guys
But the thought that most stuck with me
Was what else is there we do not see

The point of all this I’ll come to now
Because over the years I wondered how
Some people can see the non-physical
A gift from Spirit I believe is so magical

Becoming interested in the Spiritual side
I’d wanted to see auras and so I tried
But nothing happened, I could not see
I guessed it just was not meant to be

The magic eye pictures showed me how
To unfocus my eyes to see differently now
So I tried this new way, looking at my hand
Although my gaze on it, did not land

Without success, I tried looking at a tree
Outside the window and it seemed to me
Around the leaves there was a slight glow
I could see even though the wind did blow

By relaxing my eyes and focus I knew I could
See the energy from plants, I understood
The energy was always there, not in view
If the magic eye is not looked through

Eventually I got to see the light
Around my hand, an amazing sight
But over the years, time moved on
I didn’t practice this, had it gone?

A few days ago I gave it a try
Looking at my hand held up high
And around it I could see a light hue
A glowing beautiful shade of blue

All who are blessed with the gift of sight
Have the ability to see the light
Around living things, when they try
To use their own magic eye

Trina Graves – 18th December 2016

About This Poem

There is not a lot I can say about this poem really as the story is all there in the poem, except that I haven’t developed any further seeing auras, as it’s not something I have practiced. But, in recent conversations with Amira (boundlessblessingsblog) we have both discussed things that we have learnt in the past which need re-visiting, so I think this is definitely one for me.. I await to hear from Amira for her comments about this! 🙂

Can you see the picture?

10 thoughts on “Magic Eye

  1. Reading this reminded me of my own childhood trying to see the pictures in these! I never could see them, either. But I also have a “lazy eye” (astigmatism), and was told that was the reason for not being able to see the 3d images pop out. Maybe our sight is intended for other than simply 3d! 🙂

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  2. Thank you for commenting Anita, you must have been disappointed that you couldn’t see what everyone else was going on about, and this poem probably doesn’t mean much to you, but I’m sure you can understand the theme of there is so much around us that we do not see unless we change our perception. Have you ever tried to see auras? I don’t know if having a lazy eye would make a difference, you are using the same technique of relaxing the eyes and not focusing, but as it’s not to do with using both eyes. I find it easiest to see something around plants and first of all it was kind of like smoke or shimmering coming off the plant. If you haven’t tried, why not give it a go? 🙂 I think that intention and belief also plays a part!
    Love, Light & Blessings

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      • Brilliant that you can see auras! I only see it slightly too, but I’m sure if we practiced more it would develop!
        I did read up on it a little and some people with a lazy eye have been able to see the magic eye pictures. Also, others say they are a great exercise for the eyes and help to improve all kinds of visual problems. Thank you so much for mentioning your problem with seeing them Anita, because I wouldn’t have looked into it otherwise, and now I know to use these pictures often to improve my eyesight! 🙂
        Love, Light & Blessings

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  3. OMG!!!! It took me a while dear Trina! I put it really close to my eyes, nose almost touching, according to some instructions I read, then slowly a 3 d image appeared. I was getting discouraged, semi-closing my eyes, trying to fix them in the background as recommended, until the image in 3D jumped at me! I don’t want to spoil it here for others but I will email you what I saw, please let me know if it’s right!!!! I loved this!!!!

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    • 🙂 I could never do it that way, I had to have the picture about arms length away and then look through it as though looking at something at least a few inches behind it. Yes, you are right about what you can see, I thought this was a good choice. ❤ 🙂


  4. I had so much fun with this! Frustration of course at first, but wow, how incredible when you suddenly move the picture away from your face, and look for farther, everything just jumps at you, I done it a second time, it was such as hard to get it, but there it was loud and clear! The secret is to ut it really close to your eyes for a while, until everything blends, then slowly move it farther away, until your eyes make sense of the image in 3D! Thank you Trina, I am like a kid again, filled with wonder!!!

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    • Did you not do these in the 90’s when they first came out? They are amazing, there are many available online now whereas back then you had to buy a book (I had several) or a poster! If it takes a while to do them, it is a wonderful surprise when they suddenly pop out! Lovely to hear that it fills you with wonder. 🙂

      How about aura’s can you see them, or have you ever tried? If not, I’m sure you would easily learn to see them around plants and animals at least. 🙂
      Love, Light & Blessings ❤


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