Baby Vows

I Promise To Always Love You.
No matter what you will do or say, my love for you will always be unconditional.

I Promise To Nurture You.
Providing you with Love, comfort and security to the best of my abilities.

I Promise To Always Protect You.
Your safety and well-being will always be on my mind.

I Promise To Do My Best.
I am only human and I will make mistakes, but I will always do the best that I can for you.

I Promise To Always Be There For You.
Even later, as the years go by and we grow apart, know that you can always turn to me.

I Promise To Teach You Right From Wrong.
By my actions you will learn.

I Promise To Guide You.
Throughout your life I will act as your guide, either you will want to do the things that I do or say, or you will not want to do them, because I do!

I Promise To Be Your Anchor.
When life gets you down, I will be there to hold you, and support you.

I Promise To Let You Become Independent.
As the years pass, I will ease you out into the world.

I Promise To Not Use You As A Pawn.
If my relationship with your other parent changes, I will always do what’s best for you, and not bring my feelings into your relationship with them.

I Promise To Seek Help When I Need It.
We all need support sometimes, to cope with life’s problems.

I Promise To Let You Find Your Own Path To God.
I will show you my way, but you will be guided to your own path.

I Promise To Teach You Tolerance.
We are all individuals and cannot always agree, but I will teach, by my example, to be tolerant.

I Promise To Teach You Empathy For People & Animals.
By always considering other’s feelings, you will not cause any unnecessary harm.

I Promise To Teach You The Things Of Real Value: Love, Peace, Joy..
There are so many simple things in life to enjoy.

I Promise To Teach You To Cherish Our Planet.
By example, you will learn to care for our environment.

Trina Graves – August 2002

About This Poem

Although I had my doubts about the negativity in the Christian religion I was brought up in, when my first child was born I had only just turned 18 and didn’t like to go against the norm, so she was Christened at the age of six months. However, by the time my son came along eight months later I decided to opt out of this family tradition, so he and my next daughter were not Christened. 

Moving on to the new millennium, my youngest daughter got married in early 2002 to a man who had been brought up as a Jehovah’s Witness. While dating she did attend some of their services to see if it was something she would wish to join, but soon realized it was definitely not for her! As she was not in the religion they married in a Registry Office. While pregnant with her first child it was obvious this baby was not going to be Christened and we talked about a Naming Ceremony.

Also at that time, my other daughter had been living with a Muslim for a few years, but was not taking on his religion. Different faiths were combining in my family, so I began to think of writing words for a Naming Ceremony. I liked the idea of parents making vows to the precious little Soul new to the world. 

I wrote these vows in August 2002, Lucy (my second grandchild) was born at the end of that year, she never had a Naming Ceremony so the vows were not used. But, as always, I kept them for future use.

I always felt it was interesting how different religions were being brought more into my awareness. As a young teenager I was a fan of the Osmonds and because of this took an interest in their religion (Mormons) which also led me to choose Religious Education as an exam subject at school. Now I can see it was all setting me on a path to lead me to where I am now!

Lucy Zena (2002)




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